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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan finds out the truth

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Niya says this is my house and you have right to kick me out. Guddan says I won’t let you ruin my mood on Diwali. Agastya will talk to you himself. Guddan drags her out. Niya says leave me. Guddan says you have no right to be here. Get out. Niya says this is my husband’s house. Guddan says mummy ji ask this Niya to leave. Agastya is driving fast. He says to Arushi I love Guddan. I have to tell Guddan before someone else tells her. Pushpa holds Niya’s hand. Guddan says what are you doing? Kick her out. Pushpa says how can I kick out my DIL? You heard right. Niya is my DIL and Agastya’s first wife. Everyone is shocked. Arti falls from Guddan’s hand. Pushpa says I was also tired of doing this drama. Guddan is about to fall. Pushpa says careful, I did this for the child in your womb. Niya’s Niya Mittal. Daughter of the richest business tycoon. She had all the money but she couldn’t give birth to a child. So we wanted an idiot girl who can give birth to the heir of our family. So we found you, a stupid girl who would trust anyone. We needed someone who would give us news of your house inside.

Saru says your DJ kicked me out so I took my revenge. You couldn’t do anything. DJ and Aarav left you as well. No one is yours now. Agastya comes in and says I am Guddan’s and Guddan is mine. Everyone is shocked. Pushpa says this was my plan, don’t forget. Agastya stands with Guddan says it was your plan not mine. Agastya says Guddan ma exchanged the letter, I wrote all truth in it. Trust me. Guddan shouts trust? Guddan says first friend, then wife? You deceived me at every stage of life. Why? What was my fault? She cries. Agastya says I know I am your culprit. Please trust me. Pushpa says don’t beg this girl. Guddan shouts enough. You have fooled a daughter, a wife and a daughter in law. But remember you can’t fool a mother. I won’t give my child to anyone even if I am alone. Pushpa says your womb is rental. Agastya says enough ma. He stands in front of Guddan. He says this child is my and Guddan’s. Only we both have right on him. Niya says what are you saying Agastya? I am your wife. Agastya says I married you in maa’s pressure and it was business deal only. That’s all our marriage was. Here are the divorce papers. I have signed them, now you sign them as well. Niya says what is he saying? My papa has so much power. Tell him mummy ji, he will ruin your family. I will teach this Guddan a lesson.

Niya is about to hit Gudadn with a rod. Agastya holds it and slaps Niya. Agastya says do what you want, I won’t leave Guddan. I will go to the police station. He puts a knife on Niya and says sign it. Arushi gives her a pen. Agastya says sign it or Iw ill kill you. Niya signs it. He turns back. Guddan isn’t there. Agastya looks for Guddan. Pushpa says my plan is ruined.

Scene 2
Guddan walks outside. She recalls Pushpa’s words. Guddan sits down and cries. Agastya comes there. Guddan says go from here. I won’t give my child to anyone. He says I love you both a lot. No one will take our child. Please trust me. I love you both. I wrote everything in the letter. I didn’t know ma exchanged it. Guddan cries and sobs. Guddan says you didn’t know about the letter right? But you knew it all when you were marrying right? I feel pity for myself that I married a man like you. Agastya says I love you. Guddan says what love is this? You hurt me every time. Agastya says I know my family and I have hurt you a lot. He says I love you. Please trust me. I will give my life to protect this child. I will do anything for you. This house is yours. This child is yours even if I have to go away from me. I will always be around for the protection of you and my child.

Agastya comes downstairs. Pushpa says where are you going? He says going away from Guddan is the biggest punishment I deserve. Pushpa says you can’t leave. He says you did all this. I can’t live with you. I lost my love and you lost your son. He leaves. Guddan says stop Agastya. He turns back. Guddan says I don’t know if I will forget what happened. But what’s happening isn’t right. We are family and I won’t let this family shatter on Diwali. I loved you. I trusted you. You saved my life. And now I am going to be the mother of your child. I don’t want my child to live away from his father. So I am ready to live this marriage with you but I have a condition.

Precap-Guddan tells her condition. Guddan says now these compromised relationships can’t work.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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