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Nimki Vidhayak 12th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Minto attacks Nimki like Babbu

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Nimki Vidhayak 12th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Minto enters the house and sees Dadi lying dead. Nimki whispers to Dadi that Minto is here, keep acting and stay still. Minto is in shock. Nimki cries and says don’t know how this happened, she was laughing and dancing and then suddenly she died. Friend says I didn’t know Dadi would leave us so soon. Minto says you were here? Nimki says yes, she was watching the news and suddenly she paused because of news, remote fell and she fell on the floor, she said that Minto promised to stay away from the politics but he broke his promise. Minto says Dadi I did a mistake by going to that protest, don’t leave me. Nimki says you are late, God must have met her till now. She asks if they left the protest before the police came there? His friend says yes we did. She says okay,

talk to your Dadi, she leaves. Minto says I am sorry Dadi.

Scene 2
Dumri tells Mauha that there is something fishy, she tells her that I think Nimki has an affair with someone. Muaha says she didn’t love Abhi so she can’t love anyone. Dumri says then why did she buy that jacket? Mauha says tunee is hiding things from me too like Nimki. Dumri asks if he got the job? Mauha says he got the night shift and he is usually angry. Dumri says you live under one roof. Muaha says we sleep on separate beds, I will leave next month. Dumri says people will talk. Mono says you can live with us, you can talk to Nimki. Muaha says she is nothing to me now.

Minto cries and says Dadi you can’t leave me like this, he cries. His friend asks him to control. Dadi makes a face. Another friend says she was moving. Minto slaps him and says you think this is a joke? Dadi sneezes and wakes up. Dadi says I died but God gave me a life back, promise me that you will stay away from politics. Nimki comes there too and is stunned. She hugs Dadi and says you are alive? She hugs her and says this is a miracle, thank you, God. Minto glares at her and grabs her, he pushes her away and pins her to the wall just like Babbu did. Nimki gets triggered. Minto shouts that how dare you joked with my Dadi? Nimki says leave me Babbu Singh. Dadi asks him to leave her. Minto moves away and says get lost from here. Nimki says if anything happens to me again then I will kill you, she leaves from there.

PRECAP- Mai asks for Babbu. Nimki says he will not come here ever, if he comes here then I won’t come here, tell me whom do you want here, him or me? Mai says you. Nimki is surprised. Minto looks at that from the window.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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