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Love after arrange marriage Ep-29- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-29- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hello …Happy Dhanteras …May this Dhanteras fills lots of gold in your life …

Episode starts as..,

They all complete their pending game….

Suddenly Daadi screams,” Vansh!! ” Vansh goes . Vansh asks,” What happened Daadi ??” Daadi says,”Wait ” She calls everyone down . Riddhima too comes .Vansh says,” Riddhima , why did you came here ??” Riddhima says,”Daadi called ..and please don’t interrogate me now ..Daadi you say.” Daadi says,”I talked to pandit ji today , he told that their are some obstacles in Riddhima and Vansh’s life , so you will have to..” Vansh says,”Please don’t say that we will have to be divorced..” Daadi says,”Vansh , quiet !! have to marry again !!” Vansh says,”Woah !! Ok…” Daadi says,”I have informed Aarohi and Lakshay ..and today will be engagement..Get ready ..In 2 hours ..” Everyone get ready .. Here’s the look ( Author’s point –  Only Vansh and Riddhima’s look …”


Riddhima :

(They are happy now…In the pics Riddhima is sad ..but in my ff they are happy in the engagement photo also )

Soon they get engaged ..They both are happy …Daadi announces,”According to pandit ji , we have to complete this marriage by tomorrow night 9 pm …So today  only it will be haldi and mehndi ….

Vansh and Riddhima are back in their room ..Vansh says,”Sweetheart, what are you wearing in haldi function ??” Suddenly a voice comes,”Bhai..What ? You are marrying again ..At first , I can’t come but now I will ..I missed you a lot !!!” Vansh says,”Shweta ..Wow !! You are back …”


Vansh : I missed you a lot ..

Shweta : Bhai , me too …

Vansh : Riddhima, meet my cute and naughty sister Shweta..

Riddhima : Hii ..

Shweta : Hi Bhabhi ! Bhai ! We will talk later on …

Vansh : Hmm…

Vansh and Riddhima get ready …

Vansh and Riddhima :



The haldi ceremony begins ..Everybody applies haldi to Vansh and Riddhima …

Precap : The wedding takes place…

I hope you liked the ep …

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