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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Jhumri admits Gudiya’s goodness winning her heart

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya coming to Rade and hugs him. Other Gudiya also comes and hugs Pappu. Sarla says two Gudiyas. Sweety says Sita and Gita came. Gudiya tells that Jhumri asked me to prove that I am Gudiya. Other one calls herself Gudiya. Radhe asks how did this mishap happened? Bantu tells everything about seeing them swapping their roles. Nanhe lal says that Guddu’s accusation was done by Jhumri and not Gudiya. Radhe says lets find out who is real Gudiya? Gudiya asks Sarla if she doesn’t recognize her. Other Gudiya/Jhumri goes to Radhe. Nanhe lal tells that he will take them to Police station for interrogation. Both Gudiya behave same. Sarla says one is Gudiya, we can’t let them to PS. Radhe says we will see later. Next morning, Sweety, Pappu, Bantu, Gudiya and Jhumri dance on the occasion of festival. Sarla cooks food.

Next morning, Gudiya is sleeping in the middle of the bed, between Radhe and Sarla. Radhe wakes up Sarla and asks who is she? Jhumri says I am Gudiya and tells that Jhumri left. Radhe says she should have stayed here and hurt my feelings. He says if she had stayed here, then we would have think who is Gudiya? Jhumri asks the mirror who is her? Radhe asks Pappu to go to bathroom and feels bad for Jhumri. Pappu asks her why did you let her go? Jhumri asks them if they forgot what Jhumri has done. Radhe says Jhumri was helpless to take your avatar and tells that she must have a bad past.

Later Jhumri does the rituals which Gudiya shall do. Pappu tells that he has a feeling that she is Jhumri and then laughs….He says if you was Jhumri then I would have given nek to her also. He says we love you and she is like you. Sweety and Sarla also miss Jhumri. Radhe says don’t know where is that innocent girl? Jhumri cries. Sweety says Gudiya is crying for the first time. Jhumri cries a lot and says I am not innocent, but bad. She says when I came here, I thought to steal the money, loot the love and family. She says I didn’t get love and childhood and says they live and die in gutter. Radhe asks her not to tell that and asks where is Gudiya? Sarla and Pappu ask where is Gudiya? Jhumri says I was scared and trapped Gudiya in my trap. A fb is shown, Gudiya asks Jhumri to take her destiny. Jhumri says for that, I have to stay in your house. Gudiya asks if your life will become like mine. Jhumri says yes. Gudiya says ok and tells that she will go and stay with Mausi for some days, and meet Rajjo. Fb ends. Radhe says you didn’t do right. Jhumri says Gudiya is right and I am wrong. Sarla asks Pappu to call Nanhe lal. Nanhe lal comes there with Chunni lal and Jhumri’s parents. They ask where is our daughter? They sign at Jhumri. Her father says where is our Jhumri. Jhumri says yes, I am here. Her mother apologizes to her. Sarla gets worried for Gudiya. Gudiya comes there and tells that she was going, when she saw the Shyama Cat’s baby falling in the well, so she jumped in and saved it. Guddu says I saw her going without ticket, as she bought balloons for kids and distributed it. Gudiya says bus didn’t know if I am going with or without ticket. Guddu says I convinced her with much difficulty and brought her home. Nanhe lal says he has to go to Buland shahar…Gudiya comes to Jhumri and calls her. Jhumri says I have done bad with you, you gave me your everything and went. Jhumri’s father tells that Jhumri is not bad at heart. Radhe says we know. Gudiya gives her doll. Jhumri gets emotional and hugs her. Everyone sees her leaving.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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