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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman confused about her feelings

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shravan’s dad calling him to check the pics sent by his mum. Shravan sees the girls’ pics. He gets his mum’s message. Veer comes and sees the pics on the phone screen. He runs shouting, Shravan is seeing girls’ pics. Shravan says no, actually, mum has sent girls’ pic. Beena says I will help. Ramesh asks him not to hurry and decide well. Beena says I think this girl is the best. Ramesh asks Beena to make food for him. Suman and Kanchan come. Beena says we are giving our opinion to Shravan, Kavita has sent girls’ pics. Suman looks at him. Avni asks seriously, Shravan won’t like the pics. Bunty asks whom does Shravan like. She asks don’t you know Shravan just loves Suman.

Veer says she is my fav. He shows a pic and says she is just like Suman. Shravan says yes, she is very nice. Suman says she isn’t looking like me. Beena says we will see all pics again. Suman goes. Avni says Suman might have forgotten him, but I know him, he didn’t forget Suman, I know how much he cried, you don’t deserve to be called his friend. Bunty says I forgot myself because of him, people used to taunt me, you are blaming me, I did what Shravan told, I helped him when he said he loves Suman, I always protected him, you tell me, what did you do for him, you have blood relation, sou you get a right to ask others, did you talk with love and share his pain, everyone forced their decisions on him, don’t say me anything again. Avni says sorry, I was worried for Shravan. Bunty says Shravan is more than family for me, he also worries for me the same way.

Kanchan asks Suman to select a card. She asks what are you hiding, you were not happy to know that Vikram’s parents are getting an alliance for you. Suman says I was happy. Kanchan asks her to reply. Suman keeps Shravan and her pics out. She says I m getting late now. Dumroo comes to clean the floor. Suman asks why are you cleaning the junk, there can be imp things in it, leave it, I will check it once. Dumroo goes. Suman says what’s happening to me.

Vikram says I m very happy today. Shravan says I can see happiness on your face. Vikram says you are my best friend. He makes coffee for Shravan. He says I want to see happiness on Suman’s face, was she happy, Suman doesn’t say anything openly, help me in buying a gift for you. Shravan asks him to decide. Vikram says yes, I have to decide all gifts for her, I bought a wrist watch for her. Shravan says I m going next week, I m fine now. Vikram says you have to stay for my engagement. Shravan says I can try, I can’t promise, there is nothing before duty for a soldier. Vikram says I can understand. Shravan hugs him and leaves.

Vikram calls Suman and asks her if she likes the gift. Suman says I remember your request, I will send it. She checks the watch and smiles. She wears the watch and sends the pic to Vikram. Shravan comes to meet her. He sees her wearing the watch. He says sorry, I will wait outside. She asks him to come. She says I spoke to Gujral, your progress report will come in few days. He thanks her. She asks why did you say, you aren’t sure to come back. He says every question doesn’t have answers, like everyone doesn’t have you in fate. She says you say such things when you don’t have to answer, I will tell you something, since you said that, I m thinking if you would care if I said that thing.

Shravan says you called me at night to ask this, Beena was just an excuse. She says you were awake that time, even now… He says so what, you didn’t say anything that time, why are you asking now, you don’t need to care for me, I m going. She says I want to clear everything, till you are at my place. He asks what do you want to clear. She says we were friends first, can’t we stay as friends. He says we can be friends, I will go. He goes. She says I think this is enough for me, why am I feeling hurt that you don’t care for my words.

Beena says Vikram has sent engagement card. Bunty says Shravan doesn’t accept that he loves Suman, we have to know what Suman thinks. Avni says I have a plan. She goes to meet Shravan at Suman’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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