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Mere Sai 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahdev’s Kleptomania

Mere Sai 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai teaches Sahdev to tie wooden faggot. Sahdev asks why he gathered so many sticks when he had a small rope. Sai says this rope is like our life and sticks our desires and needs; some needs are necessary and some unnecessary; if we feel burdened by desired, we have to decide which we can sacrifice for a smooth and peaceful life. Sahdev leaves thanking Sai. At home, Bhama waits for Sahdev thinking today is bhai dhooj and he did not return yet, he must be tensed as father scolds him often. Sahdev returns home. Bhama asks where was he, he must have not had any food since morning, she will prepare for pooja, then he can have food.

On the other side, Jhipri performs Abdul’s bhai dhooj pooja. He gifts her dress. She gets very excited and says it must be very costly. Abdul says not at

all, she must be thinking it is costly because of zari work, Rohini maaji did zari work.

Bhama performs Sahdev’s aarti and reminds that he used to save pocket money and bring jalebis for her on each bhai dhooj, and though she did not like jalebis much, she used to wait for his brought jalebis. Sahdev says he went to market to get her gift, but did not find anything special, so he is gifting his first earnings to her. Madhav who is busy working listen to their discussion searches his pen and asks Bhama if she saw his pen. She says no. Sahdev nervously rushes to his room, opens his trunk and picks Sari, anklet, perfume, etc., reminiscing stealing them from market. He then looks looks at Udhav’s stolen headcap and Madhav’s stolen pen, reminiscing how he stole them. He keeps everything back under his clothes except pen and returns it to Madhav. Madhav asks where did he get it. Sahdev says here itself. Bhama laughs that father and son forget their things and her brother finds them. Madhav thanks him and gets back to work. Sadhev feels guilty that he stole in his own sister’s house, they all love him so much, what if they find it, he will be kicked out.

Sai returns to Dwarkamayi with Abdul and Jhipri. Women greet Sai. Jhipri asks why so many women came to meet Sai. Women say they came to meet Rohini aunty. Rohini says she remember’s everyone’s request and will make zari work accordingly. Women ask what about money. She says she will take later. Abdul offer her money for zari work. She says she will not take money from her son. Jhipri says she can take it as son’s earning. She accepts it and gives it to Sai thanking him for his help. Sai asks what will he do with money. She says she got a family and children here, so she will throw a feast for her children. She asks Jhipri to bring all children for feast.

Precap: While having food, Sahdev steals Sai’s musical instrument and tries to leave, Sai stops him.

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