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Walking Together through the Memory Lane – Episode 18 (Samaina FF)

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18. Naina gets a ray of hope

Recap: Naina see Sameer’s messages and decides to reply him but Bela caught her that leads to account deletion. 

[April 2016 – The day when Shefali asked Naina to open her FB and when she is caught by Bela and Beena]

Naina gets severe slaps from Taiji and Chachi is frowning at her. Preeti tried to save Naina from getting slaps still she couldn’t. They both leaves. Naina was crying. Preeti hugs her to reduce the tension but Naina breaks the hug and her cries didn’t stop. More than the pain she endured because of Taiji and Chachiji, she was sad that she could not even a single word for more than thousand messages. Her account was deleted. She is afraid how Sameer would react after seeing this. What if he delete his account then. After losing his number, if that happens, that must be Naina’s worst nightmare. She would lose all the sources of contacting him. Preeti tries to make Naina normal but none of her words enters into her ears.

After few hours,

Beena takes food plate and comes to Naina. Naina’s face was wet out of tears. Beena asks her to wash her face. Naina goes to wash her face silently as she fears she would get slapped again if she refused. She makes her eat the food. Naina too eat the food with reluctance.

Beena – “Naina, I could understand that this is common in your age and falling in love everything…. I don’t know about this modern culture and etc… But I am sure, if a relationship fails, it is assumed that the fault is on girl’s side even if it is not really on her side. The society would blame her only for the fault. Your father and your uncles are working hard only for making you and your cousins stand in their own leg which is not at all possible on our ages. Please focus on your studies and prioritize it not those temporary feelings. First sight and love is just possible in cinemas not in reality. I know I was harsh with you but that doesn’t mean that I hate you. I just want not to suffer because of these silly factors. This is what I could say, rest is upon you.”

Naina was expressionless wheras Beena leaves. Bela then comes inside her room,

Bela – “Who is he, Naina?”

Naina didn’t reply.

Bela – “No one is here. You tell me who is he? Are you really loving him? Can’t you believe your chachi and couldn’t you share anything to me?”

Bela looks at Naina emotionally that makes Naina to hug her tight. She cries again. She never expected such a question from chachi – “Can’t you believe your chachi?” Naina shares almost everything with her Chachi except about Sameer. Whether Bela appreciate or criticize, Naina would tell everything to her. Now she is feeling guilty that she was questioned by her as such.

Naina breaks her hug – “Nothing like that, chachi… He was just my friend. I like him. Thats it.”

Bela – “Then, why didn’t you share about him?

Naina don’t have any answer as she herself don’t know why she didn’t share.

Bela – “Are you loving him?”

Naina denies by nodding her head right to left.

Bela – “Concentrate on your studies, Naina. Don’t waste your time. If Rakesh Bhai knows this, he would stop everything and get you married.”

Naina – “No chachi… I won’t speak to him hereafter, but please don’t tell this to father. Please… I couldn’t imagine what happen if papa knows…”

Bela – “Okay, we won’t say to him. But you should concentrate on your studies.”

Bela leaves that makes Naina dull about Sameer.

Meanwhile at Sameer’s house, Sameer checked his account and looks she has seen the messages he had sent but wonders why she hadn’t replied him. He opened her account and shocked to see ‘USER NOT FOUND’. His face becomes gloomy. He realized that she has deleted ‘Sameer’s Naina’ account. Sameer looks at Naina’s photo in his purse which he got from one of her FB pics.

He felt sad and understands that he could not go behind a girl even after torturing her too much and not to beg her friendship and to accept her sorry. He logged out immediately.

He remembered a specific incident when he shared one of his stunt videos and expected to get praise from Naina but he got frownings as he risked his life for Naina. He did that foolish thing for Naina but she was no more in his life. She reformed him not to doubt or spy our dear ones out of insecurity.

Naina again washes her face. Naina told Chachi that she woudn’t speak to Sameer was just to conivnce her chachi to prevent her from complaining to father. She knows to convince Taiji too as he too fall for sweet and promising words. But she is thinking some ways to contact Sameer.

Days that passed, Naina was spied by Bela and Beena what she is doing  in her room, to whom she was talking, texting etc.. Naina too know that they were spying her. Wheras Naina is helpless and dreams that Sameer is near her always and he is asking to apologise him.

Naina: These much days, Sameer was crazy in me to speak with me, he would come behind me and everything… But from the incident.. I was crazy on him. They deleted my second account also. I was so desperate to contact him.

Shefali: See, I am the turning point in your love story, Naina. You should be grateful for me always. (Sarcastically)

Naina: Dear Shefali, I was the one who convinced Dad for your marriage with Arjun bhaiya.. It was compensated! Anyways, that would come further..

[Two months passed, June 2016]

Naina and Preeti are in their room with the door widely opened. Chachiji was busy speaking to her relative wheras Taiji is bargaining with milkman. They are having a conversation wheras in the extremely hsuky voice. Preeti place her hand on Naina’s shoulders.

Preeti – “Shefali told me everything, Naina. I know what you are feeling right now.”

Naina looks at her in ray of hope – “Preeti, you mean…”

Preeti – “Yeah, you can speak to Sameer. I can help you with that. I have opened an fake account for you as you couldn’t take risk. Message Sameer with some hint and I am sure he would find it, it was you. then, you ask his phone number. Soon, college will get opened, so the dangers are less and it is the right situation.

Naina was amazed to hear such thing from here. No wonder that Naina and Preeti are interconnetced with hearts who can understand each other’s feelings. Naina hugs Preeti and says – “I love you… I don’t get words to thank you. In fact, after these many days, you gave me a ray of hope.” Preeti breaks the hug – “You thank me later, I’ll stand outside for safety… Message him fast.”

Preeti goes outside. Naina messages him – “Hi, I am S’s N” She expected a fast reply from him but he didn’t reply. [S’s N – Sameer’s Naina]

Fifteen days passed, Naina’s college routine has changed drastically. Usually she would travel by bus to college but now she travels by Auto because of safety issues.  It would take 1.5 hours to reach her college from her house. So, while travelling in auto rickshaw, she would see FB whether he had replied her or not. She knew he might not have replied yet, but check the inbox at every hour.

Sameer looks at her message suddenly ‘S’s J’. He is happy and also gets suspicious what if his parents made this account to test whether I am in terms or not. So, he decided to confirm whether it was Naina or not. So, he sent – “Are you Samaina?” [FB: Samaina was a code word to identify whether it was real or fake account. It was set by them when  Sameer did his first prank on Naina]

Naina looks at the message. She  could feel her heartbeat and becomes nervous out of happiness. Her hope was not failed. She tears out of happiness. She thanked all the gods she knew for making Sameer looks at his message. She feels like to say, I could not live without you Sameer, I was so desperate to talk with you… I wish to meet you, sameer… I wish to say all our memories to you… I wish to relieve our cotton candy memories at the carnival… I wish to relieve the day when you tried to flirt with me hilariously… I wish to stay with you Sameer….

She feels plenty but didn’t get a single word to type… Sameer had the same kind of feelings… He realized his love for Naina in these days… It was not actually a lust or infatuation… Sameer wished to propose Naina but he fears what if again rift them apart….

He just types – “Hi”

Naina too suppressed everything. They spoke about common things – “How is your parents?” and etc..

Naina decides to ask his phone number without hesitation as said by Preeti. She also know Sameer won’t ask for number as she could understand how he could undergone these 15 days.

Naina: Also, more than that, I don’t know when this ID would get by Chachi and Taiji and would beat black and blue… So, I directly asked his number. I called him immediately to pour the feelings out…

Sameer: I don’t know why, I got so many heart attacks on that day So many shocks… I was like flying with wings. But still my collapsed and I could not get words… I was like.., Haaa…How… are… you.. Nainnna…? Also, we are speaking almost after 8 months. 

Sameer and Naina blushes…

Almost 40 minutes, they were in the call. But they were blushing, laughing and just spoke for rarely 10 minutes and they could not get any words further albeit they had a stack of words. They don’t know the reason….

Days that passed, they regained how they speak in the earlier days with bunch of joys and inncoence. Naina would speak to Sameer only at the time where she is on her way to college. By talking to Naina, Sameer gets a desire to meet her to surprise her. In these days, Sameer asked Naina about the ways she travel to college, the bus stops and other location details to her normally.

On a specific day, Sameer asked his parents permission to write a entrance exam at another city with his friends. His parents too permitted as Sameer said in a trustable manner.

[August 8, 2016, 9 A.M]

Sameer comes from Porbandar to Ahmedabad to surprise Naina with a sorry note for troubling her in those days. He was waiting at the place where Naina’s auto passes. But to his dull luck, she didn’t come. He ringed Naina but she cut the call. He thought she might have gone somother way. After 3 hours, Naina rings him. Sameer attends. Naina – “I am sorry Sameer. I was already late to college because of Pooja rituals. I am standing outside the colleeg gate… Even I came with Arjun bhai… So sorry for not attending the call.”

Sameer – “Its ok, Naina. When will your college end?”

Naina – “Why? It would end at 5 P.M. Ok Bye. Watchman is waiting for me to get inside. Bye.”

She cuts the call and Sameer becomes dull.

Sameer missed the chance but he is determined not to leave the chance at evening to meet her. He waits for her until evening…Her classes were over. Sameer is waiting for her outside with his bike. She is coming outside with her friends talking cheerfully with joy and jokes.

He is just mesmerized by her beauty. No wonder in that, He is meeting Naina almost after years. He seen Naina lean at those times. Now, she was little bubbly and so cute and gorgeous… That made him adore her beauty. He wish to kneel down in front of Naina to propose her but covers his face with scarf to hide his face…

Naina gets into the auto. Sameer parks his bike near the college and takes Auto-Rickshaw and follows her. Sameer is looking at Naina. Naina rings Sameer but he cuts the call and messages – “Sorry, I am little busy. You text me.. I’ll reply.”

Sameer: When I type that, Naina’s face reaction changes to angry one… 

Naina: Not angry at all, Sameer.

Sameer: I saw your expression lively from the scene. Don’t lie….

Naina: You might have misunderstood my expression as you were coming with some distance.

They had a textual conversation for sometime. Then, Naina gets out of the auto to buy some stationery items. Sameer too get out of the rickshaw and covers his face with a scarf.

Sameer texts – “What will you do if I come in front you?”

Naina texts – ‘Why are you asking this? I would definitely be happy, Sameer. I’m longing to meet you.”

Naina feels he is near her.

Sameer smiles..

To be continued…

Author’s note: I am extremely sorry for the late update. I try to upload it soon. Hope the episode worth the wait. But I won’t let them meet in such a simple way. So, next episode is a special episode with lots of romantic moments of Samaina and also Arjun-Shefali’s sequence would start soon. 




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