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‘Bay Khudi’ – A tale of Love, Hatred, Obsession & Forgiveness! TwiNj [Episode #7]

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How are you all!!! Yess I’m back.. kabse latka ke rakha hai tum logo ko revelation ke liye… so here is the most awaited episode..!!!
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Episode ~ 7

Twinkle was in her room studying for her exams when her phone rang disturbing her. She picked the call and frowned seeing the caller id. It was Kunj on other side.
T – ‘Ji kahiye?’ (Yes, say?)
K – ‘Ek..Ek baat batani thi!’ (I wanted to tell you something!)
T – ‘Bataiye!’ (Tell.!) She said with a frowning face.
K – ‘Twinkle.. itni bezaari se to na pucho!’ (Don’t ask with so much of boredom!)
T – ‘Kunj! Kal mera paper hai, please pareshan math karein mujhe!’ (Tomorrow is my paper, please don’t disturb me!)
K – ‘Ye tumhare papers kab khatam horahy hain?’ (When are your exams going to end?) He asked being irritated.
T – ‘Kal last paper hai!’ (Tomorrow is last.) A smile appeared on his face and she wasn’t much interest in talking to him.
K – ‘Yeh acha hua..!’ (This is good!)
T – ‘Kya acha hua?’ (What is good?)
K – ‘Nhi kuch nhi, wo kal mera ek bht achhi jagah job interview hai. Agar job lag gyi to me kal hi aajaun ga tumhare ghar rishtha ly ke..!’ (No nothing. Tomorrow is my job interview in a very good place and if I got the job, I will come for your alliance tomorrow only.)
T – ‘Ap mujhe disturb ker rhy hain!’ (You’re disturbing me!) She said being upset.
K – ‘Abhi thodi aaraha hun bewakoof.. kal aaunga!’ (I’m not coming today silly. I will come tomorrow.) He said playfully. (Ye sahi hai…😂😂 kitna tang kerta hai ye innocent si twinkle ko..!)
T – ‘Acha! I pray apko ye job mily hi na!’
K – ‘Tch..tch..tch.. Kitni buri ho Twinkle .. bad’duaein dy rahi ho mujhe!’ (You’re so bad, you’re cursing me.)
T – ‘To or kya karun? Ab bua se fuzool me behes karein gy or wi naraz hojayen gi or phir ghar ka mahol kharab hoga!’ (What else should I do? You’ll argue with aunt then she’ll be upset and this will effect our homes.)
K – ‘Arrry kuch nhi hoga yarrr.. pehle se kyun idea laga rhi ho?’ (Nothing such will happen. Why are you assuming things)
T – ‘Dekhiye ga kal apko job nhi mily gi! Likh ker rakh lyn.’ (You’ll not get the job tomorrow.) She said and cut the call. He just smiled thinking about her and there she was all worried.

Next Morning ~ 🌞🌞

Leela was setting the breakfast table when Twinkle came with her bag.
T – ‘Acha Mama, me nikalti hun!’ (Ok Mom, I’m leaving!)
L – ‘Naashta to kerti jao!’ (At least have breakfast.)
T – ‘Nhi mujhe bhook nhi hai!’ (No, I’m not hungry!)
L – ‘Kyun nhi hai bhook tumhe? Kis baat ki tension hai.. exam kess dogi?’ (Why?)
T – ‘Exam ki tension thodi hai!’ (I don’t have exam’s tension.)
L – ‘Phir kis baat ki tension hai tumhe?’ (What else?)
T – ‘Mama wo kal Kunj ka phone aaya tha. Unka aj job interview hai.. wo keh rhy thy agr wo kaamyab hogye to wo aj hi bua ko ghar ky aayen gy! Mama please ap unhein mana ker dyn na!’ (Mama, yesterday Kunj called and said he has a job interview today and if he succeeded then he’ll bring aunt home today. Mama please stop him.) She was hell worried and didn’t know what to do.
L – ‘Tum fikr mat karo naashta karo me sb sambhal lungi!’ (Don’t worry, you have your breakfast. I’ll handle everything.) Just then Rt entered.
Rt – ‘Kya sambhaal lungi?’ (What will you handle?(
L – ‘Kuch nhi! Ap baithe naashta karein.’ (Nothing. Have breakfast.)
Rt – ‘Umm… baaki sab kahan hai?’ (Where is everyone)
L – ‘Sb aarhay hain!’ (Everyone is coming.)
The three of them sat and had their breakfast.
There Kunj was all dressed in a formal suit sitting infront of two middle-aged men having his interview. They were checking his files. Soon they shaked hands with him.
He came out of the building and dialled someone’s number.
Other side, Twinkle came back and saw her Nani and Dadi leaving the house. She convinced them not to go and said they’ll celebrate because her exams got finished.
As they both went inside the house, Twinkle stood all tensed. Leela came there and saw her all lost.

L – ‘Twinkle! Kya baat hai pareshaan lag rhi ho?’ (What happened? Are you worried.)
T – ‘Mama, wo me college se aarhi thi na to Kunj ki call aayi thi lekin me ne nhi uthaya!’ (Mama, when I was coming back from college, I got his call but I didn’t receive.)
L – ‘Mujhe bhi uski call aayi thi, uski job lag gyi hai!’ (He called me too. He has got the job.) Twinkle’s eyes widened and she panicked.
L – ‘Tum pareshaan mat ho. Fresh hojao.. me khana lagwa deti hun.’ (Don’t worry. Get freshen up. I’ll get the food.)
Next Scene ~
Kunj ran on the stairs of his home calling for his mother, happy as hell.
He hugged his mom and told her the news about him getting the job. She also got happy.
Usha – ‘Acha shaam me jb papa aajayen to hum Nani ke ghar jayen gy mithaai ly k..!’
K – ‘Wahan to hum obviously jaayen gy..!’ (Uff… kitni jaldi hai iss ko…!! 😂😂😂)

Next Scene ~
Rt was in his office when he received a call from Leela.
Rt – ‘Haan bolo?’
L – ‘Ap foran ghar aajeyn?’
Rt – ‘What happened. Is everything alright?’
She told him everything about Kunj.
Rt – ‘Ok. Don’t worry. I’m coming.’

Sarna Mansion ~
Usha and Kunj were having lunch.
K – ‘Maa aj nani ke ghar jaa ker mamu se bat ker lijiye ga.!’
U – ‘For what?’ She asked being confused.
K – ‘Twinkle ke liye!’ He said casually. Usha stopped eating and looked at him with anger.
U – ‘Aesa mein hargiz nhi ker skti!’ (I can never do that.)
K – ‘Maa. Mein..!’ She cut his sentence.
U – ‘haan to tum kerty raho na.. mujhe koi fark nhi padta.!’ (You keep on doing, I don’t care.)
K – ‘Per mujhe fark padta hai! Me usy apni zindagi ka saathi banana chahta hun or yehi meri khwahish hai.’ (I want to make her my life partner and this is my wish.)
U – ‘Dekho, me abhi nhi chahti ke tumhari shaadi ho!’ (I don’t want your marriage to happen now!)
K – ‘To kon keh rha hai apko shaadi kera dyn.. sagai kara dyn .. shaadi uski padhai ke baad hojaye gi!’ (Who is asking you about marriage. Let the engagement happen. Marriage will be after her studies.)
U – ‘Kunj tumhara dimaag kharab hogya hai kya? Kitni baar keh chuki hun ke mujhe wo ladki hi nhi pasand lekin tum baar baar ek hi baat duhraye jaa rhy ho.’ (Are you of your mind? I’ve said numerous times I don’t like that girl but you keeps on repeating the same thing.)
K – ‘Kyun ke me faisla ker chuka hun.’ (Because I’ve taken a decision.)
U – ‘Uhhh.. tumhare faaisly kerny se kya hota hai? Tum abhi bachhe ho.’ (Nothing happens with your decisions, you’re still a child.)
K – ‘Maa ap shayad bhul rahi hain, me studies complete ker ke job ker raha hun.’
U – ‘Kunj, dekho abhi dimaag kharab mat karo. Me us ladki ko apni bahu kabhi nhi bana skti!’ (Kunj, don’t spoil my mood. I won’t let that girl be my D-I-L.)
K – ‘Kyun nhi bana sktii??’ (And why is that so?)
U – ‘Dekho Kunj mera munh mat khulwao. Agar tumhe uski asliyat pata chal gayi na to ye saari mohabbat dhari ki dhari reh jaye gi!’ (Don’t force me to open my mouth. This love will be no more when you’ll get to know her reality.)
K – ‘Mohabbat itni bhi kamzor nhi hoti, ke kisi ka sach janne ke baad apna rukh badl ly. Wo koi bhi baat hai mujhe fark nhi padta.’ (Awww.. 😍😍😍😍 I so love him..!!)
U – ‘Lekin mujhe padta hai.!’
K – ‘Iska faisla me karunga, shaadi me ne kerni hai. Me janta hun ye sb ap Aditya mamu ki wajah se ker rhi hain. Maa wo apka past thy or apke past ki wajah se me apna future barbaad nhi karun ga.’ (I’ll decide that. I’ve to marry. I know you’re doing all this becuz of Aditya uncle. He was your past and because of your past I won’t destroy my future.) [NOTE: Aditya and Usha had a thing in past but they broke up.] Usha shouted at him.
U – ‘uss ladki ki wajah se apni maa se zubaan chala rhy ho.’ (You’re arguing with your mother because of that girl.)
K – ‘Uska kya qusoor hai.. ap kyun usy beech me laa rhi hain?’ (What’s her mistake? Why are you dragging her in between.)
Usha got up in anger. Kunj tried to stop her but she didn’t. He ran behind her.

Taneja Mansion ~
Rt and Leela were in the hall. Mahi brought tea for them. Just then Usha entered along with Kunj. (Dhak dhak dhak… revelation on its way. Fasten your seat belt guys.. you’re going on a roller coaster ride. 😂😂😂😂)

U – ‘(shouting) Leela! Tumhe kya lagta hai.. mere bete ko bewaqoof bana ker tum apni us meli (dirty) beti ko mere ghar mein…’ Rt cut her sentence and they both got up. (What do you think? You can make my son fool and make your dirty daughter enter my house.) Mahi, Rt and Leela stood there.
Rt – ‘Yeh ap kya keh rhi hain di?’ (What’re you saying?)
U – (showing her hand) ‘Bht hogaya Rt.. barson se tumne or Maa ne meri zubaan band rakhi .. lekin ab.. ab me bardaasht nhi kerungi!’ (It’s enough. You and Maa kept me quite for years but not now.. I won’t tolerate this.) Leela looked worried and she panicked looking here and there and silently prayed that Twinkle don’t get to hear any of this.
Rt – ‘Acha hum beth ke baat kerty hain..!’ (Let’s sit and talk.)
U – ‘Rehne do tum! Ye sb tumhara hi kya hua hai. Tumhe bht shok hai na humdardi karne ka.. karo tum.. apny ghr tk lekin agr mere ghr per gandagi aayegi na to me chup nhi rahun gi!’ (It’s all because of you! Its your sympathy. Keep it in your home and if impurity reaches my home then I won’t be quiet.)
Rt – ‘Di, ap please chup rahein.’ (Please keep quiet.)
U – ‘Kyun chup rahun mein? Mein chup nhi rahun gi! Aj me sb ko sach bata ke hi rahungi!’ (Why? I won’t keep quiet.) Tanushree and Rania also came there.
Aditya and Anita came out of their car and entered the house.
U – ‘Maana ke tumne Twinkle ko apni aulaad ki tarah paala hai, per me apny ghar me aesi ladki nahi laaungi jiska koi..’ (I admit you raised Twinkle as your own child but I won’t bring such girl in my house.) Rt cuts her and said with a tinge of anger in his voice.5
Rt – ‘Ap khamosh hongi ya nhi?’ (Will you keep quiet or not)
U – (looking at Kunj) ‘Aj Twinkle ki wajah se mera apna beta mere saamne khada hogya..! Ye to meri sharafat thi ke me ne usy sach nhi bataya..’ (Today because of Twinkle my own son stood infront of me. It was my virtue that I didn’t tell him the truth.) She looked at Leela with disgust and she looked down ashamed of her words.
U – ‘Pata nhi kiska ganda khoon hai uski ragon mein.’ (Don’t know whose dirty blood is in her veins.)
Rt – ‘Di bss.. agar apne apny bete ki shaadi Twinkle se nhi kerni to na sahi lekin khabardar apne meri beti ke baare mein ek lafz bhi kaha toh!’ (If you don’t him to marry Twinkle its fine. But I’m warning you not to speak against my daughter.) Anger raised in him and he somehow controlled himself.
Usha looked at him rather sarcastically.
U – ‘Tumhari beti? Tum duniya ko bewaqoof bana skty ho lekin mujhe nhi!’ (You can fool the world but not me.) Tanushree tried to stop her but her all attempts went futile.
U – ‘Maa apko humdardi jatany ka shoq hai na to karein.. lekin me apni nasal kharab nhi ker skti!’ (You want to show sympathy but I can’t spoil my generation.)
Rt – ‘Di me apka bht lihaaz ker raha hun.. ap please jaayen yahan se.’ (I’m respecting you. Please go from here.)
U – ‘Tum uss ladki ke liye apni behen ko iss ghr se nikalo gy jiske baap tak ka tumhe nhi pata..!’ (You’re asking me to go out because of that girl whose father you doesn’t even know.) 😱😱😱😱😱😱 (goshhh..😱😱😱😱 what is it??? A shock rytt???) Kunj was hell confused and Leela had her head down.
Rt – ‘Ap ek baat baar baar kyun kiye jaa rhi hain.. Twinkle meri beti hai suna aapne? Meri beti!’ (Why are you repeating this thing? Twinkle is my daughter.!)
U – ‘Tumhare kehne se sachai nhi badal jaaye gi.. Iss ghr me sb ko uski asliyat pata hai balke shayad bahir ke logo ko bhi ye baat pata ho ke tum uske baap nhi ho! Log andhe nhi hote Rt.’ (Truth doesn’t change. Everyone knows her truth in this house maybe the outsiders know that you aren’t her father. People aren’t blind.)
Rt – ‘Di, ap apni saari hadein paar ker rhi hain.’ (You’re crossing all your limits.) Rt’s anger reached at its peak. Usha didn’t pay any heed to his words and turned to Leela.

U – ‘Pata nhi kon tha? Humein nhi pata. Iski maa ko zaroor pata hoga jo sb se chhupa ke phirti hai.’ (Don’t know who he was. Her mother must be knowing and is hiding from everyone.) Rt turned to Leela and asked her to come with him and leave. Just then Twinkle entered the hall. Her eyes swollen and tears ready to come out of them. She was hell shocked. Everyone looked at her. Twinkle looked at her father. Kunj was also stunned. He never thought he would got to know this reality of hers.
U – ‘Chalo achha hai .. isne apne kaanon se sari sachai sunli aj.!’ (Its good she listened to everything.) Tears rolled down Twinkle’s eyes. She so wanted to compose herself but the reality broke her. Seeing Twinkle broken and in a vulnerable state, Rt decided to reveal the truth himself about that night. The secret which only he knew. He didn’t think of the consequences and just thought about his daughter who was his world.
Rt – ‘Mein tha wo shakhs..!’ (I was the one!) Leela looked at him stunned. Everyone looked on shocked.
These were the words which broke Twinkle even more. Her eyes got widened and tears continuously rolled down her eyes. Never in her wildest dream she thought that this day would come in her life when everything would be snatched from her. The world slipped beneath her feet. Her broken pieces dispersed and she couldn’t gather herself. Which broke her even more was the truth that he was the person whom she loved the most in her life.

Leela’s state was vulnerable. She couldn’t believe what he said. His words kept repeating in her mind and she didn’t want to believe them. He was the one who destroyed her life and snatched everything from her.

Past ~
After Rania’s husband’s death, Leela and Rania moved to Taneja house. Tanushree loved Leela as her own daughter. Rt was Twinkle’s best friend but he had feelings for her which he was never able to confess.
Leela’s engagement happened with her lover and Rt couldn’t take this and it was when his Love for her turned into Obsession.
It was at that night when Leela was alone at home and everyone was gone out in a marriage. She was ill that’s why she stayed at home. At night, when she was sleeping a man entered her room and raped her who was none other Rt. She wasn’t able to see his face. After that he regretted alot as Leela’s condition worsened. She got pregnant and Rt was much guilty. She broke her engagement and Rania and Tanu to save their respect decided to marry her to Rt who agreed thinking he could be able to seek forgiveness of the big sin he committed in this way.
Rt – ‘Haan me tha wo shakhs jo uss raat Leela ke room me gaya tha!’ (I was the one who got in Leela’s room that night.) Leela remembered that night. Everyone was hell stunned. Their eyes widened and mouths opened.
Rt – (pointing at Twinkle) ‘Or ye Twinkle… Meri beti hai ye.. khoon hai mera.! Suna apne.!’ (And Twinkle is my daughter my blood.) Twinkle’s knees went numb. She felt nothing. Her heart churned. Leela’s heart was broken into pieces.
U – (still in a shock) ‘Jhooth.. jhooth bol rahy ho tum.. pagal to nhi hogye?’ (Have you gone mad? Youre lying.)
Rt – (screaming) ‘Me pagal nhi hoon. Ye sb kuch mera kiya hua hai’ (I’m not mad. This is all because of me.) Twinkle felt difficulty in breathing. She was hell shocked and tried to breath, tears still rolling down her eyes.
Rt – ‘Jiski saza me aj tk bhugat raha hun!’ (I’m getting punished for this.)
He looked at Leela and she was shocked not ready to believe what her ears heard.
The screen freezes..


Precap: Twinkle in a crucial state in hospital. Rt guilty of his mistakes. Everyone stunned after knowing the truth..


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