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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaka breathes his last

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kaka tells Puranjan that he is his nephew and whatever he owns, will belong to Puranjan one day. You have to step into my shoes in future. Drink water now. Puranjan realises that they should build an alternative route so as to walk freely and not get criticized by the upper community. Kaka likes the idea. One guy from the upper community overhears it and informs Dhansukhlal and others. They are furious with the people from lower community over all that they have been doing lately. They discuss how Maharaj is meditating inside Dhansukhlal’s house and constantly thinking of ways to help them save their community. Maharaj is sitting inside with a guy and they discuss their plan of action as to what they can take with them from Satara. Maharaj decides to ask the villagers to give their daughters to the Ashram. The other guy agrees with him.

Kaka tells Puranjan’s idea to everyone but Bhima reasons that this way they are only supporting the divide and the ideas spread by the upper community. Everyone agrees with him. Puranjan walks away unhappily while Bhimbai caresses her son’s hair proudly.

The guy who was with Maharaj tells everyone to make Maharaj happy. He is very happy with you all. Make it a memorable gift. They agree to sacrifice their lives for him. Maharaj says I only want your love. The guy tells them to gift Maharaj whatever he wants. One guy remarks that everything they own belongs to him. Kulkarni taunts them to offer their heads to Maharaj. He will be satisfied with that too. He has lost to the people from lower community. Bhima came to question him yesterday and he couldn’t say anything to him. Now Maharaj can ask for anything, including your daughters. Villagers fume. Kulkarni says he counts lady servants as his resources as well. Pundit ji threatens to kill him but Kulkarni says you wont be able to do it as you don’t have stones with you. We wont let you succeed this time Maharaj pretends to be unhealthy and sits down. One of you have challenged me that he wont let me succeed. It is on you to deicde what you want to do now! Mangesh and everyone chant praises of Maharaj. Kulkarni decides to make sure that they are able to do something to bring out Maharaj’s true intentions in front of everyone.

Bhima comes to meet Kaka at night. Why are you looking at the walls? Kaka says they give me strength to fight harder. Bhima helps him walk and brings him home. Should I press your feet? Kaka denies. One must bear their pain on their own. Bhima says your words inspire me. Kaka says your words inspire many. I am past and you are future. I feel content to see you facing all the difficulties with courage at such a young age. You might do it in future too. You don’t have to lie low. You have to keep struggling to make sure this discrimination comes to an end. Fight this battle with the help of others. You will fight, right? Bhima nods. Kaka asks him to swear and promise to him. Bhima agrees. He bends to pick dirt from the ground when few men attack Kaka. They beat him brutally. One guy has covered Bhima’s mouth. Bhima bites on his hand and runs to inform everyone. Mangesh asks everyone to leave. The guy who got bit by Bhima complains that now he will have to get himself purified. Mangesh tells him to get it done once he is home. Mangesh is the last one to leave.

Puranjan and the villagers surround Kaka. Puranjan catches a glimpse of Mangesh. Ram ji suggests taking Kaka to hospital but Kaka tells them it is time for him to leave. I spent my entire life thinking of how to help my community but I couldn’t. I got strength to fight during our recent battle for water. All this is because of Bhima’s outlook and his guidance. We must not let this flame subside ever! Bhima has promised me already. Bhima agrees. Kaka tells them to spread his ashes around their wells. These people maintain their distance from us so they will stay away from our ashes too. Do share this information with them. They will never come to our wells ever again! He breathes his last. Everyone’s eyes well up.

Precap: Bhima takes the Kaka’s ashes to Dhansukhlal’s house with Bala. These are the ashes of the same Kaka whom you guys killed last night. It was Kaka’s wish that his ashes should be spread around our wells so you all can never stop us from getting water ever again. If you come near his ashes them your present and future will be ruined as per you. He walks away with his brother.

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