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#Riansh Born to be united..Episode 39

Vansh collided with a small figure,
Making sure she don’t fall flat on ground he balance himself and caught the girl by her waist.

He was lost in her deep eyes, making sure she wasn’t loss the in his, he blinks and making his heart believe it was not a dream his tears find a way and he hugged her tight.

‘Riddhima’ was the only word he said making himself lost in the Deep orbs of her.

Riddhima panicked as he saw blood in her own hand she was not in her senses, she pushed him a little and went towards the doctor who was coming from the other side..

Doctor Is siya alright!?’

‘Relax, she is alright and Maybe just because of u, u take her here on right time or else she would have not be in her senses, she has gained concious’ Doctor said with an assuring smile.

She hurriedly went towards the ward where siya was.

Welcoming herself back to reality she looked at siya who was looking her with lots of hope.

She sat beside her and caressed her face with affection tears captured her eyes and she was controlled nit to burst it out.

Whispering ‘U will be alright’ she  was about to go when Aryan came, there with a crying soul and hugged her best friend sharing the pain he had inside him.

Seeing his love from the corner of his eyes, he broke the hug and went towards her snatching her hand form herself he placed a soft kiss trying to heal his broken heart and undescribed feelings.

Riddhima seeing Aryan smiled at him and left the place leaving the couple alone.

She was lost in her thoughts about her meet with Vansh after so many sleepless nights without him.
She smiled with a sarcastic thought and tried to wash the thoughts but before that she was pulled in a tight hug.

‘I am sorry’
Vansh whispered wiping his tears feeling the warmth vhe was longing.

She was still shocked with his tears her doubts were turning into reality.

Again lost in eachother, they were going back to past.

But before those dreadful moments came a voice bring them in reality.


Neil entered all tensed for her, he was already angry as Riddhima left the car at the middle of the road and came here without her phone and purse which was in car.
And after seeing her with Vansh he was hell angry.

After seeing the blood in her dress his Anger turned into concerned and he hugged him..

‘Riddhu are u alright, u are nit hurt na anywhere!?’

She nodded in a no and smiled seeing his friend cum brother tensed for her.

He gave her an assuring nod took him to the other corner telling him what action happened!..

Neil voh actually I was going to the cafe but I saw siya in the middle of the road and at the very Next she fainted and hitted her head with the path way.
So I came here she has lost a lot of blood already so I  was not getting what to do or not so I came here immediately. I am sorry I could have informed u later. Because of me u were so tensed’

He smiled listening her sorry and wiped her tears.

‘shall we leave!?’ Neil asked forwarding his hand.

All this was witnessed by Vansh who was Maybe jealous somewhere.


I know the story line is rushing without any reason In a go but I have to complete this story soon.

Next episode will be last! And a long one too so yeah.
I will finally complete my first story.

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