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So hi guys, here I’m with the last epi of this SS and I hope you’ll will like it.

Episode Starts With:

Riddhima was seen getting ready for her wedding. She was nervous yet excited for her marriage and becoming Mrs. Raisinghania.


It’s been 6 hours since Vansh have gone out without even telling me. And in 3 hours our marriage rituals are going to start. Let him come I will tell him. But I’m feeling very restless what if something bad happen with him.


After getting ready Siya came to her room.

Siya: Bhabhi you are looking so beautiful today.

Riddhima: Thank you siyu.

Siya: Chaliye bhabhi Vansh bhai is waiting for you.

Riddhima: Lekin woh to subha se ghar par nhi hai.

Siya: Bhabhi but he is sitting in the mandap and is waiting for you.

Riddhima looked at her confused and nodded and they both went downstairs. Covering her face with a veil.

Vansh was sitting in the mandap wearing a blue sherwani and here come his bride wearing a same coloured bridal lehenga.

Priest was about to start the rituals but was stopped by Vansh.

Vansh: Wait pandit ji.

Riddhima looked at him with questioning look.

Riddhima: What happened Vansh?

Vansh: just wait riddhu.

He said and signaled something to Angrey through his eyes while Angrey nodded and handover a file to him.

Vansh: Riddhima I have have surprise for you.

He said and indicated towards Ahana while both Rihana looked at him with confused look.

Vansh: Sweetheart, you were missing your sister Radhika right. So here you go she is your Radhu di. (Precap: Ahana is Riddhu’s sister)

Rihana: What!!

Vansh: Yess! Riddhima when you were telling me about your sister then I remembered that Ahana also lost her sister because of an accident and I being suspicious gave your sample for DNA and it matched that’s mean that you both are sister.

He said giving the file to Riddhima while she looked at Ahana with tears in her eyes who was also looking at her with tears. Leaving the file there only Riddhima ran and took Ahana in tight hug while they both cried in each other’s arm.

Rihana: Radhu di/ Chhutki.

They Whispered together and cried. After sometime they both got back and smiled at each other while Ahana kissed Riddhima’s forehead.

Rihana: Thank you vansh because of you I got my sister.

They said together and hugged him.

Ahana: OK no more tears and let’s start the rituals of your marriage.

They all nodded and Priest started the rituals. Vansh putted vermilion on her hair Partition and nuptial chain in her neck smiling at her.

Priest: you both are husband and wife for 7 births from now.

After sometime:

Riddhima was sitting at the center of a king size bed with her head cover with a veil. She was nervous like hell and was playing with her fingers nervously.

Riddhima: Finally, I became Mrs. Raisinghania. Now Vansh is mine and I’m his.

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima you are mine just mine.

He said coming inside the room with eyes full of love and obsession towards her.
He came closer to her and pulled her Veil admiring her while she blushed under his gaze.

Riddhima suddenly hugged him tightly while he stroked her hair softly and kissed her forehead smiling at her.

Riddhima: Thank you Vansh for coming in my life I love you.

And she got back.

Vansh: I love you too…

Thoda saa mature scene.

Saying so he smashed his lips on her kissing her hungrily and softly chewing and licking them while she just closed her eyes and surrendered herself to him.

Vansh made her lay on the bed without breaking the kiss and touched her waist softly making her moan in the kiss.

Vansh pulled her jewelries and kept them on the side table while kissing her neck giving love bites there while she was just moaning his name like prayer.

He pulled her pallu and opened her blouse touching her bre*st on her br* kissing her cleavage while she was moaning mess.

Riddhima pulled him closer and claimed his lips kissing her hungrily while opening his shirt.

After some time they both were laying naked making love touching each other softly.

They were enjoying each other’s presence, each other touches.

After sometime they removed all their barriers between them and become one soul…

And lived happily ever after.

So it was the last epi of this SS I hope that you’ll liked this SS and enjoyed reading it. Do let me know if you’ll want an Epilogue I will surely write it..

And do leave your reviews in the comment section and please do vote for it.

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