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Hii guys hope you liked the first episode. Now lets continue the episode. So any guesses who is that boy?? hmm no one
okay let’s start??

Swara and Ragini were chitchatting in mean while again that boy came there and asking for forgiveness.
Ragini: enough you did many times again..
Swara:let me speak ragini
Swara: i don’t wanna speak with you. you ditched me for that priya who is envious of me and she tried to malign
my character again you spoke with her. I have warned you many times not to speak with her but you did that
without paying any heed to my words. Every time you speak with her and asks me for forgiveness.
Boy: No she is not like that. Trust me.
Swara: You know what i thought after my father you will protect me. But what did you do? you went against
my wish. She want to to snatch you from me. That’s the only reason she did all this now she was successful
in her deed. I hate you. Leave from here. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Boy: I am sorry swara. I may leave now but will be back again. I can’t leave you i will be back soon. See you dear.
Swara: I will never ever forgive you.
Some isolated place.
Girl:My work is done. Give my payment.
Man:sure. He gave her a cheque contaning amount of 50 lakhs. Don’t stay in this city leave from here.
Girl went from there. Man smiles evilly. I will snatch everything from you. Just wait and watch.
boy’s room
boy:i will be back soon swara and will come and gain your trust back for sure.
saying this he left the room and went to railway station.
At railway station, there is an announcement from the speaker
Plat form number 2, rail number 52416 mumbai is ready to start.
The boy entered into the train with many thoughts running in his mind.
the train started to move in the mean while swara came there and started running behind of the train but she couldnt
catch it. Ragini came from behind and consoled her
Ragini:Dont worry swaru please dont cry.
Swara: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo she shouted like hell and ran from there.The episode ends on crying face of swara and painful face of the boy.

So guys how is the episode. Keep guessing who is that boy. Untill then this is sweetie sigining off bye take care.

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