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Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 8) BY ZAIMAL

Hey guys!

I know I am very very late but I have valid reason.i was very sad because of low response but I thought to complete it here.


“enjoying a great nap…aren’t you?”sanskar said,crossing his arms.

“hmm…”swara said with smile while raising her head from table then again sleep.sanskar narrowed his eyes at her.after one minute she gets up with jerk,corrects her hair and looks at him with wild open eyes.

“sir…i don…”swara stammered.

“go home…finish this work tomorrow.”he cuts her and leave.swara beats her forehead,picks up her things and goes out while yawning.



swara was sitting in her office,starring at glass of water and time on mobile constantly.

“when will time pass….”she cried in dull that started ringing,she looks at it with very bad face.

“what he wants now?…”she said dryly,picks up receiver,she didn’t say a word because sanskar ordered her to bring accounts file in busy tone.she nodded and puts receiver back,picks  up file and goes toward his office very lazily.

“sir file..”swara gives him file like a dead a body and turns to leave.

“i asked for accounts file not constructions…”sanskar said in annoyed tone,thinking her most stupid girl of the world.she turns back toward him and makes bad bad faces.

“sir i am feeling very thirsty…stop troubling me.”she said annoyingly.sanskar stares at her for a second then picks up glass of water and offers her.she takes glass from his hand and put it back,takes file from his other hand.

“what do you want?…accounts file right?”she said,takes pen from his table,cuts ‘construction’and writes ‘accounts” with her hands and gives it to him with big smile and turns to leave but sanskar holds her hand and gets up from chair.swara looks back at him confusingly.

“what’s wrong with you today?…i am noticing from morning,you are not focusing on work”

“sir i am keeping fast and i am feeling very thirsty right now….so please don’t trouble me,manage things yourself”she said and frees her hand.

“when you can’t keep fast then what’s the need to keep it?….”sanskar said in angry voice.

“just because of you…..”swara said,pointing at him with her index finger.

“what did i do?….”he asked in confused tone then looks at her angrily for pointing finger at him.she quickly puts it down.

“yesterday when you was angry,i thought,i am dead today therefore i asked God to help me and i will keep fast……so i am keeping fast today just because of your anger and now i am feeling so thirsty…”swara said,gulping hard.

“and look at this clock….time is passing soooooo slowly…”swara cried,taking his in which he was wearing wrist watch and taps her finger on it.sanskar clears his throat to stop himself from laughing and removes his hand from her grip.

“i even asked to let me off today but you didn’t listen….you are very rude”she said and crossed her arms over chest,making cute pout.

“hmm…come i will get you something to eat.”sanskar said in normal tone.

“you will take me out for dinner?…”swara asked with wide eyes,not able to believe.

“just because you are keeping this fast because of me….”sanskar said with poker face and walks toward door.

“did he get hit on head in morning….”swara thought confusingly.

“are you coming?…”

“yes…yes sir….”swara came back to her senses and goes after him quickly.


“he is not that bad as i thought….”swara thought,taking a bite of her food while looking at sanskar.he looks at her with raised eyebrow,she gives him small smile and looks at food quickly.sanskar shakes his head at her weird behavior.they silently finished their dinner and sanskar called waiter for bill but swara stops him.

“sweet dish?…”swara said quickly.sanskar and waiter looked at her.

“no…its okay”swara said biting her tongue,seeing sanskar.

“what do you want?..”sanskar said sighing heavily.

“strawberry ice-cream..”swara said happily.waiter nodded and went to bring her order.after a minute her order came,swara quickly takes ice cream and start eating.

“you will not ask why i bring you here for dinner.”sanskar said,seeing her eating like a child.

‘because i was hungry and you are a nice person…’swara answered him with wide smile.

“because i don’t fire anyone without one warning…..if from tomorrow,you behaved in unprofessional way like today then you will be fired…got it?”sanskar said in strict tone.swara gulped ice cream and nodded with tight smile.

“good for you…”he said,get up,closes button of his black coat and leaves.

“burnt bitter gourd….”swara muttered and makes bad bad faces as her complete mood was spoiled.she finishes ice cream unwillingly,gets up and leaves.she stops taxi,sits inside and leaves,unaware that sanskar’s car was still parked at distance.


“2 over 10 in weekly test…”swara said in shocked voice and slapped on sunny’s head.sunny rubs his head.pari was giggling while hugging her doll.

“so easy question…whole day cricket…cricket.when do you study?”she said and again slapped on his head.sunny listens her whole hour scolding like a good boy.

“your mother didn’t say anything to you for bring such bad marks?”

“she will get time from her kitty parties then will see my test na..’sunny said while making faces.

“you bring so bad marks thank God she don’t see it otherwise she would have get heart attack”swara said and again slapped on his head.

“if you are done with your scolding and slaps then can i say something?…”sunny asked,rubbing his head.


“after seeing my marks my in-charge teacher told me to bring parents tomorrow otherwise she will not let me sit inside class….”

“why are you telling me this?….go tell your parents’swara said confusingly.

“actually i brought same marks in previous week and in previous week of that also….if dad came to know all this he will ground me for a month then no cricket,no video games,no cartoon…nothing.PLEASE HELP ME.”sunny said in horrified voice.

‘how can i help you?…”

“please come school and…and do acting of my mother’

“WHAT!!!!..”swara asked in shocked voice.

“no…no….don’t you feel shame,how can you say something like this”swara holds his ear and turns.

“last time please please…i promise i will do my best in next test.”sunny said,frees his ear and looks at her with puppy dog eyes.swara shakes her head severely.

“when you came in this house,i was first person to do friendship with you and included you in my cricket team….can’t you help me for once”sunny said,looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

“but this is so wrong..what if your parents came to know about this..”swara said worriedly.

“please….”sunny said holding her hands,making his best helpless face.

“i don’t know sunny….i never did anything like this in my whole life.”

“its mean you agreed…..THANK YOU!”sunny said exclaimed happily and hugged her and run outside.pari also runs after him.

“when did i said?…”swara asked,shocked like hell but both were gone.

“and wear saree…my friend’s mothers always come in saree.”sunny shouted after coming back to door.

“children now a days…”swara muttered and holds her head.


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