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RIANSH: Luka Chuppi – Part 8 (Last Update)



Riddhima held onto Vansh’s hands as he guided her through the way with the soft satin gently creasing against her cheeks every time she talked. After her interview, Vansh had decided to surprise her somehow, but she didn’t know how exactly. Over the past few months, Vansh had gone out of his way several times to make her feel special, and she wasn’t sure how he wanted to do it this time.

As the two of them stopped, Riddhima heard the churning of a key and she shifted from one foot to another, restlessness slowly settling within her. “Can I please remove the blindfold now? I’m going to get irritated now.”

When she heard a door creaking open, her ears perked up again and she tried figuring where Vansh had brought the both of them. She stretched her hands in the air and stepped ahead, cautiously – not wanting to hurt herself. Seconds later, Vansh untied the blindfold around her eyes and she adjusted herself to the brightness of the surroundings.

Riddhima: Where are we?

Vansh (hugging her from behind): I thought this could be the house we come stay at whenever we are here in Delhi, you know?

Riddhima placed her hand above his – on her stomach – and leaned back against him. She’d always been surprised at his thoughtfulness and she’d always appreciated him. It was a quality of his that she, very thoroughly, admired. She looked around the house, revelling in the wind that filtered through and basking in the sunlight that flooded inside the house.

Riddhima: When did you think of this?

Vansh: Ever since you thought you’d come, try out some jobs here?

The two of them leaned against each other and allowed the moment to sink in, happiness flooding inside themselves. This was a moment they’d, perhaps, cherish for all their life.

Vansh (moments later): This place is empty, because I thought we could set it up like how the two of us want. Even for the few times we come here, we should feel this is our place.

Riddhima: It should feel like our home?

Vansh: Yes! So, we can return home even on the fewer days we are here.

Riddhima: But Vansh, (turning around) you came here for something you’ve wanted all your life. How can you let go of it just like that?

Vansh: I’ve also wanted to be with you, so it’s an either-or situation, right?

Riddhima stepped away from him and smiled at him, softly. Ever since the two of them had sorted the differences between them, Vansh had always given a lot in this relationship – something, she had totally admired and appreciated. But despite him convincing, Riddhima had never felt like she’d invested herself as much as he had since then. However, she’d always wanted to.

She exhaled a deep breath and looked at Vansh, before drawing out an envelope from the back pocket of her jeans. She grasped onto an end of it and held it out for Vansh, the ghost of a smile curving the corners of her lips in hope and expectancy.

Vansh (furrowing his brows): What’s this?

Riddhima stretched out her hand and shook the envelop, asking him to open it quickly. She couldn’t hold onto her patience anymore – she could feel the exhaustion of it so quickly. As Vansh opened the envelop and drew out the document inside, Riddhima laced her fingers together and pressed them against the bottom her chin, looking at him expectantly.

Riddhima: I got a job offer here, Vansh!

Vansh scanned through the document, his eyes widening in surprise and shock. He’d never received surprises from Riddhima, but now that he had and witnessed it himself, he knew why Riddhima had always loved surprises. He looked up at her, placing the envelop on the counter behind them and cupped her face in his hands, gently caressing her face.

Vansh: Since when have you been planning this?

Riddhima (kissing the inside of his right palm): Since a long time. I didn’t want you to leave your dreams behind for me, Vansh. Please know, I’d never even expect you to do that.

Vansh: But this really wasn’t necessary.

Riddhima (shaking her head): It was. I need you to know you’re equally important to me, Vansh. There hasn’t been a lot I’ve done for you, but I wanted to do this for you.

Vansh: But you were going to be the head of the research and development department, Riddhima. There was no need to leave that for me.

Riddhima: Vansh, I care about my career. But I care about you, too. I wasn’t just going to let you to let go of your own career.

Vansh: But…

Riddhima: Please, Vansh! Let me do this for you. I wasn’t going to be one of those girlfriends – or (laughing and showing the ring on her finger) fiancés, who was going to only ask of you. This relationship is as much as mine as it is yours.

Vansh: Are you sure?

Riddhima: Hundred percent! And listen, (pausing briefly) I love you!

Vansh pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly. He would love her for this life and a little more, because how could he let go of er this soon? She was meant to be his for all of this life and for a little more too, right?

Vansh (kissing her forehead): I love you, too!


Okay, that’s it for this story. Thank you to everyone who read and supported me, it has honestly always meant a lot to me. Please do comment down your thoughts on this story below, I’d really love to read them. And as always, thank you so, so much for reading!

Ria 🙂

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