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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira lands in trouble

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik saying people buy jewellery in festive season, I was working on marketing and sale strategies. She asks him to do work, work is everything. He says people don’t have understanding wives. She says you got it easily. He says ask me, I have come on a camel. The kids hear this and laugh. Krish asks why didn’t you go on a horse. Kairav asks don’t you know horse riding. Kartik says I know dinosaur riding also, I lost the chance. Krishna says then call the chance. Kairav says come on a horse to take mumma. Kartik says this won’t happen. Naira says don’t expect this from a coward. Kairav says Kartik has married a lioness. Kartik says you will be ready as a bride, so its decided, I will come on a horse today to break your fast, I m serious. Naira asks serious? He says yes. She says no need, focus on work. He says I will finish work and do this work. She says please, you won’t go to get any horse or donkey. He says you started it, I will end it. She says frog will be a frog always. He says I will marry a lioness, Mrs. Naira, I will come on a horse today.

Krish plays music for Naksh and Kirti. He says I have made a cake for you. Everyone smiles. Bhabhimaa says Krish taught me, happy Karwachauth. Naksh and Kirti clap. Krish sings. Naksh and Kirti cut the cake and feed it to Krish, and each other. Krish hugs them and says its special day. Devyaani says Naira invited us there, she said there is a surprise. Kartik says now mission horse starts. He calls A1 band and says I need a horse. The man says all the horses are booked. Kartik calls other bands and asks for a horse. The man asks will a camel work. Kartik says keep it to yourself. He tries another band and asks the man to take his booking. Naira laughs and says poor frog… what now… He says I have much time, you do make up and shake up. She says you got the shake up, you won’t be able to say anything now. She goes. He says this time, I won’t let my insult happen, I will come on the horse. Kairav comes to call Naira. Naira turns and smiles. Kairav says haye….. Kartik says you are totally Kartik’s son. He says you look very pretty. He applies black dot to her. He says Kartik shouldn’t faint seeing you. She asks how did you learn this. He says I m not so young, Kartik got ready and went, maybe he went to get some surprise. She recalls Kartik’s words.

Kartik sees some people dancing. He goes to the man and asks how much time more. The man says I can’t make the groom get down and give you the cart, where is your baraat. Kartik says I m married, I want the cart for Karwachauth. The man asks what, no one made such booking before, what will you do. Kartik says kids and Naira challenged me, why are you asking, I m giving you real money for fake horse, you are making me wait. Suwarna says Naira has come. Dadi asks where is Kartik. Kairav says Kartik didn’t come. Manish says maybe he went to office. Kairav says he went to get surprise for Naira. Naira calls Kartik. Kartik attends the call. Naira says I know you went to get a horse, come back soon, I don’t want the horse. He says no, its about my respect. She says sorry frog, its happening because of me. He says I m much serious now, I will make Karwachauth Kaira special, I got the horse. She asks really. He says yes, horse isn’t a horse, but… you will like it. She says I love you frog, I just want you, come back soon. He jokes and asks her to control. He says I m on the highway, there are marriage halls here, I think horse is ready, stay ready. He ends the call.

The groom asks did the girl’s dad refuse to give money, did the girl’s dad get an attack, will marriage not happen. His dad says the girl has run away. The groom argues. Kartik scolds him. The groom asks who are you to talk in between. Kartik says I have paid money to get the horse. The groom and his baraat leave. Kartik says its good. The man asks what will I do if groom comes back. Kartik says make him sit on the donkey, how cheap, he was asking for dowry. He takes the cart. The man asks where will I get this back. Kartik says I will drop it to the shop in morning. The man asks what will I answer the groom. The groom asks where is the cart, and that man, I think he had run away with my bride. His dad says yes, we will go to the police station and file complaint. The vehicle stops. Kartik gets sad. Dadi asks where is Kartik, call him Naira. Naira says I asked Kartik to come soon. Kairav asks did his car break down. She says don’t know. Kartik scolds the horses. He looks for the engine. He gets Naira’s call. He asks are you fine. He says yes, the horse is dead. She asks what, how, was the horse ill. He says I mean the horse broke down. She asks how can the horse break down. He asks her to give a solution. Kairav asks what’s the problem. Kartik says its engine horse.

Naira asks seriously, leave it and come home. Kartik says I don’t have a car with me. She says moon is coming out, Dadi said we have to end puja soon. Kartik says I will come running, its matter of 6-7 km. She says no, how will you get energy, send me location, I m coming. Kairav asks will you go. Naira says yes. Kartik asks horses please start, I think whoever sits on these horses don’t unite with partner. Naira says I have to go to Kartik, I will come back soon. She thinks to go by auto, everything will know if she goes by car. Inspector says I understood, bride has run away, I will find out. Inspector stops the auto and asks about the bride. The man describes the bride. Inspector says ask the groom to be ready, I got the bride. He sees Naira. The groom says we will find that guy also. Inspector stops the auto. Naira says I have to go, I don’t have time. Inspector asks where are you going. Naira says I have to reach my husband. Inspector argues. Naira says you are mistaken. Inspector asks her to show id. Naira says I didn’t get it. He says you are a runaway bride. She asks what?

Kairav says mum and dad didn’t come. Naira gets Kartik home. Everyone worries for Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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