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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Nia confess love to each other

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nia returning home. Guneet asks what is the use of searching Kabir now, let him go. Nia says I will tell him. Kajal says Nia will not say. Amber says she is my daughter and will say. Nia says he is my best friend, true love, first love, soul mate etc..Kajal says you said. Amber asks her to bring a glass of water and drinks herself too. Nia says I don’t want to drink and goes to kitchen to bring water for him. She finds Kabir there. Inna Sona plays…..Kabir and Nia get emotional. He says if she was searching him. Nia says no. He says sorry for troubling her and holds her face. He says we have done this drama to know about your feelings. Nia smiles.

Kabir tells about Guneet’s plan to bring out the truth. Kajal says I didn’t know about your plan. Amber says else you have told Nia. Kajal laughs. Kabir asks Nia if she will not tell him which she told infront of everyone. He bends down on his knees and asks do you love me Nia Sharma? Guneet excitedly smiles. Amber asks if she will refuse. Kabir asks Nia to say. Nia says yes. Kabir is about to hug her. Amber says vulgar guy …stay away from her. Nia hugs Kabir. Shri tells that this has happened all because of him as he showed the flashback to Kabir in uncle’s wedding. Kajal says this has happened due to her conversation with Kabir. Guneet says she knew it since the beginning and was talking to them. Amber tells that he talked to Kabir and set everything. Kabir says yes. Nia hugs Amber and says we are first dad and daughter, who set each other lives. Kajal asks Amber to close her eyes and ears. Amber says why? Kajal says we shall leave the love birds here and go out. Amber asks Kabir to come out. Guneet asks Amber to let them talk and says you had talked to me on terrace before marriage. Amber says we were friends. Guneet says they are more than friends. They take Amber forcibly. Kabir asks Nia, what they shall do. He says I didn’t know as I never did. He says I mean we didn’t spend time together like this as we are not friends, says not just friends anymore. Nia says yes, but you must have thought. Kabir says I used to day dreaming sitting in office, then you refused and I stopped it. Nia asks him to listen and tells that this is very weird. She says I don’t know what to tell you, seems like I met you for the first time. Kabir says I felt as if you are not Nia. He says we should have gone with them to have kabab. Nia smiles and says I think time is taken from friends to…Kabir says even I am not in a hurry. They sit down and relax.

Amber, Guneet, Shri and Kajal come to the restaurant to have reshmi kabab. Amber says lets go home. Guneet says my kabab haven’t come until now. Waiter serves them kabab. Amber asks Guneet not to eat it and says it might not be healthy or hygienic. Guneet says I am pregnant and not unwell. Kajal and Shri look at each other.

Nia and Kabir look at each other and think of their moments. Nia says when I realized, you was with Swara and now I don’t know what to do. Amber tells that they shall go home. Kajal says you have hit the sixer. Guneet says you have snatched kabab from a pregnant woman. Amber says I will make kabab with my hand. Kajal says here baby is coming and there baby is on the way. Kabir searches for couple activities. Nia asks him to search how to become a couple. Kabir says it happens naturally. Nia says there must be some tips from how to become couple from being friends. Kabir asks her to look in his eyes and asks if he shall switch off the lights. Nia laughs. Kabir says I don’t know. Nia says who was couple 4 days back. Kabir says that was different? He says I am madly in love with you. Nia says even I love you. Kabir smiles happily.

Precap: Police comes to Amber’s house and says someone called and said that a goon entered his house. Guneet realizes Amber had called police and sends him. Nia looks at Amber.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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