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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar hits Mayura with his car

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Omkar drives towards Mayura’s family. He tries to stop but brakes don’t apply. Omkar says why are you break not working. HE shouts Mayura.. No one sees. Piyush moves everyone aside and the car hits Mayura. Everyone screams. Ashu and Surekha scream. Omkar’s head also hits the steering. He faints. They leave him there. Piyush puts Mayura on a cart. They try to take her to the hospital. Piyush says I won’t let anything to happen to you Mayura. We have to make Omkar suffer. Dadi and Surekha cry. The cart’s wheel breaks. It doesn’t move. Ashu tries to look for a rickshaw.

Omkar gets up. His head hurts. He recalls hitting Mayura. Omkar gets out of his car and sees the blood. He says I won’t let you die. I won’t let you live or die. You can’t die and get rid of me. He screams Mayura. Piyush picks Mayura and runs. He says Mayura I won’t let anything happen to you. Omkar walks on the same road looking for Mayura. Omkar screams in anger. He says I won’t let you die. I want to see you alive so I can destroy you. You can’t die so easily. Balli comes. Omkar says to find out which hospital is Mayura in. Manjali calls. He says Maa I hit Mayura’s with my car. Manjali says go home. I am coming back as well. Omkar says I can’t let her die. I am going to her. Manjali says my Omi has to suffer so much because of this Mayura. Omkar says I am coming Mayura. Manjali calls Balli and says you will be with Omkar. Won’t leave him alone for a second.

Scene 2
They reach the hospital. Ashu asks the doctor to examine her. He says she met an accident. The doctor says no one is here to attend. We have a VIP patient. Piyush says how can you let a person die waiting for a VIP a patient? Ashu says my daughter is in danger. He says we didn’t make the rule. We follow the orders. Piyush says she will lose her life. How can you do this? Ashu says doctors are God. Please save her, I beg you. The doctor says I can’t help you he leaves. Surekha cries.

A female doctor comes and says this is Mayura.. Ashu says yes. SHe says Mayura was my papa’s student. He always praised her. She checks him. Piyush says she met an accident. The doctor says what is this scar on her face? Piyush says please help us save her. Please. Piyush says will she survive? She says can’t say because of internal injuries. They take her to OT.

Omkar keeps looking for Mayura. Balli says I found out which hospital is she in. Omkar says I am coming. Mayura’s treatment starts. Ashu says we were just celebrating her birthday and now praying for her to live. The doctor says her condition is getting worse. Piyush says stay strong Mayura. Nothing can happen to you. Ashu cries and says please save my Mayura God. Evil will win over truth. Please. what was her fault? She only wanted to serve people and now her own life is at stake. She wanted to work in the hospital. All of this happened because of Omkar. Dadi cries and prays for Mayura. Surekha says everything is in your hands, God.

Omkar comes to the hospital with flowers. Ashu says how long will we blame God? It was our mistake. We got her married to Omkar. We said he’s really nice guy, good family. He shattered my daughter. He ruined her life. I will never forgive Omkar. God won’t pardon him. He did this to my daughter. He did all this. Piysuh says no uncle It wasn’t your fault. Only good things will happen to Mayura. She will be fine. Omkar will suffer for what he did. Everything will be fine. Omkar comes. Everyone is shocked. Omkar says no Mayura, I won’t let you die so easily. He says don’t worry nothing would happen to Mayura. I won’t let anything happen to her. Ashu is about to slap him. Omkar shoves him. Piyush grasps his collar and sayas you made a huge mistake by coming here.

The doctor comes out. She says who’s with Mayura? Ashu says she’s my daughter. What happened to her? The doctor shakes her face. Everyone is rubbing Mayura’s hands. Ashu screams.. Omkar says nothing can happen to Mayura. My revenge is left. Ashu says aren’t you done yet? You came here to take her life? Surekha says are you even a human? You want her to live so you can destroy her more? Aren’t you done yet? Do you have an ounce of shame? She is your wife and you’re adamant on destroying her life? You’re not God. You are nothing. Mayura will live, she will get up, not because you can torture her. But to give you punishment for your sin. This is a mother’s curse on you. Mayura daughter will live and destroy you. Omkar throws the flowers. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. He hits his head on the wall and says no Mayura. You can’t go. He keeps hitting his head on the wall.

Mayura is given CPR. She shows no response. Omkar says I won’t let anything happen to you. Piyush says Mayura nothing will happen to you. They look at her. Omkar keeps hitting his head. He says I won’t let you die Mayura. Get up. Piyush says Mata Rani, Mayura has to come back to take revenge from an evil like Omkar. Ashu says she.. Omkar looks at the door. Ashu says she’s getting conscious.

Omkar claps and says well done Mayura. If you died, I would be really upset that I couldn’t destroy you. Piyush says Mayura will destroy you. Start your countdown. The doctor comes out. She says Mayura survived but.. Omkar says but what? She says Mayura can go into a coma or paralyze as well? Everyone is shocked. Omkar laughs. They all look at him. Omkar says this had to happen. The line that I made in my hand, she wanted to change it. So this will happen. Mayura is being punished not me. Did you hear what the doctor say? She can be in a coma or paralysis. Her condition will remind her what happens with you mess with Mayura. Piyush throws his shoes on Omkar’s face. Piyush says get used to it. You will be hit by may shoes. Omkar walks to him. Omkar laughs. Omkar says I know bachay.. You’re in a shock. You must be hurt. But I can’t waste my time on you because I have to destroy Mayura. And you all know what can I do and what liimts can I cross. He says Mayrua I will come back to tell you that you can’t even die with your own choice. You have to live as per my will.

Episode ends.

Precap-Ashu says to Mayrua run from here. Omkar won’t let you live here. Omkar asks Balli to keep an eye on everyone. He says no one should get out of hospital. Mayura and Piyush are disguised as doctors. Omkar stops them and asks them to take off the mask.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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