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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Jhumri gets emotional living Gudiya’s life

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sarla asking Pappu to get the chillies down. Jhumri thinks she has to act to be Gudiya and smiles. She makes Pappu fall down. Pappu asks are you mad? Jhumri says sorry Bhaiyya. Pappu goes down. Jhumri throws something on everyone and acts to stumble. Sweety says we have two Gudiyas at home. Jhumri says sorry. Guddu comes to the window. Gudiya goes to him calling him. Jhumri says didn’t you remember that he scolded me. Gudiya says I had forgotten. Radhe invites Guddu for the Diwali celebrations. Guddu says ok, I will come. Radhe looks at Gudiya who is indisguise of Jhumri. He tells Sarla that Jhumri is like Gudiya and feels bad for her. Bantu comes to the room and calls Gudiya. Gudiya asks what? He asks who is his Mausi? Jhumri sends him out. Gudiya says you would have let him stay here. Jhumri tells that she shall stay distanced from them. Gudiya says ok and agrees to do as she said. Jhumri asks her to promise that she will not tell her anything, whatever she does. Gudiya promises her.

Sarla makes Jhumri do the puja thinking her to be Gudiya. Jhumri does the aarti of the God, while Gudiya is playing in room. Sarla asks her to light the diya and does her special tika. Jhumri gets emotional. Radhe says I will make you have your favorite sweet and asks what she wants to have. Jhumri gets emotional. Sarla says you want two laddoos. Jhumri eats it. Sweety asks why Jhumri didn’t come. Jhumri says she told that she is not interested in Puja. Gudiya looks at the celebration from the terrace and smiles. Guddu comes there and wishes them happy Diwali. Banty asks Guddu to burn the crackers with him. Jhumri goes to Guddu and asks him to burn the cracker which is in her hand. Guddu refuses and goes. Jhumri thinks she has to break his ego and falls on his lap intentionally. Gudiya whispers that he is brahmachari, don’t touch him. Guddu asks what did you do? Pappu says where is Gangajal. Sarla brings broom to beat her. Jhumri holds the broom and Sarla falls. Guddu tells that she has become mannerless and misbehaved girl and tells whatever happened with him. Everyone feels ashamed. Gudiya asks why will I go to your bathroom? Sweety asks if she is Menka? Sarla asks why are you silent? Radhe and Pappu ask her to say the truth. Gudiya pretends to cry and runs to the room.

Nanhe lal tells that the accusation is right. Jhumri laughs in the temple room and thinks she has fired many using one arrow. She says Lakshmi and Alakshmi uncle’s face was mindblowing. She says Gudiya and Guddu’s friendship is over too. It is fun. Radhe tells that he can’t believe that Gudiya can do this. Sarla says I feel like someone did magic on her. Radhe says something is wrong for sure. Jhumri thinks she will give them double shock, by stealing their money. Sarla and Radhe tell that they didn’t like Nanhe lal’s words about Lakshmi and Alakshmi…Radhe tells Sarla that they shall give the money to jhumri for her good future. Sarla agrees with him. Jhumri hears and gets emotional. She thinks she won’t go from here, this is my house and I am Gudiya, Pratibha Gupta. Gudiya comes and hears her. She says you are Jhumri. Jhumri acts as Gudiya and asks her to prove that she is Gudiya? Gudiya says who proves themselves. Jhumri asks her to prove.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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