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Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 19

Let’s begin…..

Next morning…

Rag wakes and then she sees she was hugging Sanskar… She was in his side of bed.. He was in the corner 😉

She gets embarassed…

And gets with jerk

Which breaks Sanskar’s sleep

He smiles at her: good morning

Rag: good morning…i..i m sorry..i didn’t knew
San:no…not again…
He sits

He makes her messy hair proper

Now rag mentally slaps her

Rag:i think..u got a kid in name of wife

San laughs:bt i wanted this kid only na…
He pats her cheeks and goes to washroom leaving confused Ragini who couldn’t differentiate blush and embarrassment.. To the fact she was blushing

Knock knock..

Rag opens the door and sees smiling pari

Pari: good morning Ragini…
Rag smiles…
Pari: its your first day in your sasural..and soon you will leave for paghphera… So get ready…

San comes out freshing: bhabi

Pari teasing: aren’t you both tired? I thought u would be sleeping it was your first night

Rag unaware abt her teasing:no bhabhi… Actually we both didnt sleep for fee hours and thrn finally slept

Pari:oh ho…so sanskar didn’t let you sleep
Rag:no bhabhi..i only didn’t let him sleep…

Rag gets confused seeing his reaction: kya hua?

Pari laughs….

Rag🤔🤔🤔: wat hpnd?

Pari laughing:Ragini…u go and fresh..i vl be waiting for you…

Rag being confused goes to fresh

Pari laughs

San:bhabi…aisa kuch nai hai jaise aap soch rai ho
Pari:aise kya nai hai sanskar?mein kya soch rai thi…🤔🤔🤔
San ;bhabi…plzzz

Pari:ok ok.. sorry sorry…

San smiles and goes…

After sometime

Pari makes Rag ready

San enters the room….for a moment he was lost in her beauty and her face wch was filled with lots of innocence

Pari teases him by her eyes..
He smiles…

Pari: Ragini let’s go down…

At the time suji comes: wow..my bahu is looking like an angel…like who just now landed to this world

Rag smiles…

Rag was abt to take her blessing.. Suji hugs her

Suji: don’t feel bad for bua dadi’s word’s..

Rag nods

Later they goes down

Rag sees bua dadi and goes to her…
She was abt to take her blessings

Bua dadi:no don’t…
She moves back

Ut to laksh: she will again create the drama
Lak nods

Bua dadi:first learn how to respect elders and then come for blessings

Rag herself:i was again giving her chance bt she is again playing with me.. Then how i should respect..?

Bua dadi:and tmrw after returning..u hv to rasoi rasam and i hope you will learn and come drom your mom..and there’s 15 elder’s coming from our village to taste your food ab bass hamari naak mat katwadena…

Bua dadi goes…

Pari hold her her hand and assures her through eyes

Rag smiles

Adarsh: Ragini…i didn’t got a chance to talk to you…
Rag: ji…bha…

Bua dadi: bhaiyya…is only in your home..he is your jeth..call him jeth ji

Adarsh: it’s ok bua dadi by calling her bhaiyya is there any changes ha there’s a changes i will get one more sister… Ragini u call me bhaiyya
Rag smiles

San comes

Rag looks at lak.. He gives her a smile… She to smiles…

After sometime….

Arvi and Raina comes to pick Ragini for the paghphera..they mingles with the family

Ap:Ragini..get ready they r waiting for you na

Rag then goes to naina and purvi



Naina: ha kya? Did You tell everyone
Rag: ha i told..
Naina: did you tell Sanskar
Rag: no! He knows
Naina: Ragini go and tell him
Rag: he know na di
Naina: arey go and tell him to come to our home at evng..and tell that you r coming with us ask his permission

Rag: Bhabhi didn’t ask
Purvi:bcs i hv went with your bhaiyya only and came back same day and it’s a small ritual u should tell this to sanskar bcs now he hv become part of your life..and you hv to call him to our home..
Rag:so i hv to do this task

Naina: task?
Rag:i mean ritual
Rag goes…
Wr sanlakad were sitting in a living room..and pari and uttara were also present there

Pari:Ragini..u didnt go…
Rag was somewhere feeling nervous:Sanskar jiii…
All except sanskar:haaan jiii

San stands

Rag: woh..i m going..

Before sanskar could reply
All: ok go
Rag: and evng you hv to come….

Adar: no he won’t come.. Sanskar you r not going ryte
San smiles

Rag: why?

Pari: actually we hv some work with sanskar

Rag: OK…

She turns.. All laughs

Adar:Sanskar… sambhalke…if someday in anger if you tell her to leave.. She will leave you

Rag: aapne mazzak kiya tha?🤔🤔
Again all laughs

San:u go Ragini..i will join you at evng
Rag: ok

Rag goes…

In car…

Naina: wat hpnd?
Rag: i don’t know.. Why all laughed?
Arj:tumne kuch kaand kiya hoga…
Rag: i didn’t do anything…

She narrates watever hpnd

All 4 laughs making Rag more confused

Naina:arey buddhu.. They were teasing you…

Rag:teasing… Why they r teasing… Wn i m talking to my husband 🤔🤔🤔

All:oye hoye..husband….
All gives her a teasing smiles
Rag:arey.. Now wat hpnd to you all

They laughs

After reaching home…

Rag changes into night pant and a top

And then she msgs laksh

“I need your help”

Laksh replies “yes bhabhi”

Rag smiles herself: bua dadi… Just wait and watch…

Then she remembers abt Sanskar

Rag: why i m feeling like heart patient wn he is near…i think i should consult a cardiologist..nahi tho if this continues i will die with heart attack..

To be continued…….

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