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Santoshi Maa 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Nidhi confesses the truth by powers of mata karwa.

Santoshi Maa 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with nidhi’s father shouting singhasan holding his shirt for ready to hit him while abhishek trying to explain everything saying sorry for all this but he is telling them the truth about their relations with each other. He said that they both love each other but due to certain circumstances they had to be away & as I returned I a saw all this happened which was unbearable to me so I had to finally plan this way out. Nidhi is shouting him for betraying her & did this deliberately hence I do not believe this marriage & releases the knot but abhishek tells her if you do not come with me now then I’ll kill myself as I love you a lot. Indresh tells him to kill yourself but she won’t go from here as bubli & ushma are shocked.
Nidhi is trying to convince indresh saying that I never loved him at all as he is lying but I only wished to marry you as you had promised that you’ll marry me which you will right? Indresh says yes I will but first to take promise of mata karwa & tell me if you love me, which indresh reminds what santoshi didi had told him when he had expressed her that I wish to be with swati but I can’t betray nidhi also which I have done mistake with swati so what to do & she tells him to tell nidhi to take promise of mata karwa & disclose her truth towards you so that your problem may sort out.
Nidhi asks indresh what kind of condition are you keeping in front of me as if you do not believe me but then too he insists.
Devi polomi tells karwa mata to help her devotee get justice & mata tells her if your devotee is true than she’ll pass her test & as my name is taken so I need to help him & she uses her powers for finding actual truth & nidhi confesses everything that I had done this since her earlier marriage being decided with you but I had refused destroying all decorations at your place also & cursing family as well as you due to low category people & dacoits & also she was in love with abhishek but when abhishek leaved her to go for further studies than I got wild & once when I saw you in hospital but happily married with swati then I became jealous & hatred took birth in me by which I kept on doing evil deeds towards you to destroy your relations with swati. All are shocked hearing this while nidhi’s father is cursing her.
Mata karwa releases her powers telling polomi that since your devotee had selfishness & kept doing crime that’s why she wasn’t blessed for her fast towards indresh instead all this happened while polomi leaves shockingly.
Nidhi is trying to convince indresh again & bubli says see how she changes her behaviour now just sometimes back she confessed & again trying to divert attention but all this was done by me because I was watching her continuously due to she was being talking with abhishek which I understood so I only called him here.
Devi polomi calls her asoor guru to help her by calling both the asoors but guru warns her whatever you do will be known by gods & might be you lose your status but she says I am not concerned as they also should know now what happens when they play with tricky asoor devi & guru calls them. The asoors come to polomi & she orders them to go & create trouble to all the family members of singhasan as they also express that they were waiting for this day because that ushma devi has killed our two brother’s so need to take revenge of her too.
Indresh leaves inside & indresh’s mother comes & slaps nidhi cursing, pulling her out of the house & warning her to leave from here or something wrong will happen & henceforth to not to bother her son.
Singhasan also tells nidhi’s friend to take away your daughter or I won’t see our so long friendship relation.
Abhishek tells nidhi to let’s leave as all have thrown you out of this house now & tells everybody to not to worry as I’ll now take care of her due to married with me but nidhi accuses all of them warning I’ll take revenge of this one day but her father shouts her.
The asoor goons come to attack & clutch them all warning that now just two days left for moon to leave hence will show you who we are & they use their powers to make all of them unconscious but ushma could not be affected so they warn her of attacking her but she appreciates them saying you are very strong for coming here as you will also go to your other two brother’s.

Precap : Devi polomi clutches mata santoshi & dev rishi saying i am taking this revenge due to you troubling my devotee & also my asoors had killed your devotee so now they’ll only kill your created form ushma while both of them are shocked. Indresh trying to attack the goons but instead they are beating him rigorously while all are watching including ushma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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