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Shubharambh 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gunvant swears to destroy Raja and Rani’s paradise

Shubharambh 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raja coming to Rani and ties the lace of her dress. Shubarambh song plays as he pulls the lace and holds her closer. She turns to him and smiles shyly. He moves peacock feather on her waist and face. She then moves the peacock feather on his face. Kirtida asks Gunvant what is he doing? Gunvant tells that he will not come inside and tells that he didn’t sell his self esteem. Kirtida says you wouldn’t run even a shop since a year and says you couldn’t run the shop without Hitank and Raja. She says Rani has snatched Hitank from them and made Servant Raja as the owner. She tells that she has to beg infront of Asha for money and tells that their respect is ruined. Gunvant asks her to talk with respect. Kirtida takes the wine bottles and throws on the ground. Gunvant gets angry.

He thinks he will not leave them and gets angry. Raja lights the diyas. Raja asks if he shall help her and calls her Mrs. Reshammiya. Rani looks at him smilingly. Shubharambh plays……Rani’s parents come there with Utsav and Kesha. They congratulate Rani and Raja and give them gift. Rani says it was not needed. Her mom says your company turned one year. Asha comes and greets her. Rani says it seems like everything will be fine and appreciates them for supporting Kesha after her miscarriage. She says we will blossom in our efforts. Asha prays that no bad sight shall fall on their house. Shubhmangalam plays…..Gunvant hears them and thinks everything happened because of her. He recalls Raja telling that he wants responsibility in shop. He recalls Rani telling Raja about his reality and thinks to destroy them. Kesha asks Rani what is her secret? Rani tells that they try to be with each other always. Asha brings the shoes for Rani and says your story doesn’t start without it. Their childhood flashback is shown. Rani says you said right…mummy ji. They look at the shoes and smile. Gunvant goes to his room and searches something. He looks at something. Shubharambh plays as Raja and Rani do puja while others sit beside him. Gunvant comes out holding the wine bottle and says I will not leave Raja and Rani, today I will burn all of your happiness. He burns the lighter in his other hand. He lights the fire to the wine bottle using the cloth and looks on.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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