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Indiawaali Maa 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheenu refuses to Kaku’s request

Indiawaali Maa 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku saying its an emergency, we have to leave. Kirti says we will lose this contract. Cheenu asks her to go. Kirti says I m your senior. Cheenu says she is my intern. Kaku tries to hire an auto. She sees Cheenu and asks her to drop her home. Cheenu asks driver to get an auto for Kaku. Kaku feels bad and goes. Cheenu asks Kaku to come and sit in the car. Kaku gets into the car. They leave. Kaku thanks her. She prays. Rohan is asleep. Cheenu drops Kaku. Kaku runs. Watchman asks her to come fast. She asks why didn’t you break the door. Cheenu leaves. She sees Kaku’s wallet left in the car. Kaku and watchman enter the house. They see Rohan lying on the floor. Watchman says I think gas got filled in his lungs. Cheenu comes there and looks on. Kaku ask watchman to close the gas knob.

Cheenu worries for Rohan. She says his condition isn’t fine, we have to take him to the hospital. Kaku calls driver and asks him to start the car. Watchman helps them take Rohan to the car. Cheenu and Kaku take Rohan to hospital. Cheenu speaks to the doctor. Kaku sits crying and says I heard that Rohan will leave me. Cheenu says no, he is under observation. Kaku prays for Rohan. Cheenu also cries. Kaku says he will get fine. Kaku and Cheenu get calls. Kaku answers Hasmukh’s call. He asks did you get the job. She says yes. He says you can do anything, you have done it.

She says I couldn’t do anything as a mum. He asks what happened. She says when I was in office, watchman called and said the gas is leaking in the house, I rushed to house, Rohan was lying drunk, he is hospitalized now. He is shocked. He says I m coming there. She says no need. He asks how will you manage alone. She says no, Cheenu is with me, just pray that Rohan is fine. Cheenu talks to Akshay. He asks why did you stay there, just leave. She says I know what I should go. He says you forgot what Rohan did with you. She says I m in the hospital right now, we shouldn’t talk of it. He says you won’t understand. Kaku says Cheenu came back for her love. Cheenu talks to Murthy. She asks Akshay why did you get dad on con-call. Murthy scolds Cheenu and asks her to come back. Cheenu asks Murthy to leave her alone. Murthy says Akshay, sorry, you have to do something now, you are suffering because of her stubbornness, I want to see you two together, before she goes back to Rohan, do something. Akshay ends call.

Nurse comes and says doctor is calling you. Kaku goes to see Rohan. Doctor says we pumped out the gas, he is fine, he had got much drunk, maybe he wasn’t conscious to leave from there, you can take him home in some time, take care of him. Cheenu feels sad. Kaku asks Cheenu to come to Rohan. Cheenu says no, I don’t want to see his face, I have done this for the sake of humanity, I m tension free now, this happened because of Rohan, if Rohan can trouble you so much, then thank God that I didn’t become a mum, I can’t tolerate so much, enough now, how much will you support him, you supported him a lot, but nothing happened, you can’t trust himself, he isn’t able to learn from his mistakes, he can’t take his responsibility, look at his state.

Cheenu asks Kaku to go back to Bhuj, if she stays around Rohan, he won’t let her stay in peace. Kaku says he is my son, I can’t leave him, there is no scissor that cuts off mum’s love from her child, I know he is broken down by his mistakes, I will not leave his hand, I will make him capable to give his hand to you. Cheenu says this won’t happen ever, it may happen that I will get away from you. Kaku says get away from me, but don’t get away from Rohan. Cheenu says I paid the hospital bills, you paid my hospital bills, it was due on me, now everything is even, don’t come to office from tomorrow if possible. She goes. Kaku cries. Rohan opens eyes. Cheenu wipes her tears. She calls Fawad. She asks him to mail NRI wedding details, Kaku may not come from tomorrow. She ends call.

Kaku gets Rohan home. Watchman makes Rohan sit and goes. Kaku gets water for Rohan. He holds her saree pallu and stops her. He asks her to talk. She says leave me. He says you didn’t tell me about the job. She says you had shut the door on my face, I will always be there to take care of you, don’t worry. She goes. She calls Hasmukh and says Rohan is fine now. He asks how are you, I don’t find you fine. She says I m fine, I will talk later. She cries. She feels the knee pain. He messages her to say good night.

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