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Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Ugrashavas’s wife sumati was immensely devoted to him.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with mata laxmi dictating story to ganesh on their way of a man ugrashavas who got married to devi sumati but was very arrogant by his behaviour instead sumati very devotional towards him who use to take care of all his things. He always use to enjoy dance & come drinking in house late while sumati use to control him but one day he got his punishment of his evil towards his arrogant behaviour for sumati by getting his body skin affected with diseased burns but sumati also got affected of this punishment for taking care of him then too he use to torture her with his words.
Ugrashavas asks her why you are taking care of me so much but she tells him it’s my duty towards you as i am devoted to you being married with you but he cursed her saying you are doing this to show me but she instead tells him if this could had being then i would had left you long back & he says then now why can’t you leave me alone & she tells her i am not taught this in my life instead to be a devotional woman whom you are married & to do whatever husband wishes.
Mata laxmi explains ganesh she was very devotional towards him that she was ready to sacrifice anything for him having faith in her love towards her husband.
Ugrashavas asked her once if you really can sacrifice for me then take me to show the dance which i wish to enjoy or I’ll feel that you are bluffing me but she accepts his advice saying I’ll take you & he gets surprised how she got ready for it.
Mata paravati also shockingly expresses her feelings towards mahadev saying that how can a person be so extremely arrogant towards his wife.
Sumati takes him lifting on her back with all pains walking on the path & makes him sit at that place comfortably while all other people sitting there are appreciating sumati’s beauty but she goes out & sits crying for her fate while he smiles on people’s advises towards his wife. He is enjoying while drinking but after sometime woman’s bring him throwing outside & telling sumati to not to bring such a diseased person again. Sumati picks him walking in pain again while he is forcing her to take him back again but she tells him I’ll take you tomorrow as it’s time to sun set but while walking his legs hit a big stone & he curses her saying are you going to kill me or just poison me instead but the stone opens up shouting who disturbed my meditation which emerges as rishi & he curses him for losing his life as sun rises & sumati gets depressed hearing this while ugrashavas jokes about rishi.
Sumati keeps him down & pleads rishi saying it was my mistake as i was taking him which by mistake his leg got touched to you but he says once my words left my mouth nobody can stop this & also if you call sun god for help. Sumati shows her woman powers to explain him saying you can’t give such punishment which can be faced by me too as i am his wife means half life his with me & mine with him so my half life will also face this curse hence I’ll try to get help from sun god & she prays sun god to help her save her husband which she can’t bear her loss & rishi has cursed if you rise than my husband will die so sun god hears her & stops his rise while rishi is shocked how come woman has so much powers to stop my curse.
Devi laxmi tells ganesh that this stopped sun to rise to most of the world places which was creating darkness more & more but then devraj indra went to convince sumati.
Devraj indra keeps calling sumati while she is taking care of her husband as he asks her what will happen now as i wish to live & she tells him if it’s your wish then nothing will happen to you.
Devraj indra leaves without meeting sumati getting no solution so then finally tridev’s come to call her to convince to stop this creation of darkness due to sun has stopped rising.

Precap : All tridev were unable to convince sumati. An asoor bull comes running & dashes near tridev’s. Rishi asks tridev after doing many years of meditation why can’t a person get what he wishes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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