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Qurbaan Hua 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat welcomes Neel home

Qurbaan Hua 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chahat was unconscious in Neel’s arm. He was worried for Chahat and asks her to wake up. He carries her in corridor to a chair and tries to wake her up. Chahat opens her eyes as Neel clears her face of her hair. They think about their past. Chahat cries joining her head with Neel’s.

Baleq was taken aback at the sight. He drags Neel to the garden and shouts how he dares touch her. Knowing she is still saddened by her previous husband’s death; he is taking advantage. Neel corrects, he is her only husband. Chahat’s husband is alive.

Godambari also exclaims that this guy is lying, Neel is dead. Neel asks how he should prove his identity, that he is Neel Dhaani. Baleq says he heard the screams of a dying Neel. Godambari says she has seen the molten lava which melted Neel’s body as well. Naveli says they can not accept him as Neel with a hidden face. If he wants money of Dhaani family, or Chahat. Neel holds a hand over Naveli, threatening her. Neel questions how Baleq can marry his wife, only days after the news of his death. He will now see how someone forces themselves over Chahat. He throws the Mandap and fireplace away. Baleq pushes Neel and holds his collars. Viyas Jee returns home. Baleq tells Viyas this stranger claims to be Neel. Viyas Jee shouts he is alive. Viyas Jee shows Baleq the DNA reports which shows Neel must be alive. Baleq wonders how this is possible. Viyas Jee says his living Neel is here in front of them, how they can deny this. Viyas Jee was sure he does not deserve such injustice. Neel tells Viyas Jee this is a result of their prayers that he was saved. Godambari pulls the mask off Neel’s face, calling him a stranger. Everyone cries at the sight of Neel’s burnt face. Godambari says this is not Neel. Neel asserts that molten lava fell over his face. It is miracle that he is still alive. He could not even see the face of his savior to thank him. Chahat promises to find them.

Baleq intervenes. Chahat corrects, he is Neelkand’s Buari, not Chahat. She has no doubt that this is Neel. She can never be mistaken in her recognition of Neel. She takes Neel inside, holding his hand.

Chahat tells Neel the house was empty because of him. Both step inside hand to hand. Godambari argues that this is a stranger. Chahat was weepy. She asks Neel to come along in the room, he will be surprised to see how he keeps her room so clean. Neel spots a photo of Saraswati was misplaced. He asks who moved her photo from the place Saraswati spent most of her time. She used to stare at flowers blooming outside from the window, these flowers would wilt if they do not find Saraswati’s smile in the window. He now asks Chahat if Saraswati’s rakhi was with her. Chahat takes Neel to the room and shows her the Rakhi.

Neel turns all the lights of the room off. He did not wish Chahat to be as shocked as Viyas Jee by his face. He was unable to bear his own face and looks. Every stranger even at train station was afraid of him. He could not face anyone. Chahat understands that the man whose reflections she saw, the one who protected her from the gaze of family while she prayed, and the man who rubbed her henna was Neel. Neel says Chahat was afraid of his face that day, and even went unconscious. Chahat says she could not see his face. She felt strangely unwell for a few days. She does not even remember agreeing to marry Baleq. And she never left hope of his return.
Neel breaks a mirror as he did not want to see himself with a burnt face. He tells Chahat to go away. He pushes her away, then apologizes.

Baleq thinks he is determined to get Chahat.

Chahat asks how she can leave a man who never cared that she is his enemy’s daughter. If her presence or absence does not affect him, why she saved him. Neel says he had promised to protect her. Neel says she lived a false life in a Brahman family. He did not realize when she turned from enemy to friend and then a responsibility. That day in factory, he realized how important she is for his life. Chahat holds Neel’s hands and says she also has a responsibility towards him. She is alive because of him. Neel says it is not easy to live with him. He has turned into a beast. Chahat shuts his mouth, he can not hate himself. She touches his burnt face. Neel screams of pain, Chahat cries for him.

PRECAP: Chahat looks for a pot to boil water for Neel’s wounds. Naveli asks Godambari why she helped her, when Baleq was hurt because of them. Godambari says she mixed salt in the water. Neel will surely scream in pain now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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