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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 12th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi makes an unexpected birthday wish

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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 12th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with King Ratnakar Sagar telling Vaishnavi that he hopes that his words don’t look harsh for her. She says she didn’t feel bad at all and says a Maharaj was saying, but a daughter listened and tells that she is still thinking about his words. He asks what is she thinking? She says she will water the plants first and removes the plants support around it. She says she wants it to blossom like other plants and says no bird comes to it, no butterfly entertain them because of this boundary walls/support. King Sagar explains to her that these plants are delicates and it needs protection. He gives her example and tells that the boundary walls is needed so that it is protected from animals, and when it becomes big then protect themselves on their own. Vaishnavi understands

his point. Devi Lakshmi tells Saraswati that today they can see her reflection in her. King Sagar asks her about her age. She says she is just 2 days far from turning 9. Samrudhi calls vaishnavi. Vaishnavi hides. Samrudhi asks her to come out and drink something. Vaishnavi comes out and tells that her hands are dirty and says she will drink it tomorrow and promises her. Samrudhi says I have swear to make you drink this today itself and asks her to come near her. Vaishnavi comes there. Samrudhi makes her drink sheer/sweet milk and asks her to come with her. King Sagar says today she will be with me in court and once the work is done, I will bring her to you. Samrudhi goes.

Devi Saraswati tells that they might see Mata Rani’s miracle today. King Sagar asks Vaishnavi, how the day shall start? Vaishnavi says the day shall start with prosperity and happiness. She says sab mangal hai…She plays with the flowers, takes King to kitchen. She sees the lady grinding something and makes her drink water. King Sagar is pleased seeing that. She comes to Senapati and others and gives them laddoo. They all eat happily. She comes to Samrudhi and presents flowers to her. Samrudhi kisses on her cheeks. Devraj Indra comes to Devi lakshmi and asks where is Narayan? She says this is my place and you know that he rarely comes here. Devraj indra says I will go there and tells that Asurs are making the earth polluted with their evilness and says don’t know how to handle them. Devi Lakshmi smiles. He says I am happy that you are smiling and is an inspiration. Devi Lakshmi looks at Rabbit and says she has become 9 years old now. Devraj gets shocked and asks who? Narayan comes there and says I came to know that you wanted to meet me. Devraj says I have some work and goes. Devi Lakshmi says if Devraj Indra understood what she said. Narayan says I hope he don’t do anything wrong.

King and Samrudhi come to have food. Kadika’s husband tells that today is Vaishnavi’s favorite dishes and asks where is Chandra and Vaishnavi. Chandra comes and says I am not a ghost and is visible. Vaishnavi asks Chandra to show what he brought. He says later. King Sagar asks her what she gift she wants as a birthday gift. Vaishnavi looks outside at the moon and asks him to give her promise first that he will give what she asks. King Sagar asks her to tell first and says he can’t promise. Vaishnavi tells that she wants to go out and see the world outside the palace, wants to experience mountain, waterfall, nature etc and asks why I am kept away from all those things and asks what is my mistake. Samrudhi and King Sagar look at each other. Vaishnavi says I want to see the outside world. King’s brother tells that they shall fulfill her wish on her birthday and says if you give permission then Chandra will also go. Kadika says maharani is saying right and says she is daughter and not son. She says Vaishnavi is very delicate and shall be taken care of. Samrudhi says the matter is not about girl and boy and says Vaishnavi and Chandra are both same in my view. She says we are competent to give her everything she needs then why she shall go out. Kadika says you said right. Samrudhi asks Vaishnavi to have laddoo. Vaishnavi turns her face. King Sagar asks her to eat. Vaishnavi tastes the laddoo.

Samrudhi is about to go to Vaishnavi’s room to check. King stops her and says your daughter will not go without your permission. Vaishnavi goes out in night. Samrudhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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