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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update happu Singh the new commissioner

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tiwari comes out of his house and waves at everyone,commissioner and happu salute Tiwari,anguri comes out and performs his Aarti.anu comes out looking very pretty and walks to Tiwari,anu says Sir your secretary Anita Mishra reporting.

Reporter walks to Tiwari and asks what will be your first step,tiwari says would like to start with law and order,and asks Anita to calm typewriter and happu and commissioner.anu calls them,Tiwari says commissioner Resham pal looks like a inspector and instead happu looks like commissioner so now on,happu Singh will be commissioner and reshampal as inspector.

Anu types the notice and hands it to them,happu falls in Tiwaris legs and says finally I’m being promoted,reshampal asks what’s my fault,Tiwari says you are a shaky person and so is the

system now under your inspection and to public I shall address as you are free to convey your problems to me and goes seat in his car with anu.

Reshampal says this Tiwari has personal grudges against me,happu says call me sir and the uniform is mine now and not a word against him.vibhu says boys what all is this,saxena says insult of democracy ,tilu asks what is democracy,Vibhu slaps them and says illiterates like you are the reason behind Tiwari as CM,saxena says I won’t let this happen.

Anguri cleaning house and singing house,vibhu gets in,tiwari house is guarded,Vibhu walks in and says no use of such CM if you have to work,anguri says it’s my house what’s the issue for working for my house,and I love to do my house,vibhu says seriously,anguri sees a rat gets scared and starts jumping,and says I shall faint please help,vibhu says don’t worry,and starts looking for it,happu at the door,sees him and walks in and says how dare you attack CM’s wife,anguri says no he didn’t,happu says commando take him away.

Anu and Vibhu in bedroom,Vibhu badly beaten and says they hit me so bad,anu says who asked you to attack CM’s wife,vibhu says are you mad I was saving her from rat,anu says ok I agree but who will tell this to those guards and a suggestion for you,keep away from anguri she is CM wife now,vibhu says she is our neighbour too,anu says look I won’t save you if you fall in trouble and get a job you are neighbour to CM,Vibhu says get me one,anu says that’s insult to my boss and his post,my boss is a loyal and honest minister,vibhu says you get me a job then,anu says I won’t misuse my post and I’m sleepy good night.

Tikka and malkhan dancing,tilu joins them,and says wow good boys,you dance so well,tikka says thank you tilu,actually we bond very well,it’s our friendship bond that brings this chemistry and you shall see such dance and chemistry on the new show dance fever.tilu says I’m eager to watch.

Tikka says did you get the list we gonna ask tiwari for,tilu says yes I did let me show you,first low alcohol,FIR against girls who hit us on ever tease,saxena comes and slaps them and says useless boys,it’s because of you guys we have CM like Tiwari and leaves.

Reshampal comes there,boys salute them,malkhan says he is no more commissioner,Reshampal says don’t forget I can arrest you,happu walks and all salute happu,happu asks what are you upto,tilu says this Reshampal was asking for bribe,Reshampal says they are lying,happu says stop it and send Reshampal to work and asks boys to serve him and give him party.

Reporters to interview tiwari and says we are here to meet business man and our CM,happu scolds boys,to keep mum.

Terrorists planning for CM’s kidnap,and says we have to kidnap his secretary’s husband first,and then we shall pressure her and then CM will come with her to rescue Vibhuti and we will get CM.

Pre cap:anguri says Vibhuti tell me about that bird,Vibhu about to tell he is being kidnapped.
Anu asks Tiwari to order police to rescue Vibhuti,Tiwari looks at happu winks at him and says rescue him,happu winks back and says ok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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