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Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-24 by suma

” sanskarrrrrr” Ragini shouted 

Holding his head he slowly fell on his knees 

Goons came near sanskar and said

” Leave her!! Don’t dare to be with her, she is not yours” 

Ragini is shocked listening this and she can’t able to see him hurt 

She ran near him and hugged him 

” Please don’t hurt him, please don’t hurt him” tears started their way 

” Ma’am please leave him, My boss loves you so much” 

“Who is your boss?” She asked 

“Sahil sir, he loves you so much mam” 

One of the goon came to sanskar and beat on his hand with hockey stick 

“Ahhhhh” sanskar started screaming 

She can’t see him… his screaming making her weak,she isnt able to See him struggling,  Ragini getting some flashes like hugging sanskar and kissing sanskar and 

“Sanskar proposing her in water” 

Sanskar is making her wearing a ring which is written “RagSan” on it 

Everything is running in her mind like some roller coasters and Atlast her loud shout

 “its Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari”  

She fainted in sanskar arms. 

Suddenly Sanskar was shocked to see her fainted 

“Ragini….Ragini what happened?” Sanskar was hell scared and rushed to his car carrying Ragini in his arms to hospital. 

Ragini was taken inside the hospital and here sanskar was tensed 

Bythen the same goon came to sanskar 

“Sorry sir, How is Ragini mam now?” 

He slapped him hard 

“How hard you beat me on my head! I said to beat you slowly” 

“Sorry sir” 

“Okay! Go i will call you later” sanskar said to him 

By then doctor came to him and said 

“Are you sanskar?” 

“Yes! Doctor…how is Ragini?” 

“She is fine now! She is asking you…you may go in” 

Sanskar nodded and went in


Sahil came to hospital and saw Ragini sleeping on bed and sanskar sitting next to her holding her hand 


Soon anger replaced on his face thinking sanskar is responsible for this situation of Ragini and holded sanskar collar 

“What you did to her? Why is she in hospital? What happened? I know you cant keep my ragini safe…i told her not to go with you, she didn’t listen to me” sahil started shouting 

“Leave his collar sahil” 

Sahil turned to see Ragini standing there 

“Ragini…tum teek tho ho na” sahil asked being concerned 

“ Why sahil? Why you tried to kill sanskar?” 

“What!!!  What are you talking Ragini… why will i try to kill him” 

“Dont lie, sahil i know everything” 

Listening this he turned to sanskar 

“What did you tell to her? Tell me bastard” he tried to hit sanskar but sanskar holded his hand 

He slowly lowered  his hand and said 

“No sahil… i didnt say anything to her” sanskar said being too nice like innocent

“ Iam asking you sahil… why you tried to kill sanskar” 

“No…No Ragu… why will i try to kill him, you know me well… i wont do anything like that” 

He tried to hold her shoulders 

But soon she jerked him and ran from the hospital 

Sanskar followed her shouting her name and running dramatically 

Sahil was hell confused as he didn’t do anything then who tried to kill sanskar? 

And if anyone tried to kill Sanskar then who must it be? Why Ragini admitted in hospital? 

These many questions raised in his mind and soon he noticed that both are not in hospital 

He ran out to see but both aren’t seen anywhere near him


“Sanskar? Where are you?” 

“came to one party Ragini… Dad called me and said to attend this as im here in Hyderabad 😒” 

“ You left me alone here?” She said with pout 

“Dont be so cute!!! Ok take the cab and come to this address” 

“What Now?” 

“Yeah! Now!!!” 

She smiled & disconnected the phone and 

Selecting the saree to wear 

She got ready and went in cab 

“Raginiii” sahil shouted as he saw her going somewhere 

“Where is she going??? Without informing ! And where she went from morning?” 

She reached the party hall and called sanskar 

He came to the entrance where he saw Ragini standing in black net saree looking stunning 

“Sanskar control…control” he thought himself 

“Hey looking really breathtaking” 

He complimented and her cheeks turn into crimpson red 

Both went in and all the while sanskar is gazing Ragini and she can sense it but she doesn’t want to say to stop gazing her as she loved it. 

Suddenly one girl came to sanskar and started talking to him. 

Both were talking for long time about some business, but ragini didnt know about what they are talking … she came to him 

“Mr.Sanskar, can u please come and accompany me ! As iam feeling hungry” Ragini said sarcastically 

He sensed that and took leave from her 

“What was that Ragini? Being Rude !” 

“Shutup! If you are talking to her then why you invited me… Go talk to her” 

“ No Ragu.. we are just talking about some business stuff as she is one invited for the party” 

“You will say reasons like everytime” 

“Ok! Sorry , Come lets have dinner” he holded her hand

“No! I have to leave Now” saying this she jerked her hand from his grip and moving 

“Sorry yaar Ragu…You cant resist hunger, come eat” 

“ No need to show fake care and fake love” she is moving and he is running behind her 

“Stop yaa! Its full dark here, yet you going alone”

“Alone!!! Kaha tum alone chodte…peecha tho karte ho”

“Stop Right now!” He shouted 

“What!” She turned 

He ran to her and he captured her lips…she was shocked at first but she responded to the kiss as she felt she was longing for this love and responded equally and passionately. Both break the kiss lack of oxygen. 

She burried her head on his chest and he hugged her tightly 

“I love you Ragini” 

She broke the hug and said 

“Please Dont leave me” 

He kissed her forehead and said 

“Never in my life” 

“Love you too sanskar” 

He lifted her in his arms and took her near car and placed her in passenger seat and he drove the car to the hotel where he is staying 

He lifted her in his arms and took her to his room. 

All the while Ragini is just adoring him by looking at him

They entered the room and he locked the room and placed ragini on bed 

And removed his blazer. 

Slowly he started giving wet kisses on her nape and she hugged him tightly. 

He started kissing her forehead cheeks and finally lips both sucking their lips 

Soon sanskar broke the kiss and wildly giving love bites on her neck and removed the saree she wearing and kissing her whole body. 

Then ragini cane top of sanskar and started kissing sanskar removing his shirt. 

“Love you sanskar… love you so much” she kissing his lips 

“Shhhh” sanskar lips started bleeding as she bite his lips 

“Sorry sanskar, is it paining?” 

He nodded as No 

She felt bad and he noticed this and he started kissing Ragini 

Soon they both removed the clothes on them and made love 💕 

Sanskar is top of Ragini and she is ruffling his hair hugging him and both slept hugging each other. 



Done with episode 

So, How was the part??? 

I know suddenly their intimation happened but it was necessary ok i will make their memory back in next chappy and ofcourse its the last chapter 

Guys dont ask me epilogue and im bad at writing endings 😋😋 

Please forgive me and show the love and support to my other works also 

Thanks for the likes and comments 




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