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Bigg Boss 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 40
Aly tells Shardul that Rahul is close to me but if you are nominated then I will save you. Shardul says I want to be the captain too, I will fight here before going. I want to be the captain. Aly says I am watching you, trust me, I will save you. Neeti sings and thanks, everyone. Bigg Boss thanks Neeti for coming into the house.

2:45 AM
Pavitra tells Aly that I will fight, you people are making an alliance. Aly says I didn’t want to become the captain but Nikki taunted me that I am new here so now I want to show her that I can become the captain. Jaan says Nikki will make your captaincy difficult.

3 AM
A singer is playing music. Pavitra and Eijaz are smiling at each other. Pavitra is dancing in front of him. Eijaz says how will I go from here now? Pavitra says you are not going anywhere now.
Aly tells Abhi that we can decide on a name to end this task. He tells Rahul that all others can sit down so one can become the captain. Aly comes to Pavitra and you sat down. Pavitra says I didn’t. Abhi tells Aly that we will take Nikki out of the task as she is not capable but I saw Pavitra leaning so we can say that she broke the rule. Aly says we will take Pavitra’s name then. Abhi says let me become the captain this time, I will take care of Nikki, I will make it difficult for her. Rahul and Jasmin come there. Rahul says Aly you wanted to become the captain to take on Nikki, so become the captain. Abhi says Bigg Boss can give you an option, promise me that you will save Rubina so I will support you. Aly says I can’t promise that. Rahul tells Pavitra that Aly wants to become the captain. Pavitra says I want to become the captain too. I told Aly too. Rahul says I don’t vote for Abhi but I am voting for Aly. I am confused between you and Aly. Pavitra says I said something to you yesterday. Rahul says I have created a bond with Aly too. Pavitra says so you won’t support me now? Rahul says if I support you, you won’t get others’ votes but Aly has supported from Jasmin and Abhi too.
Rahul tells Aly that Pavitra wants to become the captain. Aly says I will handle her. Abhi tells Jasmin that Nikki said she will make my captaincy difficult, Aly wants to become the captain as Nikki challenged him. Jasmin tells Abhi that we should have the majority with us.
Pavitra goes to Eijaz and eyes him. They both share an eye lock. Eijaz says don’t do it. Pavitra shouts that I supported Rahul, he is cheating with me now. She cries and goes into the corner.
Abhi asks Aly what’s his decision. Abhi asks you want to be the captain? Aly says yes. Abhi says you will be the captain then.
Rahul tells Pavitra that let Aly become the captain, he has the majority vote. Pavitra says you do what you want to. Pavitra says it’s okay. Rahul says I see a friend in Aly. I take a stand for you but Jasmin-Abhi will not vote for you. Pavitra says why can’t I become the captain? You can vote for me even if they don’t. Rahul says I want to make Aly the captain but that doesn’t mean I am against you, you saved me yesterday, I told them that I won’t vote for Abhi but I will vote for Aly. Pavitra says I understood. Rahul says I don’t want to lose you, don’t think negatively. Pavitra says it’s okay, I understand everything now. Aly takes Rahul from there. Aly tells Rahul that I don’t want you to fight with Pavitra, you can become the captain but you have to save Shardul. Rahul calls Pavitra and asks if she is okay with him becoming the captain? Pavitra says give me time. Abhi tells Aly that I will not vote for Rahul. I will vote for you. Aly tells Rahul that we both shouldn’t become the captain then. Abhi says we can make Jasmin or me to be the captain.
Eijaz tells Pavitra to not cry, it’s okay. He caresses her face and she nods.

3:30 AM
Pavitra tells Aly that you want the captaincy for a reason but I have worked very hard, I want to be the captain, I need this chance. You can vote me out easily. Aly says listen to me. Pavitra says I know they will give you the majority vote, I am not against you but I want to be the captain. Aly says you will keep a grudge against me? Pavitra says no, I just want to say that I am playing alone. I am not playing in any group. I will keep standing like this.
Pavitra tells Rahul that I don’t know about your bond with Aly but I should have been your first priority. Rahul says you can choose my name, you can vote for me too. Pavitra says why not me? Leave it then. He leaves. Jaan hugs Pavitra and says you sacrificed 10 clothes for this guy? Pavitra says it’s okay.
Shardul tells Aly that I have worked hard in this captain, why Rahul should become the captain? Aly says we were just talking as per the majority vote.

Bigg Boss says only 5 inmates will go to the next round from 7 so decide as per the majority about two names who shouldn’t go to the next round. Rahul says I want to take Nikki and Shardul out of the race. Nikki can’t be the good captain and Shardul won’t have a lot as a captain as he is already nominated. Shardul says I might get a chance to save myself. Rahul says I am putting down my point. Shardul says I was playing my task when you people were making strategies. Rahul says we all came to play the task, you can become the captain but there is no benefit. Shardul says I might be going this week so I want to be the captain this week. Rahul says you don’t know if you are going.

3:45 AM
Rahul says we had to take one name. Pavitra says you people are just following a crowd. Aly says it’s a majority, not a crowd. Rahul asks her names? Pavitra says Abhi and Rahul should be out of the task. Nikki and Shardul will agree with me. Nikki says I want to vote against Abhi and Rahul too. Jasmin says I want to vote out Nikki and Pavitra because I think they can’t bring a balance as a captain, they can be dominating. Pavitra says you dominated in your captaincy too, all are dominating here. Abhi tells Nikki that you danced very well but it’s not a dancing competition, we will choose a capable captain. I will take Nikki and Shardul’s name. Nikki says we don’t know each other personally so you are wrong. When I become the captain, you will sit on your knees in front of me and call me the best captain. Bigg Boss asked you to sit on your knees. Abhi says you are so childish, what are you saying? Shardul says why not me? Abhi says I think Pavitra will be a better captain. Shardul says but you have no basis to take my name. Abhi says I see Pavitra better than you. Rahul tells Shardul that you are already nominated. Shardul says I want to be the captain. He says I want to vote for Abhi and Rahul.
Jasmin says let’s vote, 3 people vote for Abhi. 2 people vote for Shardul. Nikki gets 4 votes. Pavitra gets 2 votes. Jasmin says Nikki is out of the task. Aly and Rahul discuss who should be the other name. Aly tells Rahul that we can make Shardul the captain as he is on our side. Rahul says I don’t want him to be the captain. Aly says let’s change our votes then.
Bigg Boss asks Jasmin whose names are out? Jasmin says the majority is voting out Nikki and Shardul. Shardul asks Aly if he is voting against him too? Aly is sad and asks Shardul to listen to him. Shardul says you can vote me out, it’s okay. Aly says I am doing this because of this issue. Abhi tells Aly that this is the captaincy task. Nikki says Aly shouldn’t vote out Jasmin.
Jasmin pulls Nikki aside and says you are playing really well but just think before saying anything as you can lose your friends.
Eijaz tells Shardul that if Aly becomes the captain then he will save you against Rubina. Shardul says then Abhi or Rahul should be out of the task first. Rahul asks Aly to take him out first, don’t drag it out. End this task, I won’t keep a grudge. Rahul asks Jasmin to vote against him. Shardul has already given you his promise that he will vote for you. Jasmin says there are 5 votes against Nikki. Rahul says all should vote me out. He says I will vote myself out. Nikki says Rahul you have pooped in the task. Rahul asks her to shut up, I did a mistake to save a gutter like you. Rahul counts his votes. Pavitra says I am not voting against Rahul. Rahul says you were saying that you will vote against me. Pavitra says I saved you yesterday too. Rahul says I will remember your favor, you do favors on friends? Pavitra says you don’t take a stand for your friends. You never stood up for me. Jasmin tells Bigg Boss that the majority of voters are against Rahul and Nikki. Bigg Boss says they are both out of the captaincy race and party.

4:30 AM
Aly asks Shardul that you can be eliminated from the task next. Shardul says you should take Abhi out of the task first. I will give you my vote.
Shaan enters the house. He greets everyone. He greets Rahul and Jaan. He teases Rahul about Disha. Shaan sings Tanhaa dil. All groove to the tune. Eijaz tells Pavitra to not get angry. Pavitra says they used to call him criminal and I was standing with Rahul, this is how he is standing with me now?
Aly tells Shardul that all others can sit down and I can become the captain. Shardul says Pavitra won’t sit down, I can give my vote to Pavitra. Aly says I didn’t talk to you because I know you are with me. Shardul says you should trust my promise to you.
Shaan tells the inmates that Tanhaa dil has a close relationship with Eijaz, his younger brother has created this song. Eijaz says love you. Shaan asks why Rahul was eliminated from the task? Rahul says I was sacrificed. Shaan says now I will sing the new song. All dance and praise him. Shaan says it’s time to wake up and dance non-stop. He sings it’s time to disco. They all dance. Eijaz tells Pavitra that Rahul has shown his preference. Eijaz tells Aly to convince Shardul also. Shaan sings Om Shanti Om. All dance to it. Nikki says all fight to become the captain. Aly tells Shardul that I told you everything from the start. Shardul says I want others to get out of the task first. I am possessive too. Shaan sings Jab se tere naina. Eijaz and Pavitra smile at each other and sing the song. Shaan says let’s have the last song before I go. He sings Chaand Safarish. All enjoy and dance to the song. Shaan says I love you all, he says Nikki has never-ending captaincy. You all should fight for the captaincy. He wishes luck to Aly and says Shardul might be sacrificed. All wish him the best for his new song. Bigg Boss thanks Shaan for coming in the house.

5 AM
Aly tells Shardul that I am getting frustrated now. Tell me what you are up to. Shardul says I am sitting then. Aly says no, talk to me. Shardul goes and sits on the bench. Aly sighs and tells Jasmin that he sat down. He broke the rule. Rahul says he could have sat down before only. Shardul says I wanted to do it now. Shardul leaves from there. Jasmin says it’s a game. Aly says this is the first task for me. Eijaz says he will forget tomorrow, it’s a task. Don’t take it personally, you know him. Don’t get stressed right now. Pavitra says I don’t accept this majority. She sits down and says I am breaking a rule because I want to leave the task on my own, I want to keep my integrity, I don’t accept this crowding opportunity, I don’t want them to put me down so I am leaving this captaincy race with respect by breaking the rule. Nobody can throw me out, Pavitra Punia will leave the task herself. I don’t get dominated, I dominate others and I accept this proudly. I love you Bigg Boss and I am sorry. I love you, daddy. She leaves from there. Eijaz and others look on. She says no one can make or break me, I will leave the task on my own. Their majority doesn’t exist to me. My honor is above everything else.
Jasmin dances and says I will dance more. Rahul says you both can sit down when the round starts.

5:15 AM
Aly tells Nikki that I am new so I don’t know the game right? Chetas enters the house again. He plays jab koi baat bighar jaye. Jasmin dances with Aly. She cutely looks at him and pulls his cheeks. He laughs.
Eijaz tells Pavitra that I am not taking their side but 4-5 people make a crowd and make the captain. We all do this so we don’t point it out to each other. Don’t take it to your heart but don’t forget what others have done in this task against you. Pavitra says they are dead now, I take heaven and hell with me all the time and I am the queen of hell, they can’t break me easily, I will dominate at any cost. Eijaz smiles at her.

Chetas ends his session and leaves. Abhi hugs Aly. Bigg Boss says Shardul and Pavitra are out of the task as they broke the rules. Only three inmates are left in the task which is Aly, Abhi, and Jasmin. He says for the last round, only 2 inmates can move ahead so you three decide who you want to throw out of the captaincy race. Abhi tells Aly and Jasmin to enjoy. He hugs Jasmin-Aly and says we decided this so it’s fine. He goes and stands in the corner. Abhi tells Aly that people will provoke you here a lot. Aly says I have thought about everything. He says I wouldn’t have hugged Nikki, I did because Jasmin asked me to. Abhi says I have decided to leave the task, Aly has my vote to be the captain. Aly thanks Abhi. Bigg Boss says Aly and Jasmin are left in the task so whoever stays in this race till the end will become the captain. We are calling Sachin in the house now. Sachin enters the house and greets everyone. He sings kamariya. Aly and Jasmin dance. Nikki and Pavitra dance in the washroom. Sachin tells Jaan that Nikki might not listen to you but your heart has reached the audience, just wait and you will get her. Sachin sings milegi milegi. They all dance. Jasmin sits on the floor and dances. She does naagin dance. Sachin wishes them luck. Chetas come there. Bigg Boss asks Aly to be on the dance floor. All get down except Aly. Bigg Boss says only Aly is left on the floor so he becomes the captain. Rahul hugs and congratulates him. Bigg Boss thanks Sachin and DJ Chetas for coming and entertaining them.

11 AM
Aly requests Nikki to wake up please. We can ask Bigg Boss to call a doctor for your feet. She doesn’t listen. Rahul says she is taking out her anger because she didn’t become the captain. She will jump from the bed when the song plays. Aly says like I was so bad with her since the first day? He says if she doesn’t wake up then I will throw water at her.

3:15 PM
Nikki is sleeping and the alarm plays again. In the morning, Nikki is sleeping and the alarm goes off. Aly asks Nikki to not break the rules. Nikki says my foot is hurting, let me sleep. Aly says you are not listening to me, I am asking you nicely for some time now. He takes off her blanket and says you can’t sleep. She says take it, I don’t care. Aly asks her to get up. He tries to pull her and says don’t do this deliberately, I don’t want to fight with you. You have to wake up. He takes her hand and asks her to wake up. Nikki lets him drag her. Aly laughs and says she is so stubborn. Jasmin says she is awake. Aly pulls Nikki from the bed but she falls down on the floor. Jasmin says she is acting. Aly asks Nikki to not do this, there is a lot of time left so you will create issues for herself. Nikki says I am not scared. Nikki says I regret not dancing today.
Abhi asks Kavita what Nikki is doing is the task’s defeat. Jasmin says they don’t like that they have lost the task. Kavita says their relationships are made for convenience so they can support each other in the task.
Aly tells that Nikki you are being fake, people told you that you are not doing much in the house so you are doing anything now? Nikki says I will do what I want. Aly says it’s not your papa’s show so you can’t do this. Aly says if the alarm plays again then *****, to hell with being respectful to a girl. He takes the water bottle and sits in front of Nikki. Nikki keeps sleeping on her bed. Aly asks her to wake up please. He sprinkles water on her but she doesn’t listen. Aly says you can’t sleep like this. He shakes her and asks her to wake up. He pours water on her face but she doesn’t budge. Aly says you are breaking house rules. Nikki doesn’t listen so Aly says I am sorry Bigg Boss, I can’t disrespect her as she is a girl and can say anything. If it was a guy then I would have picked him up, I am controlling a lot but I can’t touch her.
Eijaz tells Aly that enforcing house rules is your responsibility. Aly says she is saying that she doesn’t care about the rules, she is stuck now. She is under my radar, I am saying openly that I will make her life hell now. I will throw a complete bucket of water on her. Jasmin asks him to not be angry. He says I will smile and make her life hell.

12:15 PM
Kavita says I will make the food once the dishes are washed. Aly says you all can manage like you were doing before. He asks Jaan to not listen to Nikki and do all this. Are you all planning this against me? Don’t forget that we all have to stay here together, you want me to play a dirty game? Nikki is playing dirty but I will make her cry like a dog now. Jaan says why are you arguing with me for Nikki? Aly comes closer to him and says why are not doing your duty? Jaan says I am washing the dishes, I am working here. I am requesting you Aly that if you can then please change my duty. Aly says you will make the lunch? Jaan says yes. Rubina says he is tired of washing the dishes. He was crying before also so listen to him please. Aly says he will do lunch then. Jaan says I agree.

3:45 PM
Nikki is still sleeping on the bed. The alarm plays again. Eijaz tells Aly that doesn’t take the advice here, just do what you think is right. Aly comes to Nikki and says don’t do any blackmailing like this, your time will come too. Jasmin comes there too. Aly says all are pissed because of her, Nikki says I am not saying anything to you. Aly says but I am a captain, I can’t expect this from you. Nikki says you threw me out of the task. Aly says you want to fight with me? Nikki says I have no problem with you. Aly says then wake up. Nikki says you were saying that you will make me cry like a dog? You are insulting me like this? You are a dog. Aly says I am being patient with you, I am not saying anything to you. Nikki says I can sleep wherever I want to. You are a cheap captain. Two alarms played and you couldn’t do anything. Aly says if it was a guy then I would have picked you up. Nikki says you threw water on me easily. Aly says I can do a lot more, just try to sleep now.

4:30 PM
Aly tells sorry to Nikki and says you were my friend when I was locked in the glass. I said you are the nicest girl in the house. Nikki says you were cursing and throwing water at me. Aly says I didn’t curse at you at all. I don’t want to fight with you, I didn’t like what you said yesterday. I didn’t want to be the captain, I didn’t want to take Jaan out of the task. Nikki says you are taking out my grudge on Jaan so I will take out Jasmin’s grudge on you. She told you that I am a cheap girl, she talks behind my back. Aly says Jasmin is the girl who asked me to hug you. Nikki says you made such a big issue of me saying that you are new here and you took out the grudge against Jaan so I will take out grudge too. I am not scared of anything, I don’t play the woman card here, I didn’t make you an issue of you throwing water at me. I said that it’s your first week so you should enjoy the show instead of taking a responsibility of the captaincy. Aly says but you said it like I don’t deserve to be the captain because I am new? Eijaz says I am not taking Nikki’s side but she says what she wants to all the time. Aly says I am not against Nikki, she is a nice girl. I didn’t like what she said to me yesterday. Nikki says I wanted to be a captain, I didn’t become a captain so I will do what I want. Eijaz says Bigg Boss gave the choice of majority voting so it was a game like that only Nikki. Aly says you keep saying you are like this Nikki but remember I can make your life difficult too. Pavitra asks Nikki to listen, you can become a captain tomorrow and you will be under pressure too. Nikki says I don’t accept him as a captain so I slept. Eijaz tells Nikki that there will be repercussions. Nikki says I am ready to take a punishment because I don’t think there is any captain here. Aly says this is not done. Pavitra asks Nikki to think about the future. Nikki says I don’t think about the future, let me play. I don’t accept there is any captain in the house.

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