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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash’s Fondness For His Mother Tongue

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Subhash tries to read Hindi book and thinks he has to reach his goal soon. Anu walks in and asks which goal he is talking about. Subhi says finishing this book. Anu checks book and says its a difficult path and if he can walk on it. Pramila with Vibha walks in and informs that Prabha is calling Anu. Anu asks Vibha if she is fine and goes to meet Prabha. Pramila asks Subhash why didn’t he pack his bag yet. Sarath brings his shirt. Subhi says he was searching it. Pramila says Sarath came at right time and walks away. Sarath asks Subhi to give their Cuttack address to Vibha as she may write a letter to him. Vibha says she will and asks if he will reply. Sarath walks away shyingly. Subhi gives address in English and says soon he will give it in Hindi. Family leaves for Cuttack.

Khudi and one more Swadesi reach their destination with bomb to assassinate Kingsford. They reach another swadesi’s house and plan together. Bose family returns home. Subhi and his siblings start playing around home. Prabha relaxes and says it feels good seeing children playing around when they are small, but then they grow up and don’t listen to them. Satish asks Sarath to go and check Sarath as he wants to play cricket, he only listens to him. Sarath leaves. Sathish thinks he wants to divert his attention from protest and keep him busy. Anu thinks she will go with children and meet Khudi’s sister. Sarath takes children for boating. Anu accompanies him and informs him about brave Khudi. Subhi hears their conversation. At Vibha’s house, her mother expresses her displeasure regarding Bose family’s behavior. Vibha gets sad hearing that. Ajith asks mother not to expresses her opinion in front of Vibha as Sarath is a good boy. Vibha reminisces Sarath’s words expressing his feelings for his family and hopes he is fine.

Subhi attends school where he has to discuss about his mother tongue. He says he just has to speak about Hindi, though he doesn’t know to read or write Hindi. Charles taunts that his mother tongue is English which is king’s language and he is proud of it. Class starts. Principal Mr. Young calls students one by one. Charles describes same and continues. Subhi walks in front next and says his mother tongue is Hindi, so he will speak in Hindi today. After his speech ends, he asks Mr. Young why can’t they learn Hindi in school as its their mother tongue. Charles smirks thinking principal will get angry on Subhash now and punish him.

Back home, Janaki tells Sarath that he was worried for him seeing his protest speech in Kolkota and suggests him to concentrate on his study as that is his most important duty. He leaves nodding yes. Janak then asks Prabha to inform Vibha about Sarath’s thinking and not to be rude to her. Prabha agrees. Sarath sits to write a letter for Vibha when Suresh walks in worried and informs that Subhi’s school principal called baba. Sarath thinks what did Subhi do now.

Precap: Mr. Young informs Janaki that Subhash gave speech in Hindi and its against school. Subhi asks if speaking in mother tongue is wrong. Swadesis fume in anger seeing Kingsford and determine to assassinate him.

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