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Muskaan 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sir ji threatens Muskaan

Muskaan 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak taunting Sir ji. Gayatri wants Muskaan to become her bahu in all births. Ronak asks Sir ji to do something before this turns true. He asks did you hear mum’s blessing, if this gets effective, then game is over. Sir ji asks him not to talk of this. Ronak says you couldn’t do anything in this birth, what will you do in next birth, you got old. Sir ji gets angry. Muskaan sees Ronak. She says you held my hand in anger, I got hurt. He says don’t anger me. She says you just know this, you don’t know saying sorry. She says its not my mistake. She shows her hand. They argue. Ronak says you have done all this, you think I m foolish, you started this. She says yes, we should have few nuances of a couple, we should fight. He says you mean this is a pretence. He apologizes and

uses ice pack on her rashes. He asks did you say the truth, you used to make that delicious food. She says yes, did you find my mumma.

He says the matter is something fishy, no one has seen Aarti, its some mystery, don’t worry. He tells about Bua and Bunty, who are actively finding about her. He asks her to stay alert all the time, their enemies are increasing. Bunty comes home injured and shouts to his mum. Bua asks how did you get hurt. Gayatri asks did you fight with anyone. Bunty says no, I slipped down my bike. Ronak looks on angrily. Bunty tells her about Muskaan’s family. They see Ronak. Bua starts her drama and slaps Bunty. She takes Ronak’s side. Ronak warns Bunty. Ronak slaps him. He asks him not to do anything such again.

Muskaan helps Gayatri. Lovely insults Muskaan. She says marriage should be done in same status people, you are poor. Muskaan says we can’t change this now, whatever my class was, now I m here, I have become of high class now. Lovely says why shall we do all the work. Muskaan says why to pay for the work which we can do, emotions matter more than money. Gayatri gets impressed. She agrees with Muskaan. Lovely makes a face. Sir ji comes to Muskaan and scolds her.

He says you are doing wrong, you don’t even know it, you are playing with Gayatri’s feelings, Gayatri isn’t your mum, you want to ruin this house, this is your work, don’t forget this is my house, I m Sir ji, you know me since childhood, you know what I can do, you are confident because of Ronak, he is my mad spoilt son, once he leaves you, I will not leave you and Aarti, how dare you play with me, I will ruin you. Muskaan doesn’t think of his words. He gets angry and tries to strangulate her. Muskaan fools him and gets saved. She asks him to say the truth, then she won’t be here. She reminds him the wall between Ronak and him. Ronak comes there. He jokes on Sir ji. Ronal shows the video recording on tv. Sir ji gets shocked.

Aarti says I will also have the icecream. Tabassum sees Aarti and informs Sir ji. He says I m reaching, keep an eye on her. Tabassum stops Aarti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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