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Breaking my ties with you…. Part 3

Thanks for all the valuable comments that you all showered.
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Scene shows Riddhima inching towards the railing of terrace,
She was dressed up in beautiful traditional outfit ,her light assesories adoring her beauty.
Searching for the internet,
As she needed for buffering,
She was not caring about where she was stepping.
Finally she recieved the network,
Being there for Anikka and Vansh ring ceremony,
She had to be because of the emotional tantrums that Anikka throwed up,
“I could not be there on your wedding and even before I could meet your husband you got divorced …atleast stay with me in mine…”

“Villages still have poor connectivity..don’t know what made aunty admanat to keep all functions here…”Riddhima said to herself.
Finally recieving the connection but the railing bar on which she stepped hurted her and her cell dropped from her hand,
Before she could cover her mouth in shock ,Vansh caught that.
She was utmost shocked,while Vansh smirked seeing her shocking face.
Riddhima was more shocked as she knew what Vansh will do with her cell..
So within a moment she stepped back to rush but stumbled due to Indian dress,
She had not wore such dresses for almost 2 years…
Last time may be on her first karwachauth.
Well she still held herself and rushed with full pace,
On the otherhand Vansh took no seconds to open the audiobook in her cell.
The same app which he used to listen sneaking from her even at the time they used to share both heart and room.
Riddhima had a habit,she was 12 when she lost her mom.
From then
She used to make audiobooks every now and then.
She never allowed even Vansh to hear them.

“Sweetheart …
Hugging Riddhima from back and losting him in the pleasant fragrance of her unique perfume
Vansh: “Let me hear what you record…atleast one”
Riddhima : No no no…Vansh
(Hugging him and losting herself in the safe cover of his arms)
Riddhima: That’s completely personal.
And then the stare that Vansh gave her ,narrowing his eyes let Riddhima kiss his cheeks”
Flashback ended when Vansh turned on the Audio on the top…dated just two weeks back and Riddhima’s scream brought a wave of panic inside him,
His smile remembering past turned into shocking expressions.
Where are you ..I need you baba…I need you.
Please take me with you please..I am broken baba. …I am …Ab nahi ho raha h..I am…not able to face him off …I am not able baba”
Her shrieks ,yelps everything…had brought shivers to him.
He was unable to breathe
He never ever witnessed that much pain in her voice…she used to tell him a lot of things about her dad…the happiness with which she used to call her dad ,baba…and the pain with which she called him.
Well,ending all the tabs in a second as he realised without turning that she had come.
She snatched her cell back.

1.03 minutes audio.
She had hardly managed to descend 3 floors and reach him.
He had hardly managed his tears to stop in front of her,after hearing her screams.

Precap: Anikka calling Riddhima to apply her haldi.

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