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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kokila Meets Gopi Kaka

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guruji performs pooja and asks Praful to keep kamandal/pot at a place where Ambe Maa’s prasad is made. Gehna takes kamandal from hands while Kanak and her team stand shocked. Praful and Jamna touch Guruji’s feet. Guruji says someone came in their lives who will be with them forever. Chetan and Hema touch his feet next. He suggests them to use their brain in the right direction and garner some punya. Kanak and Pankaj touch his feet next. He blesses them. Kokila and Gopi touch his feet next, and he blesses them and says path is difficult and they are on same path. Hetal and Urmila touch his feet next, and he says mind is mischievous but pure, they always should support truth. He looks at Gehna and asks who is she. Hema says maid. Kokila warns her. Kanak says she is like a family member who takes care of whole family and even Hema’s children. Pankaj says Hema explained him in simple words. Guruji says he knows what to think and angrily tells Praful that he will leave if his beta and bahu think they are more knowledgeable than him. Praful asks them to apologize Guruji, and they obey. Guruji asks Gehna to touch his feet and says after navratri, her life will change, a time circle will come which will make her queen from broke, she is destined to be a queen. Gehna says her destiny her maa and babuji/Praful and Jamna who gave her new life and she just needs their blessings. Guruji praises her simplicity and says everything is in one’s pure mind and not clothes; he asks let us continue their devotion and asks who will sing bhajan. Anant says Gopi. Chetan tells Hema that her plan failed. Kanak says its not yet as Sagar will execute his plan. Sagar mixed alcohol in kamandal.

Gopi prays god to help her reunite a mother with her son. Anant and Gehna fix speakers on terrace towards outhouse and inform Gopi that they connected terrace speakers with bluetooth and her voice can reach Ahem ji, once he comes Gehna will sit in front of Kokila and not let Ahem look at her. Gehna does same. Gopi hopes Ahem hears her voice and comes here. She starts singing Bhajan. Gopi kaka/Ahem hears it in outhouse. Kokila coughs, and Gehna gets her water. Gopi kaka gets a flashback of hearing it before and thinks why is this voice dragging him towards it. Praful asks Gehna to bring kamandal. Gehna thinks if she goes, Gopi kaka will come and see Kokila. Kokila signals and she goes to get kamandal, but stands shocked smelling alcohol in it. Gopi kaka walks inside home. Kokila senses his presence. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham…song..plays in the background. She is amazed to see Ahem and happily looks at him. She walks to him while Gopi kaka looks stunned.

Gehna gets tensed thinking if Guruji realizes kamandal has alcohol, he will get angry on her family. Gopi gets tensed seeing Kokila looking at Ahem/Gopi kaka, but continues singing. Anant also gets tensed seeing that and thinks where did Gehna go. Kokila extends her hands to hug Gopi kaka, but he walks away. She walks behind him. Anant and Gopi follow her. Kanak thinks where did saas bahu go, she will find out later and will create kamandal drama now. Kokila walks behind Gopi kaka calling him Ahem. He warns her to dare not come near him. A speedy car heads towards him, and Kokila pulls him behind and saving him says she lost him once and doesn’t want once again. Gopi kaka says he is not Ahem and continues walking. Anant and Gopi search them. Kokila says she is his mom and he is her Ahem dikra. Gopi kaka says his name is Gopi kaka and Gehna knows him. Gopi finds Kokila and asks to get aside the road. Kokila says she will die without him. Gopi kaka says she can die then. A speeding truck heads towards her and she stands freeze in shock while Anant and Gopi shout at her to move aside. Driver honks and signals her to move aside. Gopi kaka pulls her aside on time and they both fall down. Kokila asks if he is fine. He says he is fine mom.

Precap: Guruji asks to bring kamandal. Kanak and Pankaj asks Gehna to bring it soon. Gehna brings kamandal nervously, Guruji notices it.

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