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Chandrakanta (Colors) 11th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Swayam Kills Veer, Vishnuji gives task to Chandrakanta to save Veer

Chandrakanta (Colors) 11th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakanta is about to kill Iravathi when she hears her mother’s voice saying she is born to save life and not to kill anyone. She stops and sees her dead parents’ soul. Her father asks can we get back to life if you kill her. Chandrakanta says she had killed you. Her mum says you are nature’s daughter and worries for Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta says she will kill the evil from its roots. Her father tells that if she kills Iravathi then Veer will kill her, nothing will happen to him as he is Amar. He says if you die, then this earth will be destroyed and your sacrifice and our death will go waste. They ask her to come out, says you are Vishnu’s bhakt and shall not kill anyone. Chandrakanta comes out. Iravathi asks her to leave her and Veer and says they will go far away from here.


in the village talk about the deal in the palace. Woman says Veer will be given to Chandrakanta and she will kill Iravathi. They say we will die and shall leave. Chandrakanta comes and says she won’t let anything happen to them and treats the girl. Man asks what about Veer, nobody can kill him. Chandrakanta says there will be some solution and asks them not to worry. Villagers get happy and cheers for her. Swayam says Chandrakanta has one person in her captivity and I have 4. He says deal is not same. Veer tells Swayam that one person is equal to 1000’s person, and she is our Maa. Even if you kill four of us then also can’t save us. Bhadramaa says veer, Swayam is playing game with us, we will also play with him and make the game difficult. Tej says we have to do something. Veer says everyone has weakpoint.

Chandrakanta comes to the temple and rings temple bell. She showers flowers on God and says Vishnu ji, even today evil is winning and goodness is losing. She says to end evil, even goodness have to become bad to take revenge. She says she is walking on the revenge path and if she don’t end the evil the it will win. She asks Vishnu ji to give her shastra to kill evil. She asks him to appear infront of him and give proof of his existence. She throws gulaal on him and sits down closing her eyes. She starts dancing pleasing Vishnu ji. A divine light comes from Vishnu ji’s idol. He says you are a real devotee and asks her to end the hirnasur with the divine knife. Chandrakanta says you have given him boon to be alive. Vishnu ji says once you kill Hirnasur,then you can’t be the heir to get the knife. Chandrakanta asks then whose knife it will be.Vishnu says of your child, if he proves worthy to get it. Chandrakanta says if knife goes on wrong hand. Vishnu says you have to take decision at right time. 4

Veer says we have to do something, and today Maa shall die with Chandrakanta’s hand. Tej says she will not kill Iravathi without freeing us. Veer tells him that they will tell their fake plan to Swayam by mistake, then he will be over confident and we will make him lose. Umang says what we will do.

Iravathi asks Chandrakanta what she is going to do with the knife. Chandrakanta says I am going to kill you, and end all evil. Iravathi says you will not kill anyone with this knife. Chandrakanta says I can do anything, can kill your son who has a big boon and will save everyone and protect them. She removes the magical trap and says time has come to kill you and your son and free the innocent people from your curse. She takes Vishnu ji’s name and is about to stab Iravathi. Bhadramaa tells loudly that she has done a big mistake by helping the fools, I should have support Iravathi. Veer asks her to go and says he don’t need such people. Bhadramaa tells that she is Bhadra and will not leave him, says your death is roaming infront of you. Veer says Swayam is your death too. Bhadra says not mine and asks Swayam to talk to her. She says I can help you in saving your mother and asks him to hear the plan.

Swayam frees her hands and asks her to tell about her plan. He says if you are lying then I will kill you first. Bhadra says I will tell you my plan. She tells him that they have planned to kill you. Swayam says how they will kill me, I have done strong magic on them. Bhadra says their plan is strong too. Swayam says they can’t do anything. She says if they attack you together then..He says when Veer and Iravathi will be exchanged as per deal, then Veer, Umang and Tej will attack you. Swayam asks Bhadra why she is sharing plan with her. Bhadra says I don’t want to die with them and asks him to let her free. Swayam says he is sensing lie. Umang tells Veer that Swayam haven’t believed on Bhadra’s story. Veer says he will when we make the story true, we will attack him and Chandrakanta will kill Maa.

Chandrakanta thinks where is Swayam and waits for him. Swayam comes there with Veer, Umang, Bhadra and Tej and tells Chandrakanta that he came like a prince. He asks where is Maa? Chandrakanta says she is with me and asks him to tell his plan. Swayam says my idea is beautiful, I will love you and will take you in my embrace. Chandrakanta says beautiful woman have given you birth too. Swayam says I can kill those four. Chandrakanta says I will kill you.

Swayam says Vishnu ji give me boon to be alive always. Chandrakanta says he has chosen me to kill you. Swayam says your words are hitting my heart and says God made beautiful woman. Chandrakanta says you don’t know the power of beautiful woman. Swayam asks her to come to his rest room. Chandrakanta bashes him for his cheap thinking and says a woman can kill 10 rakshas at a time and asks him to touch her and see, what she will do. Swayam asks if she is challenging him. Chandrakanta tells him that she will escape with Iravathi. Swayam says I will kill Veer and hurts him. Chandrakanta says then you will never see your maa and shows him Iravathi with magic. She asks him to free Umang. Umang goes to Chandrakanta and whispers in her ears something. She makes Iravathi appears infront of them and asks Swayam to free Veer, Bhadra and Tej. Swayam refuses and asks her to take back Maa.

Chandrakanta tries to make Iravathi realize Swayam’s evilness. She tells that she has chosen her wrong son to get the boon and says if she had chosen Veer then he would have agreed to her sayings. Clouds sound comes. He thinks Bhadra was right. He becomes giant and suffocates Veer. Chandrakanta fights with him. Swayam vanishes with Iravathi. Chandrakanta checks Veer and finds him dead. Umang cries and says how she will take care of her child now, says she is pregnant with Veer’s child. Bhadra questions God why he did this with Chandrakanta and why did he snatched father from her baby. Chandrakanta says Veer is alive. Tej says we have to do his last rites. Chandrakanta says no. Vishnu ji appears infront of them and says you have accepted defeat so easily. Chandrakanta says it is death, how can I fight with your divine powers. Vishnu ji asks don’t you have any anger towards me.

Chandrakanta tells that Veer is snatched from her and her child. He won’t be there to see him. She says war will happen and will not stop. Veer always knew that I was born to protect people and for the magical knife. She says our love was not destined to stay forever, I will live for people. She says she will get back the knife and protect humanity. She says Veer is dead, but her Veerta is still there. She says you had said that once I attack Iravathi with knife, I will lose authority on magical knife, and then my child will become its heir. She says she will live to make her child as heir. Vishnu ji says it is your test chandrakanta, and says you have not changed even in toughest time and says I will give you Veer’s life. He asks her to bring the blood of someone who can’t be defeated by tomorrow evening. Chandrakanta says who was he? Vishnu ji disappears. Bhadramaa says it is a puzzle, you have to solve it. She says Maa shera wali will help you.

Swayam brings Iravathi to palace and asks to call Vaid. He says if anything happens to Iravathi then he will burn everything. He asks Vaid to treat his mother. Lady Vaid sees Iravathi and tells Swayam that she was attacked with tilismi knife. Swayam gets angry and threatens to kill her. He asks her to treat his mother else he will kill her. Vaid says I have no treatment for this. Swayam asks lady vaid’s old parents and says if my parents die then your parents will die too. Vaid says if three innocent woman are killed and then there souls can be put in her. Swayam smirks and kills woman. Vaid recites the mantras and puts dead women’s soul in Iravathi. Swayam says Chandrakanta did wrong to his mum, I will kill you.

Chandrakanta does puja and comes to Swayam. She says moon is sparkling infront of you. Swayam plans to marry her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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