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Shakti 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat drinks chilli powder water for Heer

Shakti 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Buaji telling Parmeet that there must be surely a reason behind Preeto’s conditions. Heer asks her to find out and says even I don’t understand why Preeto is doing this. Virat says whatever she is doing is for your betterment and asks her to understand her situation. Sant Baksh and Daljeet come home. Sant Baksh greets her. Parmeet asks her to rest. Bua ji says yes and asks Parmeet to massage her feet. She tells that choti bahu shall make dinner and says lets see if she can make. Gurwinder asks Heer to be careful with salt and chilli in the food. Heer says I will be careful. Gurwinder says lets go to kitchen and make all the arrangements. Virat comes there and pulls Heer closer to him. They have an eye lock. She asks him to leave her and says you just want to romance. Virat says I came to talk to you, but forgot seeing you. Gurwinder coughs and says your Jodi is good. Heer hugs her. Gurwinder says if your romance is done then shall we make arrangement of exam. Heer asks which exam? Gurwinder says she is talking about cooking. Heer says there was nothing. They smile and go to kitchen. Virat looks on.

Doctor checks Preeto and tells that she will be fine. Harak Singh thanks her. Preeto gains consciousness and insists to go to Heer, says she needs my help. She says Virat’s Bua came and asked Heer, if she is a kinnar and tells that she is afraid that her truth will come out. Harak Singhh asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. Heer starts making food in the kitchen. Mahi calls Heer and asks if everything is fine. Heer says yes and asks her to tell the recipe of matar paneer. Mahi says it is very easy and tells her everything. Preeto gets up and hears Mahi talking to Heer. She calls Virat and tells that Heer is asking matar paneer recipe from Mahi and asks him to make sure that food is not tasty else she might become daughter today itself. Heer cooks the food while talking to Mahi. Virat comes there. Bua ji asks if the food is ready. Heer says I will bring. Virat mixes chilli powder in the matar paneer dishes and thinks you couldn’t become beti until Preeto and I want. Heer comes there talking to Mahi and the vase is about to fall with her touch, but she holds it. Virat gets alert and hides, but the spoon falls down on the ground. Heer comes inside with Gurwinder. They serve the food on the dining table. Virat manages to go out. Everyone gather at the dining table happily. Bua ji says whenever I come here, there is a new big dining table. She tricks Sant Baksh with her words.

Sant Baksh tells that he will send dining table for her house. Parmeet gets upset and says Didi is having self-respect and will not accept it. Bua ji says even though she is having much self respect, but she will take it from her brother as she has right on his everything. Sant Baksh says I will send dining table for you. Heer brings the food and the matar paneer is about to fall down from her hands, but Virat holds the tray. Heer says thank you, you have saved me and says if it had fallen that Bua ji would have sent me to my maayka. Gurwinder and Heer serves the food to everyone. Heer asks them to have food and tell her. Bua ji eats at first and then spits it. She throws the plate far and drinks water. Everyone stops seeing her reaction. Sant Baksh asks what happened? Parmeet keeps the plate back and scolds Heer for adding much chilli in the dish. Heer says I have added less chilli in it, don’t know how so much chilli came in it. Bua ji says if it was matar paneer or chilli paneer. She asks Sant to call Doctor and says she will die. Gurwinder gives her sweets. Bua ji gets stable after eating it. Heer says I will eat food. Bua ji says she will have food at the neighbor’s house. Sant Baksh says it is not good. Bua ji says everyone shall know about your bahu. Gurwinder says she will make food again.

Bua ji says you couldn’t give a baby and asks how you will make food. She makes a call to someone and tells about the spicy food. Sant Baksh scolds Heer and tells that Didi went without having food and asks Virat to order food. Virat says ok. He asks heer to make food tomorrow. Parmeet tells Heer that until now Bua ji would have told all the neighbors and tells that she will never make her as her daughter. Heer apologizes to Parmeet. Parmeet tells that she will punish Heer. Virat defends Heer, but the latter asks him not to interfere between them. Virat says ok, I will not go from here. Parmeet asks Gurwinder to bring chilli powder. Gurwinder brings it. Parmeet says you have ruined 8 people’s food and that’s why put 8 spoonful of chilli powder in the water jug and drink it. Gurwinder says mummy ji…..Parmeet says when her husband is not saying anything then why are you saying? He recalls Heer drinking spicy burger and feels the burning sensation. He stops Heer and drinks all the water of the jug shocking them.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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