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Haiwan 12th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Randhir breaks up with Amrita to save friendship

Haiwan 12th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Baby comes to the lab and intervenes Randhir and Amrita’s hug, saying he can smell romance. Amrita asks who he is. Before Randhir speaks, Baby explains. He explains when a male and female are in love, their love hormones Paranoids fume in the air surrounding them. That’s the science, and introduces himself as Baby. He complements Amrita is beautiful. Amrita asks why Baby. Baby says he is a big fan of Randhir, and now of Amrita as well. Amrita laughs and pulls Randhir’s arm. Randhir reminds Amrita about engagement preparations. Amrita hurriedly leaves upstairs. After Amrita had left, Randhir was upset. Baby says he heard tear hormones are released in state of elation. Randhir leaves the lab.

Ansh was at Grewal Lab. Gia says Amrita and Randhir are desperate than they had even imagined. It seems

Randhir kept him in the lockup so that he doesn’t show up for his engagement. Ansh clutches his fists.
Randhir and Baby talk to each other in the balcony. Randhir complains that Ansh never told him about the girl’s name. Had he known, he wouldn’t have even glanced a look towards Amrita.

There, Ansh says Randhir was the first one he told about his love.

Baby convince Randhir that Ansh must have tried to tell him, maybe he didn’t hear or pay attention. Randhir realizes it may possibly be true.

Ansh asks Gia about the plan. Gia states, an attack on engagement party.

Yeti Master tells Ansh to leave Randhir over him. He has enough powers to encounter anyone.

Baby was determined to bring Ansh back and treat him as well. Randhir tells Baby his friend won’t return to easily. If he gets engaged to Amrita, he wonders what Ansh would do as a reaction. Amrita would be upset but his priority is Ansh.

Nisha was busy in engagement function preparations. Baby follows Randhir downstairs and asks about his plan. Randhir inquires about Amrita from Nisha. Nisha tells him she is in the Salon. Randhir dials Ansh’s call. Ansh takes the call. Randhir says whatever is going on in between, let’s finish this. Ansh demands an explanation. Randhir asks him to come face to face. Ansh asks Randhir if he is challenging him, he won’t need Super Powers to fight him. Ansh asks where to come, and promises to be there before Randhir.

Yeti Master tells Dil Kash he can’t trust anyone, especially Gia. She can’t be friend to her friends, or enemies alike. She must go to party and keep a close eyes, if these scientists can kill his brother they are capable of anything.

Ansh was waiting outside the Salon. Amrita reaches the Salon and was happy to see Ansh there. Amrita asks Ansh how he reached here. Ansh replies he came for an important task. She tells Ansh she came to Salon for the engagement. Ansh congratulates Amrita. Amrita says she knows it’s strange for the three of them. Ansh replies, it’s all fine; one can never judge what fate has for us. Love is funny, he loved her; but Randhir’s happiness is also important for him. Amrita complements Ansh is a nice guy, he should be like this forever. Ansh promises not to lose this evening at any cost. As Amrita walks away, her key chain is left in his hand. Ansh thinks about his times with Amrita, then Randhir and Amrita’s love. He calls Amrita to take the key chain. Amrita recalls it was a gift from Ansh when they were in college.

Amrita was gathered by a few robbers. She boasts to be an SP but the robbers still forces themselves over her. Ansh punches the robber from behind Amrita. Amrita had been gathered around by the group of robbers. Randhir and Baby stood at a distance, Baby hacked Ansh’s remote so that he can’t use it anymore. Ansh heads to beat the robbers on his own strengths. Randhir gets into the car and says they will see the results at night.

At the engagement function, the incharge write names of waitress. Dil Kash had come as replacement of a girl Shweta. She updates Yeti Master that everything is fine here. Yeti Master tells him to keep an eye over them. Randhir stood at the bar with Baby. Baby discusses they must prepare a medicine for heart breaks. Randhir weakly laughs that heartbreaks results in heartbreaks. Dadi comes to Randhir and asks about Amrita. Amrita returns with Ansh and Dharam and were taken to stage. Dharam gives Amrita’s hand in Randhir’s. Nisha hurriedly brings the rings. Amrita announces she has prepared something for them, it’s a presentation for her perfect partner. Ansh turns to leave the hall. Dil Kash thinks Ansh had to attack, then where he is going.

Outside, Ansh clarifies to Gia that he is incapable of anything without a remote. Gia tells Ansh to relax, she pays the scientists an amount of money Ansh wouldn’t have seen ever. Gia says the remote has been hacked. Chetan claims that Randhir is extremely smart.

From behind the tree, Yeti Master and Dil Kash discuss if they turn down their plan, Dil Kash must kill Ansh, Randhir and Amrita while he will kill Gia himself.

Amrita performs on ‘Le Jaa Le Jaa Re Mehki Raat Me Chura Ke Saare Rang Le Ja’.

The scientists crack the system and informs Gia that the remote will now work. Ansh turns to remote on, his body undergoes devilish transformations, eyes red while veins constrict but he doesn’t convert into a Super Human. Ansh says Randhir’s story ends today.

Amrita kneels in front of Randhir presenting a ring. She says she is an old school and reads a poetry for Randhir. Randhir holds Amrita up. Both hold hands and dances as couple on ‘Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum’. As they get on stage, Nisha comes to hurry them for ring ceremony. Ansh enters the house then. Randhir was waiting for him and requests everyone to give big hand to Ansh, his engagement can’t be complete without Ansh. Randhir pulls Ansh up on stage and gives the ring to Amrita, telling her to put on the ring in his hand. Amrita asks what a joke this is. Randhir asks what kind of acting is this. Amrita poses to be clueless. Ansh also objects. Randhir was serious, he inquires if they love each other, why this drama of love story and engagement. Amrita questions Randhir what this is. Randhir was being stubborn, and asks why Amrita is betraying him and doing all the drama. He directly questions Ansh if he doesn’t love Amrita. Dharam also intervenes that Randhir must have a misunderstanding. Randhir says even today, Amrita was late for engagement function because these two love birds, Ansh and Amrita were with each other. He plays photos of Amrita and Ansh where Amrita had hugged Ansh right after the fight with the robbers.

Randhir doubts Amrita and asks her the truth. Amrita says some bikes attacked them. She was about to hit a gallery nail and die, but Ansh held her from behind. She had hugged Ansh and said she felt she would die without meeting Randhir. Ansh fought the robbers. These photos are all fake. Randhir tells her to stop this, it’s happening for long now. He isn’t a fool. Ansh tells Randhir not to speak false for Amrita. Randhir announces here is the entry of hero. He asks Ansh if Amrita isn’t the girl he wanted to propose. Randhir tells Amrita to accept Ansh’s love as well. Amrita says she knew already, and when Ansh spoke to her she clearly stated she doesn’t love him. Dharam convince Randhir he has a misunderstanding. Randhir misbehaves with Dharam that he shouldn’t forget his place as a servant. Amrita slaps Randhir and forbids him to insult her father. Randhir takes the stage and says Amrita and Ansh are lovers but poor. They planned to get behind his money, then murder him and get away with everything. He tells them to leave his house. Dharam now moves forward and says he has always given his time to Randhir, he was never greedy. Amrita consoles Dharam and says she was mistaken that she loved Randhir, she would always pray he never gets anyone. Ansh stares at Randhir then walks outside behind Dharam. Randhir cheers everyone up to keep enjoying the party.

Randhir comes to the garden and recalls instructing the robbers not to hurt either boy or girl, he only wants pictures. He cries recalling his lovely times with Amrita.

Outside, Dharam tries to speak to Amrita. Amrita cries that Randhir not only mistook her, he insulted him as well. He should have spoken to her in isolation. Ansh says it shouldn’t have happened. He offers to drop them home.

Randhir cries in the garden. Baby comes to Randhir and says he broke Amrita’s heart today, she cried badly. Randhir says it wasn’t about love, it was about Ansh’s life today. Gia could have taken advantage of Ansh and got millions killed. He broke Amrita’s heart but saved millions of lives.

Dil Kash informs Gia about the postponement of engagement. Yeti Master comes to demand Gia of Ansh and grabs Gia’s neck. Gia calls Ansh and asks why he didn’t attack. Ansh replies he got what he wanted, Randhir left Amrita. Yeti Master (Jibral) takes the phone and threatens Ansh of Randhir’s life. Ansh was alert, Amrita comes from behind. Ansh says Randhir’s life is endangered, he must leave. Amrita insists to come along, as she is a police officer.

Jibral and Dil Kash reached Randhir’s balcony. Dil Kash attacks them with knives. Jibral tells Dil Kash to kill her lover’s murderer. Randhir was drunk, he convince Baby to stay here while he will distract them. He goes to kneel in front of Jibral and Dil Kash and requests to eat chocolate as his last wish. Dil Kash follows Randhir while Baby was held by Jibral. Randhir runs to grab his gun from the lab and attacks Dil Kash. His gun was stuck in a wall. Dil Kash smirks that Randhir’s game is finished.

PRECAP: Ansh had reached as Super Human. Randhir warns Ansh that Amrita is coming, she shouldn’t know he is Haiwan. Super Human throws Dil Kash out of the window. Ansh proposes Amrita again. Later, Amrita slaps Randhir outside the restaurant.

Update Credit to: Sona

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