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Bigg Boss OTT 12th September 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 12th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan welcomes everyone. He says you are all connected to the show. This week Bigg Boss broke all the connections and everyone is free now. Now they are all free to play on their own. Let’s see how the Saturday ended.

Day 35 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing. Neha comes to Pratik. He hugs her and says good morning.
Nishant says to Moose you got too emotional. I thought you would come to save both of us. Neha bit me. Moose laughs. Nishant says Neha is fun. Moose says you keep saying that. It makes me feel bad. HE says there’s no comparison. You will always be my first. If you call me and she calls me as well I will ditch her and come to you. But I like Neha. She says stop saying that. I don’t know how to feel. Nishant says let me clear. Nishant says you want your two boys to only chill with you.

12:15 PM
Raqesh does arti. Everyone joins him.

12:30 PM
Moose says arti is done. Pratik says really? It’s okay. Moose says go and chance. Pratik says to Neha we cleaned, did breakfast. That doesn’t mean you will do arti without us. No one called us. Should I fight for pooja too now?? Neha says leave it.

2:15 PM
Pratik and Neha do the arti. Nishant and Moose do the arti. Neha sings bhajan. Divya and Raqesh take out the idol. Everyone says thank you Ganpati for blessing us all. Neha says it feels like a friend is leaving. Raqesh takes the idol to the drum.

2:45 PM
Neha asks Raqesh what’s the scene? He says what? She says you wanted to talk. He says I said everything. She says why do you run away from talking? He says I am a little reserve these days. If you’re talking about me and Shamita, I lived life my way. Not by other people asking me how to live my life. Neha says you have to stand for yourself too. Raqesh says I do. He says I don’t like shouting and noises. I lose my words. I tell Shamita the same. She shouts and overreacts so much. Neha says you both are on different wavelengths. Just have a word outside. He says I
will. I really like her but she also needs to understand the boundaries. She says then you both should move on. You both have different expectations from life. He says I can’t change myself. It’s important for both people to be happy.

4 PM
Shamita says he didn’t even defend me in the conversation with Divya. When I bluntly asked? He says you have also done the same. I asked who did it first? He said I don’t remember. Don’t put me down in front of another person if you find me special. Anyway, I am trying to find my peace.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says you all should choose two people who deserve punishment based on their behavior in the last 5 weeks. And two inmates who did the best. You’re given time to discuss and come up with a mutual agreement. Pratik says I think Divya and Raqesh. Divya has fought about duties, tasks. And I don’t get Raqesh. The best would be Nishant because he speaks up and myself. I say things the way I want. Nishant says my name is Shamita. She doesn’t put in any effort and she doesn’t put forward her opinions. The second name is Divya. She didn’t get a chance to prove herself. So she didn’t have a part in the game. The second reason is that she has strong points but she forgets them. The best would be me, I have given my best. The second name is Pratik. He stood out from the beginning. Shamita says I have worked way more than anyone in this house. I have been vocal about my points. Pratik says let’s just take names and not defend. Divya says I want to defend myself. Pratik says don’t shout. she says it’s better if you listen. Divya says the duty part was just one day. Pratik says no it happened many times. Divya says if yo don’t let me speak I won’t agree on anything. Nishant says let her speak. Divya says the last time on punishment I said there are no such thing as hard and fast duties and after that, I have worked a lot. If I couldn’t perform it’s not my mistake. I don’t deserve a punishment. Nishant says it was your choice. Divya says what Zeeshan did was his fault. Divya says I proved myself whenever I got a chance.

Divya takes Pratik and Neha’s names of the worst players. Divya says better players are Raqesh and me. Raqesh because he is very calm but smart. He doesn’t shout but he played well. The second name is me. Even though I didn’t get a lot of chances, I played alone and fought alone. I stood alone and faced everything alone. Moose says my best names are Nishant and Pratik. The worst is Shamita and Raqesh. Raqesh doesn’t perform as such. Same with Shamita. They are moody with everything. Nishant and Praitk are very focused. Shamita says I have been nominated every week.. Still, I am here. The best names here are me and Neha. The worst are Moose and Divya. Moose hasn’t contributed much. And Divya because she hasn’t been consistent. Divya says now you will decide my personality? Your personality is very consistently snobbish. Pratik says don’t get personal.

Raqesh says the worst names are Pratik. Because of him two tasks were discarded. Pratik says one task. Shamita says let him speak. Pratik says you didn’t even let us do the pooja. You have no thoughtfulness. He didn’t let me do pooja. Nishant says you could come yourself. Raqesh says the next name is Moose. She’s weaker than Nishant. Nishant says we are not a connection anymore. Why are you comparing? Raqesh says best are me and Divya. Neha says my worst names are Divya. She instigates people. She has emotionally harmed me a lot. Neha says the other name is Moose.

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