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Where there’s a will, there’s a way-II

Hey everyone,

Apologies for being late and for again dividing this part 😅 Pakka promise, next would be the last part. 

Part-I, if you haven’t read ↴

Where there’s a will, there’s a way-I


Shivers went down Riddhima’s body, which wasn’t left unnoticed by Vansh. “I….I’m telling the truth only Vansh. I’m facing a writer’s block, and that’s the one and only problem.”

Sitting on Vansh’s lap with he doing magic on her stomach with his hands wasn’t helping Riddhima at all. And Vansh was very well aware of this fact.

It’s been 2 years since they have been dating that Vansh knows and notices everything about her which he’s sure off a few things Riddhima might not be knowing. His one touch or a kiss could just hypnotize her, but he didn’t want that at this moment. Vansh wants Riddhima to tell him the truth with a straight mind.

“Sweetheart either you tell me the truth; what’s bothering you or I have my own ways too which you are very well aware off….” He just trailed those words near her ear.

A few minutes had passed, but there was pin drops silence. None had spoken a word, and Vansh could feel something wet falling on his hands which were protectively wrapped around Riddhima’s stomach.

Sensing what the wet droplets were, he made Riddhima turn towards him making her legs wrap around his lower back. Her feeble muffling cries could reach his ears.

Loosening one of his hands around back Vansh took that hand to lift her chin up. Making the dark brown eyes meet the glassy ones. And that the last straw for making Riddhima break down in front of Vansh.

Vansh didn’t say anything, he let Riddhima cry her heart out because he knew she needed that.

Riddhima, on the other hand, was in a turmoil. She didn’t want to cry in front of Vansh, she didn’t want to show him by crying that she’s a weak soul. But somewhere down she knew, she knew she has to tell the truth to Vansh and for that first she needs to cry her heart out which she wanted too, since long.

Vansh felt Riddhima’s hold on his torso getting loosed.

Slowly she raised her head and when the saw her face it was the last thing he wanted to see ever.

Her doe shaped eyes which once used to have a shine in them wasn’t the same today rather they were red eyes as if blood was flowing out of it at a point, her dark pink nose which once used to get pink whenever she used to get angry but the case wasn’t the same today, her pink cheeks which once used to get pink whenever he used to say something cheesy but the case again wasn’t the same. Vansh wiped the remaining tears off Riddhima’s face and made it a point to never let her cry ever.

Sensing her discomfort in speaking Vansh made Riddhima sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen.

He came back with a glass of warm water because he knew her throat might be a little dry due to her continuous cry and offered her the glass.

Vansh sat on his knees in front of Riddhima and patiently waited for her to tell him what’s bothering her with his hands moving in a circular motion on her knees as if trying to relax her.

Riddhima sensed that it was high time she shares the thing with someone who won’t judge her and Vansh was the one. Taking a few deep breaths, she started off;

“For whom should I write?”

Seeing him frowning she knew she needs to elaborate while, Vansh preferred to stay mum because at times its always better to listen what’s bothering the other person because if in between you interrupt him/her the person tends to feel neglected and leaves the topic in between itself.

“For whom should I write Vansh? 10 months back on your saying only I had published my book which I had written 2 years back as you said that it’s beautifully written and should reach other people too. But how many have bought this book, how many? Only 5! Why should I waste my time Vansh when no one’s gonna buy it. No one who’s gonna read it. And damn no one who’s gonna know that a book was published, written by some ‘Riddhima’ is laying at a corner of each book shop. Why should I Vansh when no one is interested? Why Vansh….” saying so her eyes again started tearing up.

Vansh was in his own thoughts after he heard what was Riddhima’s thinking. But he soon came out of it because he didn’t want to be late again.

Holding her hands in his, Vansh asked, “Riddhima tell me one thing? What do you do when you are bored?”

“I write the thoughts that I have in my mind and weave it into a story.” while telling it, a smile was formed on Riddhima’s face and her swollen eyes shined differently.

Now it was time for a reality check that Vansh needs give Riddhima, “For whom do you write?”

“Off course Vansh, I write for myself.”



“You write for the people.”

“What? What nonsense is it Vansh why will I write for the people?”

Smirking Vansh said, “Off course Sweetheart, stop speaking lie, even I know you write for the people.”

Riddhima was loosing her calm each second, “What’s your problem Vansh? Why will I write for the people? I write because I have craze for writing and love writing! Why will I write for people? And who are these people, I don’t know!? So why will I even care to write for them?”

“So, why have you left writing?”

“Because the peop…….”. Riddhima’s words stayed in her mouth itself. She now understood what Vansh was trying to say, “Vansh.”

“Exactly Riddhima, exactly. You write for yourself, then from where did these people come from? You have craze for writing, then from where people doesn’t like your work came from. You express your feelings by writing, then from where did people’s opinions started mattering.”

“Vansh, the peop….”

“Shush Riddhima shush, just tell me how many people have purchased your book?”


“Hmm 5, they are a good number Riddhima!! If by chance what people thoughts matter for you then why have you stopped writing Riddhima? 5 people have bought your book then write for them only. Why are you even thinking about others? You are crazy Riddhima you write for your own joy then write it. Why are you stopping yourselves just for others?”

“But Vansh what should I write?”

“Complete the book which you were writing and write it for yourself.”

“But I am losing ideas?”

“Riddhima ideas toh you have a lot and you are just afraid of penning them down. And if by chance you don’t have then go to take a bath or sleep as you say at that time only you get ideas. And if that doesn’t help then come to me, we’ll experience it by ourselves and then you can write.” Vansh said while smirking because somewhere he knew that she’s still finding excuses.
“Sweetheart just tell me one thing, while writing your 1st book did you think about the people that what people would think and all?”

“No Vansh at that time I didn’t even think of publishing it.”

“Then why now? Riddhima you shouldn’t think about what people think. Its people work to speak, and it’s your work to concentrate on your work. If you keep on thinking that people doesn’t like your work, they haven’t purchased your work. Then it’s your fault, not the people’s. It shows how negative your thinking is, nothing else. Why are you bothered by the people? You used to write it for yourself, write it for yourself now too. Don’t stop writing just because of the people, comparing yourself with others is of no use Sweetheart.”

“Hmm…..Vansh I am going to take bath.”

“Arrey why are you going to take a bath? You took it 2 hours ago only.”

Lightly encircling her arms around his neck, she asked, “Well do you want me to sleep then.”

Horrified Vansh now understood what she wanted to convey, sleeping was no chance because if she slept then it very difficult task to wake her up, ‘Khumbkarni’ is what he has named her, and he’s thankful to God that she still isn’t aware of this name, “No no you go and take a shower only, no sleeping at this time.”

Laughing off Riddhima gave a peck on his lips and straight went to climb the stairs but was stopped by Vansh calling her.

“Riddhima when you study at one point, you are given a break or a vacation to relax yourselves and then you go back to study, the same way for any work you do, break is needed and then come back to do your work. It’s never like you take a break and never come back from your vacation. It can’t be too, because in the end you have your exams. Exams are in every field its upto you whether you want to pass or fail.

Saying so, Vansh went back to the dining room, while Riddhima stood there to understand what he wanted to convey.


Someone had asked me if this OS is related to me. Well answer is: maybe yes, maybe no. For writing it, I do have taken ideas what’s related to me like; I get new plot or ideas when I’m either on bed to sleep or while bathing. While, some from others.

And it doesn’t matter if its ‘Me’ or ‘You’. Most of us are facing this issue that Riddhima is facing. And I guess none can deny it, because I have seen people who stop writing because of what people will think or they don’t publish, again due to the same reason.

Anyways, I won’t give much of my gyaan because I guess Vansh has done that work and if not then in the next chapter. I hope Vansh would be able to change people’s mindset, if not everyone’s then at least of 1!! 

Peace out!



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