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Mere Sai 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai saves Raghav from Sarkar’s wrath

Mere Sai 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumati is entering the premises when Tejasvi stops her. Why is she smiling so much? She asks Sumati if the fodder is fresh. Suamti tells her to check herself. Tejasvi nods. Go and help my MIL now. Sumati readily agrees. Tejasvi decides to find out how this sad family has become happy suddenly.

Ashok asks his mother about Sumati. Rama is clueless. Sumati gives fodder to her mother. Ashok is about to ask Sumati about Srikanth but she takes him inside the stable. Tejasvi is still puzzled. Ashok hugs his sister. I knew that you can do anything. Sumati gives credit to Sai. He says Sai Baba ki Jai loudly. She covers his mouth. Don’t say this loudly. We will start your classes in the evening. We should go outside now or someone will doubt us. He hugs her. Sumati thinks my work is complete but will Baba be able to go to Sakori.

Santa and Banta are bossing over the workers. They both later sit down to eat lunch. Raghav thinks of Sai’s words. How will I go to Sakori? Farmers watch Santa and Banta enjoying their lunch. They can force us to work the entire day. They are so lazy though. They only focus on food while eating. They don’t care what others are doing. They will sleep for 2 hours afterwards. They will cut our wages if we are unable to complete our work on time. Raghav decides to make use of this time. Santa and Banta notice Raghav leaving for some place and decide to follow him. We will then inform Sarkar about it.

Chandorkar ji and his wife are playing with their grandson. Chandorkar ji gives the baby to his SIL and Naina and go outside to thank Ramveer ji. We are indebted to you for 7 births now. We wouldn’t have been able to save Naina if you hadn’t come here on time. Ramveer ji says I only delivered the udi that Sai gave to me. This was made possible only because of the cart that you sent to pick me up. I had no money to even come till here. Chandorkar ji shoots him a confused look. I did not send anyone. Maybe Sai made some arrangement. Ramveer ji denies. I was told that you had sent the cart. Chandorkar ji says I wouldn’t have hidden it from you if that was the case. I dint even know you were coming. Ramveer ji wonders why did that driver told me it was you then. He did not even take money from me. They decide to ask the driver to find out the truth and see him leaving. The driver looks back at them and smiles. They see Sai and are stunned. They fold their hands automatically and look at each other. Radha ji and her SIL come outside. What happened? Chandorkar ji shares that the driver was no one else but Sai. Ramveer ji says I wonder why I did not realise this earlier. I left from Shirdi last night. There was no possibility of informing you about my arrival. I did not even connect the dots. I believed the driver. Chandorkar ji says Sai is God. Nothing happens in the world without His wish. How can we think differently from him? We also think what Sai wants us to think. He wants what’s best for us. His SIL recalls speaking badly about Sai earlier. I made such a big mistake. I was so worried at that time that I doubted Sai Baba! He has given us a new life. I must apologize to him. Radha ji says Sai never gets upset with anyone. Don’t worry. Apologize to Him in your heart if you want to. Sai will hear it. They all say Om Sai Ram in unison.

Villagers are gathered outside Dwarkamai. They see the drawing of the same cart on the floor and smile. This is beautiful. They ask Ragini how she made this. Ragini says I did not make it. Udhav wonders who made it then and why this only. Chandu says there must be a meaning behind this. Sai smiles. Everyone greets him. A cart takes us to our destination. They ask Sai if he made it and why. Sai says a long journey was to be completed and it is done now. This isn’t needed now. Villagers watch Sai in confusion as he wipes the floor clean.

Raghav offers oil to the Hanuman idol (created by Sai). Santa and Banta get confused. He risked everything for this? He came here to do this? Raghav folds his hands in reverence. I offered oil to Bajrang Bali like you asked. My family’s fate is in your hands now. He leaves. Santa and Banta have overheard everything. Raghav went against Sarkar’s order for that Fakir. They take shortcut so they can reach the fields before Raghav.

Sai adds wood in the fire. The fire burns brightly. Sai requests Agni Dev to calm down. I know you are worried for me but Ram ji will give me the strength to bear this pain if he wants me to experience it.

Raghav reaches the fields and notices Santa and Banta sleeping. He goes to finish his work. Santa and Banta smile wickedly at each other.

Raghav is about to go to his hut when Sarkar confronts him. He is holding a hunter in his hands. Where did you go in the afternoon? Raghav gets tensed. Both the families gather there. Sarkar asks Raghav if he wants to follow Fakir’s words after everything. Raghav reasons that he completed his work; skipped his meal and then went there. Sarkar reminds him what a servant really is. A servant takes permission before even breathing and you went to Sakori upon that Fakir’s askance! Raghav shakes with fear. Sarkar fumes. You are so afraid yet you heard what that Fakir said. It means your superstition is bigger than your fear. I must take care of it now! Sumati is in tears. The workers get tensed.

Chihu Tai comes to give food to Sai. She notices him sitting quietly. Why do you look so tensed? Sai asks her to leave. She asks him if she made a mistake. He denies. Follow what I say and please leave. She hesitantly agrees and begins to leave.

Sarkar starts hitting Raghav with the hunter. Sai screams in pain in Dwarkamai. Chihu Tai looks at Sai in shock. On the other hand, Raghav is puzzled as to why he cannot feel any pain. Chihu Tai asks Sai what’s happening to him as he shouts and jumps because of the pain. Sarkar and everyone is surprised to see how Raghav is unaffected by any of it. Chihu Tai gets concerned for Sai. Sarkar hits Raghav again. Sai simply touches the various body parts where he gets attached. There are marks on his body parts which shocks Chihu Tai all the more. Raghav stands there with folded hands. Sarkar gets tired. Sai smiles through his tears. Go home now, Chihu Tai. She refuses to leave him alone. What’s going on? Tejasvi asks Sarkar why nothing is happening to Raghav. Sarkar hits him repeatedly but it shows no effect on Raghav whereas Sai winces in pain. Sarkar throws the hunter away in anger and goes inside. Sumati asks her Baba if he is fine. Raghav says I am not hurt at all. I don’t feel any pain either. His family and Rukmani smile in relief. Tejasvi hears it and is shocked. Who felt all that pain?

Precap: Keshav tells Tejasvi that Prahalad has fallen asleep. She gets curious as he tries to stop her but she still goes to check on Prahalad. She removes the duvet and gets shocked to see the pillows. I know where he is! Sai utters Prahalad’s name. Prahalad is startled to hear his voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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