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Two hearts one soul (a swalak-ragsan tale) chapter 4

The roads seemed to never end, there was an awkward silence between ragini and sanskar.
Ragini kind of felt guilty for being rude to him she realised it wasn’t that bad. On the other hand sanskaar felt bad for being so judgemental, so they both said sorry together and they both started laughing because they couldn’t believe they just apologized to each other.
Ragini:I’m Ragini, friends call me Rini
Sanskar:I’m Sanskar, unfortunately friends to call me Sanskar.
Ragini: funny.. Now take a right, then a left and the first white mansion in sight is my home
Sanskar: wow.  Ok so you’re some sort of princess or what?
Sanskar:You live in a big mansion, drive an expensive car
Ragini:I’m the owner of Singhania’s
Sanskar was shocked. He remembered the morning incident.
Sanskar: hmm okay.
After the left turn, he stop the car outside the singhania mansion
Ragini:thank you so much Sanskar.
Sanskar: it was all my pleasure, by the way could we meet for a coffee maybe tomorrow??
Ragini: Are you asking me out on date??  Sanskaar:no I’m not I just want to know you more.
Ragini: There’s nothing more surprising about me. Maybe next time.
Sanskar: ok at least give me your number
Sanskar: just in case The Goons try to tease you again
Ragini:bye Sanskar….
She gets out of the car n smiles. So does Sanskar.

Swara gives a final call to Ragini while she’s in the car with laksh n she picks.

Swara: what the hell ragini??  where the hell have you been???  I have been trying to call you for the past 3 hours and now that I’m out to search for you. You better tell me where are you.
Ragini:Sorry. It’s a long story but I’m home already. Safe. where are you?
Swara:I’ll tell uu once I reach.
She cuts the call n turns to Laksh who was fully concentrating on the driving.
Swara:she’s home
Laksh:Oww… That’s great. I’ll drop you back
Swara: hey thank you so much I appreciate this I wish I could do something for you in Returns.
Laksh: my pleasure but
Swara: but what
Laksh: maybe you can do something for me in return
Swara: and what is that
Laksh: an apology
Swara: what for
Laksh: for being late today morning
Swara: come on that’s completely fine I am sure you are a busy person
Laksh: thank you I really appreciate this and sorry if
Swara: no more sorry okay actually I should be thankful to you
Laksh: maybe we can go for a coffee someday
Swara: sounds good to me I can try someday
Laksh: thank you how about this Saturday at 5
The conversation goes on………

Ragini and swara discuss about how the day went and they both couldn’t stop smiling. Fortunately this wasn’t one-sided, Sanlak were thinking about this meetings too
Was this A New Beginning
Was there something you to come

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