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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat’s Emotional Outburst

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aaba/Kamal Joshi is headed towards hospital in an ambulance. Kali constable tells Sayi that Virat is not at fault as Kamal himself came in front and bore the bullet. Sayi says she knows who is at fault. Aaba coughs. Sayi cries saying nothing will happen to him and shouts to drive soon. They reach hospital, and Sayi asks doctor to treat her Aaba soon. Doctor checks him and says he lost a lot of blood, takes him to OT and asks Aaba’s blood group. Sayi says O negative. Doctor says its a rare blood group and asks to arrange it somehow. Sayi says she will check in all blood banks. Virat says he will also try. Sayi shouts no need, he shouldn’t bother them. She calls his uncle and informs situation, uncle rushes to hospital and donates blood.

Virat sees Pakhi’s 12 missed calls and calls her. She asks where is he, she needs to speak something important. He says Sayi’s father. She yells that Sayi and her father again, why are they interfering in his life. He says Sayi’s father Kamal Joshi is his guru and is shot while on a mission with him; he was about to shot, but Kamal sir bore it and is on dead bed now. He emotionally cries and says he shouldn’t have let Kamal Joshi accompany him in mission, etc. and then asks what she wanted to say. She says she will speak later. He insists. She says Samrat is missing in action. He asks why didn’t family inform him. She says they thought he was busy. He says Mansi bua must be in shock. She says whole family is in shock. He says nothing will happen to his Jeeva. She says she needs him here and asks to come back soon. Nurse informs him that Kamal is calling him. He says he will also call Sayi. She says he is calling only Virat.

Virat walks into Aaba’s room where policemen and Usha are already present. Aaba gasping for air saying he is on dead bed and is worried that he is going away from his daughter. Virat asks not to speak like that as he will get well after operation. Aaba says he may not survive operation and asks him to promise to take care of Sayi. Doctor says his condition is worsening and needs operation immediately. Virat promises him. Sayi goes out to get pooja items and thinks nothing will happen to Aaba and starts praying Mahadev. Aaba’s operation starts while Viraat and his team wait outside. Virat reminisces Aaba bearing bullet saving him. Usha rushes to Sayi and gets tensed seeing lamp blowing off. Aaba’s heart stops and doctors give electric shock to revive him. Sayi lights back lamp saying nothing will happen to her Aaba and starts chanting mantras. Doctors declare Aaba dead and cover his face with cloth.

Precap: Sayi pleads Aaba to wake up and blames Virat that he killed her father.

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