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Santoshi Maa 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Nidhi’s marriage takes place.

Santoshi Maa 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with swati distributing Prasad & also gives to indresh too. Swati asking indresh are you married & he says yes so she tells him to go to your wife then as she also might be waiting for you to end her fast or I’ll be cursed here. He suddenly says that’s why I have come here so she asks him is she in this ashram itself? but indresh is emotionally looking at her. Swati tells santoshi didi to take her inside due to feeling tired.
Singhasan is asking bubli if she told him anything or warns her to be punished but she refuses saying I haven’t done anything while brahman is telling him to call groom fast as muhurat time is passing of & also nidhi’s father too asking him where has he gone? Nidhi comes asking singhasan for his phone to call indresh while bubli keeps her phone on table which she had taken. Nidhi calls indresh but polomi sees her in trouble so tries to calm her & uses her powers to make somebody speak with her & a man responds saying I’ll come soon & will complete marriage & she calms telling everybody that he’ll arrive soon so to be ready & bubli is confused.
Ushma meets indresh in ashram while he asks her how come you here & she tells him to wait as I’ll meet santoshi didi & she prays her asking inspite indresh broke swati’s fast then too why can’t she remember him & mata tells her in this karwa mata’s blessings will answer to her fast.
All family members of singhasan are eager awaiting for indresh to arrive while brahman is pressuring to call him fast as only sometime is left to end the muhurat time & nidhi’s father is also warning singhasan saying you had promised nothing will go wrong this time then too this is happening but singhasan is calming him.
Ushma & indresh are walking due to car got broke down & they see an old couple in which the man is counting money & depressingly expresses his wife that this time I am unable to spend for you for this Pooja due to no business but she instead appreciates him saying you are my hero than what more I want & he too replies her saying yes as you my heroine while indresh seeing them goes to him & gives him money in way of bending down & telling him this was fallen down I guess but he says I can’t have so much money but he tells him this must have fallen while counting & he takes it thanking him while indresh also purchases something from him by which he gets happy & expresses his wife now I can do whatever you wish & ushma appreciates indresh’s the way he made the couple happy in which we should feel happy if we help someone needy from our pocket which won’t make us poor.
Devi polomi is blaming mata santoshi saying you & your devotee ushma had planned all this against my devotee to harass her but mata tells her this has happened due to indresh’s good behavior which is reaping fruits to him & swati due to blessings from mata karwa & in this we have no role to play. Then too polomi says this has to be resolved calling karwa mata & she calls her for helping her devotee too who has also performed the fast truly so she also has to get her boon of indresh in her life & karwa mata with dev rishi arrive.
Bubli sees a person coming & she goes to take him while all are watching indresh has come readily with groom’s costume having cap closed with his face around flowers from top of cap to finish marriage formalities with nidhi & all are saying to first complete the marriage rituals while mata Santoshi & all are watching happily but polomi is shocked to see this.
Marriage rituals are getting performed between nidhi & that person who all feel it’s indresh & as it finishes taking blessings from everybody, indresh & ushma arrive while indresh’s mother is shocked seeing him & all others are also shocked. They open the flower cover of the person’s face & he comes out to be nidhi’s boyfriend abhishek. Nidhi is shocked while Abhishek tells her I had no other choice.
Ushma tells silently to bubli that we had decided to not to do anything wrong but bubli explains her he is already her ex-lover who was keeping on calling her so I planned this accordingly which as per my view was good to join lovers together.
Devi polomi is cursing all of them for planning such thing against her devotee but karwa mata tells her this must be of their old relations due to which they got married together then too polomi is cursing mata santoshi warning that I’ll see to it that my devotee’s marriage happens with indresh & this is all illegal.

Precap : Nidhi is trying to convince indresh that abhishek has come deliberately betraying me & I only wish to marry you as you had also promised me so you will right? & indresh tells her I will but asks her to take wish of karwa mata & tell the truth if you love me or no? Mata karwa tells polomi he has told her to take my promise so I have to help him & he uses her powers into nidhi to say the truth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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