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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Anarkali falls in danger

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Husna teasing Anarkali. Anarkali goes to meet Salim. Hira asks her where was she all night, Ammijaan is calling her. Tansen sings in the Darbar. Everyone smiles. Ammijaan thinks Hira would have come by now. She goes. Rukaiya thinks where is she going. She wishes Khanam reaches there to spy. Ammijaan asks Anarkali to go to the city and get the jewellery for Jodha. Anarkali says don’t worry, I will fulfill this duty. Ammijaan says I want to give gifts to the people during this Jashan, my trust is your gift. Anarkali smiles. Ammijaan thinks robbers will attack Anarkali, her death will be gift for me, khanam follows Anarkali and hides.

Tansen sings. The diyas light by his singing. Akbar and everyone praise Tansen’s singing. Salim comes there. He greets everyone.

Jodha does charity. She praises Anarkali for filling colors in their lives. She says Anarkali has saved Salim many times, thanks a lot. She gifts Jhillan. Salim hands over the gifts. Khala thinks to tell truth to Jodha and keep loyalty. Ammijaan thinks to keep Salim busy in the palace. Anarkali reaches the jeweller. Some goons come to rob.

Khanam looks on. They catch Anarkali. They faint Anarkali. People look on. The robbers kidnap her. Ammijaan says everyone wants to meet Salim, don’t delay more. Khala thanks Salim. Malwa King meets Akbar and gets Diwali gifts. Akbar accepts the gifts. He gives the return gifts. Salima goes to Salim. She says I know I m not so smart like Jodha and Rukaiya. He says no, you are different. She says I should have come to meet you since long. He says you would be busy. She says I came to tell you that I m glad seeing you back, Diwali looks a festival after 12 years. He smiles. She goes. Rukaiya goes to her room. Khanam comes running and says Anarkali got kidnapped, its a really good thing. Rukaiya rushes to Salim. Khanam says she didn’t get happy after hearing the good news.

Rukaiya says Salim, I got news that robbers have attacked in the city, Anarkali went there for some work, robbers have kidnapped her. He gets shocked. He signs Mahabat and goes. She smiles. Salim looks for Anarkali and asks about the robbers. Abul wishes happy diwali to Akbar and everyone. Akbar asks are all the preparations done. Abul says yes, please come. Akbar says its our tradition that we light this sky lamp to salute the sun, this time Salim will light this sky lamp. Ammijaan comes and asks where is Salim. Mahabat comes and says sorry, the news was such, the robbers have attacked, they have kidnapped Anarkali. Ammijaan smiles. Mahabat says Salim has gone to catch the robbers alone. Salim is on the way. Anarkali gets conscious and sees the robbers. She takes a weapon to hit them. She gets caught by the robbers. Salim reaches there and shouts Anarkali…..

Anarkali is attacked. She falls down. Salim gets shocked. He fights with the robbers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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