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Ardeep: Atheet Ka Bhoot (10~Tara Gets Insulted And Slapped)

Mayank gave Alisha and Tara a flying kiss leaving the trio shocked. ‘Why the hell are you staring at me Virat? Did you mention where to kiss? You just said the blo*dy word kiss and I kissed but being lenient, am I right Alisha and Tara?’ he asked and they agreed. ‘You’re right, he didn’t mention,’ Tara said making Virat happy. Alisha rotated the bottle and it came on her and Virat. ‘Truth or dare?’ she asked. ‘Dare,’ he replied shrugging his broad shoulders. ‘Oh so you also have no power to tell the truth, ha ha ha!’ Tara laughed and he admired her.

‘Becharay do choohay billiyo’n k beech phass gaye hain,’ (The poor mice are trapped between the cats) Alisha joked having a high five with Tara laughing with her. ‘Toh tum dono billiya’n bhi to phassi ho hum do shero’n k beech, hai na Virat?’ (So you both cats are also trapped between us lions, right Virat?) Mayank asked. ‘Yes,’ he replied and all of them laughed. ‘Par billi to sher ki mausi hoti hai na,’ (but a cat is an aunt to the lion) Tara joked again and once again they all laughed and got back to giving Virat a dare.

‘So your dare is to drink ten shots of beer,’ Alisha said and he stood up and went to kitchen followed by everyone and they watched as he drank one after another and stopped after the tenth shot. He walked stumblingly and his broad shoulder collided with Tara’s shoulder because of which she lost balance and fell in his arms. ‘Oh sorry baby, but I m houseful, can’t walk,’ he said straightening her and put his heavy arm around her shoulders. Mayank held him from the other side and took him to the room carefully.

‘Alisha its not fair that you gave him such a dare,’ Mayank said. ‘Its just a game, let’s not play further and go back to our house,’ she replied. ‘Its ok Alisha, party was necessary to celebrate our victory, I think we all should drink, no?’ Virat said supporting Alisha. ‘Yes,’ Tara agreed smilingly going to kitchen and brought a bottle with three glasses and filled each of them. She handed Mayank and Alisha each and drank having cheers with both of them. The trio drank and Virat kept staring at Tara admiring her every move, he loved her after all.

He was sitting on the floor watching Tara and his eyes felt heavy because of too many shots and he passed out on the floor. Tara was the second one to pass out that too with half her body resting over his body. Next was Mayank who fell next to Virat and Tara and the last was Alisha who fell on Mayank with her head on his chest. Next morning they woke up and decided to skip college today. That day Mayank’s parents decided to fix his alliance with Alisha so that they marry soon after their studies are finished but before that, they’ll be engaged to each other.

Kaushalya, Mayank’s mother phoned Sushma, Alisha’s mother inviting them for lunch that day. Sushma and Nikhil were the first to arrive there as Alisha would arrive later. Tara got to know about this and secretly went in the mansion jumping from the walls and stood outside the window to hear the conversation between them. ‘I think Mayank and Alisha should get engaged as they love each other since childhood, who would be a better girl for Mayank than Alisha? Only if you agree, the rest is on us,’ Kaushalya said sipping her tea.

Tara felt as if someone pierced her heart with an ice cold knife a thousand times. ‘Yes, why not? I also feel the same, but I want that enough gap is given to them between engagement and marriage as marriage is a big responsibility,’ Sushma said. ‘OK, so the alliance is fixed, you give this news to Alisha and I will tell Mayank, I would love Alisha as my daughter in law,’ she replied. ‘I would also love Mayank as my son in law,’ Sushma said and they had a hug. Tara threw a stone at the window in anger and their attention diverted towards her.

The watchman came to her. ‘Who are you? How did you got inside? Maybe you’re a thief that’s why you came like this by hiding,’ he said and held her wrist pulling her inside the house. Just then Alisha too arrived but she hadn’t got inside till then. ‘Kaushalya ji, she was looking inside your house like a thief,’ the watchman said. ‘You leave. I will see,’ she replied and he left. Alisha entered inside greeting everyone keeping her arm around Tara smiling at her. They greeted her back and then looked at Tara.

‘So tell, what were you doing here looking inside like a thief?’ Kaushalya asked her walking towards her. ‘I..I was..,’ she was cut in between. ‘And how dare you to throw a stone inside? Someone might’ve got hurt,’ Deep’s father Gautam said. ‘I will speak, actually uncle, she also wanted to come but mumma refused,’ Alisha said looking at Tara whose face had an annoyed expression. ‘What’s this reason? And if you’re saying truth, then why did she throw this stone inside?’ Gautam asked. ‘Uncle, someone else might’ve thrown it. Maybe some kid threw it,’ Alisha lied knowingly.

‘There is no single child who can do this. You’re lying to save your sister,’ Gautam said knowingly. ‘So I will tell you all the truth and the bitter truth is that I also love Mayank from my childhood, I just came to hear what you want to talk about and if you all got to know about it,’ Tara said. ‘What? How shameless person you’re. You can’t see your sister happy,’ Kaushalya said. ‘No aunty. Alisha is my sister. Why the hell will I not love her?’ Tara said angrily. ‘You yourself told us that you love Mayank,’ Gautam replied.

‘Uncle, is loving someone a crime? If its a crime then why are you fixing Alisha’s alliance with Mayank?’ Tara said. ‘Yes aunty. It’s not her fault. I apologize from her side,’ Alisha said. ‘Sisters often sacrifice for each other. She shouldn’t have done this,’ Kaushalya said. Tara started losing her cool. ‘Oye hello aunty jee. Who the hell are you to say all this? You have no damn right,’ Tara said angrily creasing her eyebrows. ‘Tara!’ Kaushalya shouted and was about to slap her but she held her hand. ‘You don’t have any right to slap me, stop interfering.’

She left her hand and she writhed in pain as her bangle had broken from her grip. Alisha looked at Tara worriedly. Hey Maa, ab toh Tara gai kaam se (Oh Maa, now Tara is gone), Alisha thought. ‘My bangle broke, it cut my skin because of this girl,’ Kaushalya said in pain. ‘Aunty stop this drama,’ Tara said coming near Kaushalya but was cut in between as she felt her arm being held and she was turned towards Gautam who slapped her shocking everyone, she held her cheek getting teary eyed while Alisha gasped in shock and stood beside Tara keeping her one arm around her shoulders and her hand on her cheek.

‘Do you have any manners on how to talk to elders? She is my wife but I never dared to speak rudely to her and my son Mayank never dared to talk with her in loud voice and you’re talking to her meeting your eyes with her that too like this? Didn’t your mother ever told you how to talk to elders? Are you stupid? Look at your sister, how well mannered is she but you? Shame on you, actually the thing is you’re a daughter without a father, if your father would’ve been alive then he would’ve told you how to talk with manners,’ Gautam scolded her and Alisha looked on angrily.

(Will Alisha sacrifice her love for Tara?)

Also that Kaushalya and Gautam are the names of Roma and Raghav in their first birth

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