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RadhaKrishn 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam’s Challenge To Krishna

RadhaKrishn 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Achyuta asks Sam not to think he lost, he won instead and if his chakra had killed her, he would have been in hell for killing his guru. Sam shouts not to call his loss as win, his father didn’t give him sudarshan chakra on multiple requests, but gave it to Radha easily; Krishna loves only Radha and ignores him and his mother. Achyuta says he should think the other way, Radha and Krishna’s love is immortal and pure. Sam says Radha is responsible for all his problems. Balram sees water levels at Dwarka increasing and its at the verse of drowning. Mata Gauri asks Mahadev what is happening. He says Sam is getting angry and his raudravatar is drowning Dwarka. Radha sees sky changing and walking to Achyuta asks what is happening. Sam is up for destroyal and walks away returning as Krishna saying he needs to stop Sam.

Sam walks on cliff to fall down and end his life. Jamvati while praying Mahakali notices Sam and pleads him not to end his life, but he gets adamant. Krishna rushes to stop him, but he smirks at Krishna and falls down. Radha reaches him and asks what will he do. He stops whole universe with a snap of his finger and requests Mahadev to lend his trishul and save Sam. Mahadev says it will bring storm and is very disastrous, Gauri mata backs him. Krishna insists. Mahadev says Sam may misuse it. Krishna assures him that Sam will not. Mahadev lends his trishul. Krishna revives world with a snap of his finger again. Sam falls down unharmed and sees Mahadev’s trishul near him. He thanks Mahadev and thinks Maahdev is more worried for him than his father and walks away with trishul.

Radha goes in search of Sam. Krishna thinks Sam is coming to him. Sam walks to Krishna and insists him for a fight. Krishna says there should be only love between father and son and not hatred. Sam says he is a coward and is afraid of Mahadev’s trishul; people rightly call him ranchor and coward and became charioteer in kurukshetra war instead of actively fighting. Krishna says he can say that if it calms his mind. Sam continues insulting him and provoking him, but Krishna walks away. Radha walks to Sam next. Sam says she is the reason for all his problems and he will kill her. Krishna warns him not to do that. Sam warns him to either fight or lose Radha and throws trishul towards Radha.

Precap: Krishna bears Mahadev’s trishul and his body turns blue due to poison in trishul. Radha asks him from where to get antidote. Sam smirks thinking Krishna will die.

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