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Hamariwali Good News 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka and Navya meet Dr. Anju

Hamariwali Good News 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Renuka saying even I want to burn the crackers today. She gets happy. Adi looks at Navya and Renuka. Renuka goes to her room. Mukund is sleeping. She says how can he sleep in suffocating room. She goes out and thinks how can I give a child to Navya, I m sleeping in lawn since years, how will I convince Mukund. She recalls the past. FB shows Mukund coming home drunk. Renuka attends him. He says I don’t want your support, I will go myself. She helps him. He says I got to know your truth, you just act like a good wife. Renuka says I can’t take any blame on me. He says you had love for someone else. She says that doctor’s alliance came for me, but I married you, you are in my heart. He says don’t lie, you loved that doctor, your dad got you married to me, you still have an affair with him. She says don’t say anything that you regret later. He says get out of my room. She says I swear on my children.

He says don’t take their name, you are here just because of them, never come to my room again. She cries and leaves from the room. Its morning, she goes to light the diya with Mukund. He angrily goes away. FB ends. Renuka says I have to end every distance, I have to woo him, I have to convince him, I don’t know what was in his heart for years, I will give a family to Adi and Navya, I won’t let Navya get insulted. Mukund says you have no work, you always stitch blouses for neighbor ladies. She says no, I have stitched a kurta for you, check once. He asks silk kurta for me. She says I didn’t buy it, I have made it from my saree, wear it and see the fitting. He says I don’t have time for it, did you see me wearing such kurta, foolish. He goes. Renuka says I won’t lose so soon, whatever happens, I will get close to you before Anchal’s marriage. Navya comes. Renuka asks did you do my work. Navya says yes, I spoke to doctor, but think again. Renuka says we will go to doctor for your satisfaction. Sanjay buys jewellery for his love. His mum scolds him.

Sanjay says I love Aishwarya. His mum says she belongs to a brothel, she has done magic on you, there should be no problem in marriage. He says I m taking rounds on your saying. She says once I get my grandson, then you do anything, I don’t care. Mukund sees them. Sanjay’s mum says Sanjay wanted to gift Anchal, she is like my daughter now.

Navya and Renuka meet a doctor. Doctor is Navya’s friend. She asks is she your elder sister. Navya says no, she is my mum in law. Doctor says give me tips to maintain myself. Navya says Dr. Anju used to learn zumba from me. Anju says patients keep me busy, any ways, please sit, how can I help you. Renuka asks Navya to say. Navya gives a file and says I can’t become a mum. Renuka says I want to give a child to Navya. Doctor asks are you willing to become a surrogate. Renuka says no, this child will be mine and my husband’s, I want to give child to Navya. Mukund says I m buying a gift for Sumitra. Sanjay’s mum says take the gift for Anchal. Mukund agrees. He says Anchal will respect this a lot. Sanjay gives the same chain order to the jeweller and leaves.

Renuka gets her tests done. Anju says uterus is healthy, you are safe, its a good news, blood tests reports will come tomorrow. Renuka says I told her, she was worried for me. Doctor asks how is your relation with your husband, closeness, Navya really sorry, I have to know it, Renu ji is your husband ready for this. Renuka says I didn’t speak to him yet, but I will do. Sumitra sees the gifts. She asks Indu and Anchal to come with her. She says I will send Anchal with Renuka for shopping, I have given the responsibility to Renuka and Mukund. Renuka says this matter should be between us, no one should know that Navya isn’t pregnant and I will be pregnant, it will be a storm. Anju says don’t worry, this matter won’t get known, but you have to get pregnant soon if you want to cover up Navya’s weakness, because everyone knows Navya’s first month started. Renuka thinks to talk to Tiwari. Indu says I was asking if they are taking your words easily. Sumitra says no, I spoke to pandit, I told Renuka about the dosh solution. Anchal looks on. She calls Naveen. She says I m going to Agra tomorrow, meet me in the market.

Mukund asks what, cylinder got over, fix other cylinder. Renuka says I forgot to book it. Mukund scolds her. He says Jiji is coming tomorrow, we have to make her fav sweets and food, how shall I arrange a cylinder. Navya says relax, Adi and I will arrange it. Mukund says maybe you don’t want to cook food. Renuka thinks I shouldn’t fight to him, I should talk calmly and keep his mood good. She says I accept my mistake. He says you can’t make food. She says I will stay awake all night and keep food ready. He says you can’t make food by talking sweetly, remember if Sumitra doesn’t get good welcome, then I will not leave you, make food any way you want. She says I will make great food, if you stay happy, you can keep me happy, I mean my happiness is in your happiness. He asks her to learn to do work. He goes.

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