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Excuse Me Madam 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam celebrates Karwa Chauth with Kranti

Excuse Me Madam 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanam comes to Madam on the porch and says Kranti is not feeling well. Madam says should I check on her? Sanam says she will come here in a bit.
Kranti, Amar and Addu are on the balcony. Kranti says let’s go to Sanam on the porch. Addu says no we can see the moon from here better.
Sanam stands in front of Madam and doesn’t let her enter the house. She laughs at his antics.
Addu tries to stop Kranti and Amar. Addu screams Sanam we are coming. Sanam hears it and runs with Madam before Kranti and Amar came there. Amar says where did Sanam go? Addu says he must be on the balcony.
Sanam is trying to hide Madam in his house. She says how dare you to touch me? Her fuse goes off and says come closer to me. She dances and says come closer. Sanam runs away.

Addu sits with Kranti and Amar. He says let’s wait for Sanam.
Madam asks Sanam to hug her, he says I can’t. I didn’t take a bath today. She is not in her senses.

Sanam comes to Kranti and others on the porch. They see the moon coming up. They do Karwa Chauth Pooja. Addu hugs Amar. Kranti says let’s have food inside. Sanam says no, I will bring the food. They go inside. Sanam tells Addu that Madam’s fuse went off then I fooled her. He made her tied to a sofa inside a room.

Scene 2
Sanam comes to Madam and pinches her. She comes back to her sense.
Addu gets dressed as Kranti. Sanam brings Madam on the porch. He says everyone is ready now. Madam takes their couple photos. She says let’s have dinner now. Sanam says we have made oily food. Madam says I don’t want to eat that, she leaves.

Chatterjee imagines Addu meeting him as Kranti. He flirts with her but realizes that it’s Jugal. Jugal makes him drink water. Chatterjee says where is Mrs. Kranti? Jugal says it’s me only.

At the night time, Sanam thanks Addu for saving him, everything is fine now. Addu says we keep getting in trouble, my wife would kill me if she finds out what you are upto. Madam calls Sanam and says I enjoyed today, I was checking your photos with Kranti. She was looking beautiful. Addu thanks her. Madam says I want to launch my jewelry and I will feature your couple photo everywhere. Everyone will know about you. She ends the call. Addu says what we will do now?

PRECAP – Kranti tells Sanam that you shouldn’t bet on anything. She makes him wear a locket with their photo inside the pendent.
Sanam gambles with Madam and bets on the locket that Kranti gave him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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