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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Resham Pal enters as Sunita to take revenge

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu coming to Beni’s house and tells that all his words came true. Beni says I have alerted you that whenever you will be caught then…Happu asks Beni to say something so that his heart gets peaceful. Beni says the truth will come out infront of everyone and then they all will forgive you, as they love you a lot. Happu says then from where to bring the proofs and thinks Sunita can clean the mess, and tell everyone that we have nothing between us. Rajjo is crying in her room. Happu comes there and tries to talk to her. Rajjo says it is just your room. Happu says I haven’t done any wrong thing. Rajjo asks him to swear on her. Happu swears on her and tells that Sunita was his childhood friend. Rajjo gets upset with him and don’t let him talk. Malaika says I will call Commissioner uncle and asks Happu to go. Happu leaves from the room.

Next day, Hritik tells Ranbir that they shall break sutli bomb behind Kamlesh. Ranbir says no and tells that he can’t believe what Papa has done. Hritik says he dislikes men. Ranbir says they will become men after growing up. Kamlesh comes there and plans to blast their backs. He keeps the bomb behind them, but they go from there. Kamlesh comes to the crackers bomb and it blasts on his face. Kat comes there and asks why are you burning the crackers. Kamlesh tells that he was trying to take revenge. Kat tells that mountain of sorrows broke on her head.

Resham Pal’s wife calls him and asks where are you? Resham Pal says he is sitting in Singapore gutter. She says you must be in PS and tells that she is sending her goons here. He hides under the table. Happu and Manohar come there. Happu tells Manohar about his childhood lover Sunita and tells that those love letter was caught at home now, and they are doubting him. He asks Manohar to come home as Sunita and clarify at home that he has no affair with him. Manohar refuses and goes. Resham Pal hears Happu and thinks he will take revenge from him.

He comes home as Sunita in woman’s avatar. Amma and Rajjo ask who is she? Resham Pal says she is Sunita and tells that Happu married and abandoned her, after having 9 kids with her. Amma says you have no face or mind. Rajjo asks him (Resham Pal) to go and catch him outside. Resham Pal tells that Happu gave her 10th child as a farewell gift. She shows her baby bump. Rajjo tells that he promised to give me 10th child and gave her. Resham Pal as Sunita tells that she left her children at neighbors’ home and came here. Amma tells that she has already a bahu and don’t want her to stay here. Resham Pal says I will leave. Rajjo stops her and tells that she can’t let a pregnant lady go and asks her to stay at her home. Amma appreciates her for her great thoughts.

Happu tells beni that he couldn’t find any criminal with the name Sunita. Beni tells that why the real Sunita will be in Police record. Happu tells that Manohar refused to help him. Beni refuses to act as Sunita as well. Happu says you will be identified soon. He gets a call from Malaika, who calls him as Daroga Happu Singh. She says she is not her father anymore and tells that she wants to drown his face in cow dung. Happu asks her to say why she called him. Malaika says Dadi called you.

Happu comes home and asks Amma why did she call him? Resham Pal calls him Praanath and cries. Happu asks who is this lady? Amma slaps him repeatedly and tells that she is Sunita. Happu says she can’t be Sunita. Malaika asks how can you say? Happu gives Sunita’s description. Rajjo looks angry. Resham pal tells that she has 9 kids and 10th is inside her. Happu swears on Amma. Amma slaps him. Rajjo asks didn’t you feel ashamed? Happu says I didn’t see her face. Resham Pal says you have 10 kids without seeing my face. Rajjo scolds him. Amma slaps Happu. Resham pal asks if there is anything sour..Rajjo says achaar.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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