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Barister Babu 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh teaches Bondita

Barister Babu 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bondita saying you didn’t get crackers, its much fun. Anirudh says yes, its fun, but lots of noise. She says it looks beautiful also, there is a new colourful sky. Anirudh says yes, but it leaves pollution also, can you see that smoke, look at the trash there, people leave the trash just like that. She asks what about our happiness, I clap seeing the crackers. He says I know, but you know animals and birds get scared, people can get ill by the pollution. She says but its part of our traditions. He says yes, you are right, don’t you think we should change tradition with time, if we continue this the same way, then one day, we will not see the stars, but just the smoke.

Bondita says but mum says that Diwali is a festive of lights, its victory on darkness. He says we are bringing lights by the diya, right, we have celebrated diwali, now we will light more diyas. She smiles. Tujhme roshan hoga…..plays…. they light the diyas. He says now we will go and give gifts to your friends. She asks what’s my gift. He says go and see it yourself. She checks the slate.

She says you got the books for us. He says your new phase will begin, your education chapter will begin now. They smile. Rishta tera mera….plays… Bondita meets Surayya and other girls. She hugs them. She eats laddoos. Surayya asks how long will you gift us, we may become burden on you. Anirudh says no, this time I got a good news. Ramayya asks him to say fast. He asks her to start some work, learn embroidery and make it on machines, they will be given training. They smile. Bondita says no…. She names the training centre Durga Shakti. Anirudh says its great, you make good clothes, you can sell clothes in the market and earn money, you can become independent, then you won’t feel you are a burden on us. They smile.

Trilochan comes to Binoy. He asks are you worried. Binoy says its Diwali, Bhaumik’s house doesn’t have any light. Trilochan laughs and says their hearts were black inside, their house also has darkness, they did a shameless act, they would be hiding their face, I heard that they may have left the house, its good. Binoy says I wish Saudamini doesn’t come back in our lives. Its morning, Anirudh says Bondita, we will start your education again, study well. Bondita smiles.
She touches his feet. He stops her. She says I m a student today, I m touching my teacher’s feet. He asks really, am I your teacher, study hard and progress, did Kaka tell this to you. Bondita says yes, what will you take in Guru dakshina. Anirudh says don’t worry, I will not ask for your thumb. She asks what shall I ask, any toy or jewellery. He says I will take Guru dakshina, when you make your name and place in the society, you will help me in the new India dream, I will ask it when you refuse. She asks will I refuse to you, you are my husband, I will give whatever you ask, its my promise. Rishta tera mera….plays… He asks really. She says really. They laugh.

Batuk studies. Binoy says you have spent holidays in play. Batuk says I forgot before. Binoy asks when will you take studies seriously, will you become a big man or just cook like Bondita. Trilochan says she will become an ideal homemaker. Anirudh says three things are in front of you, tell me what’s the similarity. Bondita says I like all of it. Anirudh asks do you like newspaper also. She says no, I like Anaar/pomegranate and Achaar/pickle, you like Akhbaar/newspaper. He says they start with A alphabet. He asks what’s the things in this room that starts with A, find it. She checks. He says you will find three things starting with A. She says Almirah… He says great, two more. She says alphabets. He asks for third thing. He says you are not paying attention, third A is sitting with the newspaper. She says you are barister babu. He says yes, but I have a name, you know it, say it. She asks can I take your name. He asks why not.

She says mum said I can’t take name. He says she will give a reason also. She says she always says right, there is no reason, I didn’t hear any woman taking husband’s name. Anirudh says I will not call you Bondita. Bondita asks why, you can take my name. He asks how can husband take wife’s name, tell me, you answer me. She says I don’t have any answer. He says say my name, A for Anirudh. She says I can’t say. Trilochan comes. He says say my name, Anirudh. Trilochan says fine, you are teaching her, don’t teach wrong values, she is right, wife shouldn’t take husband’s name, its husband’s insult and Adharm. Anirudh says really, husband can take wife’s name, he can insult her. Trilochan says this is right behavior for a wife, because husband’s life gets less, will any wife want husband’s life to get less. Anirudh asks what’s this answer, Bondita I m your husband and teacher also, you called me Guru, take my name, your teacher’s name is Anirudh, say it. Trilochan asks her not to say.

She looks at them. She asks them to see the pigeon. She runs away. Trilochan laughs and says she has many values, she has run away but didn’t take husband’s name. Anirudh says a day will come when Bondita will take my name easily, without hurting your values. Saurabh comes and says machines have come. Anirudh says we have to train those women. Bondita collides with Batuk. His notebooks fall in the pool. Batuk cries. Binoy comes and asks what happened. Batuk says Bondita collided with me and my homework book fell into water. She says my new book fell into water. Bihari gets the book out and wipes it.

Bondita says get my book out also. Binoy asks why do you get equal to Batuk, its his homework book. She says Anirudh will check my book. Binoy jokes on her. He says you are studying, just you are there in your school, its not like that with Batuk, he has competition in the school, your studies don’t matter to anyone, because you are a girl, not a boy.

Batuk says I got caught by the principal, principal asked me to get someone from family. Bondita says I can come, I m also from family. He says yes. She goes to his school. He shows his school. She smiles.

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