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Kumkum Bhagya 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya do aarti together on Diwali

Kumkum Bhagya 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi coming behind Pragya. King calls her name. Abhi says KMH, kabab mein haddi. Pragya goes to King. Abhi thinks of Pragya. Pragya also thinks of Abhi. Song plays……yeh kya hua……Pragya recalls Abhi breaking her fast and smiles. Tanu thinks to talk to Pragya and show her limits which will keep her away from Abhi. Pandit ji tells that today is shubh mahurat on the occasion of Diwali, and says if bahu of the house does aarti then it would be great. Dadi asks him to say if bahu will come here. Disha asks pandit ji to answer Dadi and says Dadi means that if bahu does puja then will she stay here for forever. Pandit ji says yes. Disha thinks to make Abhi and Pragya do aarti and thinks if Tanu does aarti with him then we can’t get rid of her. Purab comes to Mehra’s house

with kiara and sunny. Kiara says she needs to search her doll. Driver says I will bring them inside. Purab goes inside. Abhi and Pragya look at each other smilingly. Tanu gets upset. Disha waits for Purab and thinks of her words. Pandit ji asks bahu of the house to do aarti. Mitali takes aarti in her hand.

Disha asks shall I do aarti? Mitali says you are not bahu of the house. Dasi asks her to give aarti plate to Disha and says she is also our bahu. Mitali gives aarti plate to her. Purab comes and gets a call. He makes an excuse asking Abhi to take the aarti plate. Disha pushes Pragya infront to do aarti with Abhi. Abhi and Pragya do aarti. Disha and Purab do next. Tanu thinks so this was Disha’s trick to get aarti done by Abhi and pragya’s hand. Taya ji and his wife do aarti. King comes and stands. Dadi and Dasi do the aarti. Pandit ji says puja is completed and says vanvas is over, and asks to welcome Ram in the Palace. Kiara enters and gets surprised to see the decorations. Kiara sees Pragya taking the aarti. Abhi signs Pragya to come. Pragya goes to side. Disha and Purab see Kiara. Sunny calls her. Disha says nobody can separate Ram and Sita from meeting. Abhi asks Pragya, you have done aarti with me. Pragya says what I would have done, as Disha gave aarti in my hand. She says you would have refused to do aarti with me. They argue.

Pragya says I have no time to give answer. Abhi says even I am busy. Disha hugs Kiara and asks how is she? Kiara asks did you see my Mamma? Pragya says I met her and says she is cute like her. Kiara thanks her. Pragya sees Kiara and tries to run from there. Abhi holds her hand and asks what is your intention. Pragya thinks if she calls me mamma. Disha says if Kiara calls her mamma then Pandit ji’s words will come true. Sunny asks them to tie his shoe lace. They bend down to tie his shoe lace. Pragya makes an excuse and goes from the window. Abhi thinks why did she hide from me. Pragya comes out from there. Tanu snatches Kiara’s doll and recalls seeing her with Pragya. She says I am thinking to break its hands. Kiara says it will get hurt. Tanu thinks Abhi and pragya doing aarti together and tells her that she will breaks its hands and legs and will throw on floor if she misbehaves with her. She makes her fall intentionally. Kiara gets hurt.

Aaliya thinks she shall punish Disha and Purab and keeps crackers inside their bed. She thinks of Disha’s words. She thinks now they shall understand how it feels when someone’s heart gets burnt. King comes and gives her rope to tie to the crackers. Aaliya ties it. King asks what is going on in your mind? Abhi hears Kiara crying badly sitting inside the table. He finds her under the table and sits there. He asks why are you crying? Kiara says she fell down. Abhi makes her smile and asks if she is fine now. Kiara says yes. She shows her doll to Abhi. Abhi says I will bring you cookie and you give me sweety. Kiara says no, and says she will bring cookie so that she can stay with sweety and become best friends. Abhi hugs her and feels that whenever he hugs her, he feels connection with her. King asks what are you doing here? Aaliya says this is my house. King says you don’t like Purab and Disha to be happy.

King says there might be two reasons, you might love Purab or hate Disha. Aaliya says she don’t want to tell him. King says you are a cheap woman. Aaliya asks him to leave her alone. King says you will be alone. Aaliya asks him not to interfere. King says you want to hurt family members. Aaliya asks him not to interfere. King asks her what happened in her past. Aaliya asks him to know about Pragya’s past and says it would be damn interesting.

Pragya sees Kiara and Abhi talking sitting under the table.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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