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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kumud is about to take Rani’s ghunghat. She says don’t take it off. Jai says to Veer, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken like that. Rani says calling my mistake his? Veer says stop. Rani is scared. Veer says what did you say? Shanti says she said sorry for being late. Jai says to veer apology accepted? He says yes. Rani asks shanti to call Sunaina. She says I will go out and call. You stay here. Kumud says to Rani come with me. Kiara says wow madam is here. Let’s start the mehndi.

Rani picks the mehdni. Kiara says start it. rani is scared. She doesn’t know where to start. Kiara says what are you doing? Sit and put mehndi. Shanti calls her and says please come. Where are you? Kiara says this mehndi girl is so dumb. Sit down. Rani says but you’re sitting on sofa. Kiara says so will you sit with me? Why are poor people so duffer? Shanti says forgive her. Kiara says if you want naig (gift) do the best with your design. Rani recalls how she used to get gifts in the class. Rani makes a triangle. Kiara says what is this? She says this is the new design. Nandani says Kiara bhabhi let’s dance.

Vikram Kiara and Nandani dance on mahi way. Rani enjoys as well. Rajmata also joins them. Vikram kind of sees Rani’s face. He goes after her. Rani tries to run out. Vikram is confused. She collides with Vijay. Rani runs out. Sanjay says Ma sa dances best. Rajmata says Kiara get your mehndi completed. Rajeshwari stops Rani and says mehndi artist.. Rajmata says Veer get it written on hands too Veer. Veer says we can get the mehndi done together. Nandani says he’s right. Rajeshwari says okay I will get mehndi as well.

Rani says to Shanti I am running. I can’t do this. Rani sa will kill me. Please save me Lord. Shanti says only you can save me now. You have to go. Rani comes there. Rajeshwari says we won’t have time. hurry up. Rani walks towards her. Rani’s hands shvier. Vikram says I have an important announcement for you. Everyone looks at him. HE says you will all be surprised. Rani says in heart he will tell everyone. Vikram says I would like to call people who make our house run. Our loyal servants. Everyone is shocked. Vikram says I would request you all to come here. Our servants will dance with us. He says come.. Rajeshwari is shocked. Vikram dances with all the servants. Everyone is confused. He brings Rani on the floor as well. He says I know you’re Rani. Go from here before ma finds out. Everyone is confused. You can sneak out. Rani says in heart if I go Shanti would be stuck.

Rajeshwari says Kumud stop the music. Kumud stops it. Sindur falls from a servant’s hands on Rani and Veer. Rajeshwari says Vikram I fabulous performance. It’s surprising like your sense of humor. I think it’s enough. We have to continue with the event. Rani asks Shanti for water. Shanti says this is their water. Get it from the outside. Rani says water is the same. Shanti says take water from this cooler. Rani washes her face. Shanti says don’t remove sindur. You will be married soon. She says I want babu ji’s hand in mine. Rajeshwari asks Shanti to send the mehndi artist. Shanti sends Rani.

Veer says what was that Vikram? Veer says maa would be so mad. Vikram says who’s behind the ghunghat? Veer says who? Vikram says the one you got kicked out of the house. She’s back. Veer looks at her. He says she shouldn’t have done this. Vikram says think about it, if mom finds out she will kill Rani.

Rajeshwari says to Rani we have heard a lot of your praises. It should be up to the mark. Veer says VIjay is here to meet you. Rajeshwari says I am getting mehndi done. Veer says I will get it till you speak to him. rajeshwari says okay. Veer sits. raj mata says write Kiara on his hand. Their relationship will be as pure as the mehndi. Veer says go from here, I know who you re? Rani is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Vijay says the accident was done by someone else. The DNA from car didn’t match his. Rani takes off ghunghat and says my babu ji will be free. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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